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Sadly, we've been experiencing an enormous volume of rude and aggressive contacts over the last few weeks, which can be really quite hurtful. We'd be grateful if you could remember that just like you, we're real people doing our best during difficult times. Keeping things civil means we can get things sorted for you without unecessary drama, so before you send us a rude message or call ready to abuse us, please just take a moment to breathe. As always, anyone who is rude to us will be asked to shop elsewhere.

We are also rarely able to answer phone calls at present as we have various Covid-safe measures in place that mean we're working unusual hours and often not from the office environment. The best way to catch us is to email us at: [email protected] or via the contact form below. Thanks for understanding!​

If you wish to make a wholesale enquiry please visit our FAQ's PAGE first for more information.

For any general product enquiries, please use the contact form below - please note, we are unable to give personal or medical advice. Please also take a quick look through the headings below before contacting us - we might have already addressed your question.

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We're seeing the occasional glitch with Paypal and Credit Card payments where some orders may not go through to completion, or you may not receive your confirmation email. If you have an issue, firstly just check your junk/spam folder as some order confirmation emails can mistakenly end up in there. You can also log in and check MY ACCOUNT which lists all of your orders - once shipped, you can also find your tracking number here. If you still can't see your order or have any other issue, just send us a quick message via the Contact form and we'll sort it out for you ASAP.

If you try to make a Paypal payment and receive an error message, just go back and try again, or refresh your page, which should sort out the problem. We're working on getting this fixed so appreciate for your patience!


We send every order as quickly as humanly possible via trackable Australia Post shipping (weekend orders are shipped either Monday or Tuesday; other orders are shipped either the same or the following business day), and always send an email with your tracking number - you can look this number up at If you haven't received this email, check your spam or junk mail folders - you can also look up your order details on our MY ACCOUNT page once you are logged in.

Australia Post have advised that due to significant reductions in air freight capacity, there can be severe delays on the letter and parcel network, particularly to regional and rural communities.

They are also seeing a large increase in parcel volumes but cannot put on more staff to handle the surge, due to social distancing requirements. Because of this, they ask for extra patience: if your order hasn't arrived in the usual timeframe, we'll need to allow at least two full weeks after the estimated delivery date (not the shipping date, the DUE date - this can be found when you look up your tracking on their website). Only after this date has passed are we able to lodge an enquiry into the whereabouts of your parcel. We are finding that items usually do arrive in this time and are generally running quicker now than they were in April or May - but they can still take longer than usual on some occasions.

We appreciate your patience over this difficult time, and are sure you can understand that once shipped there is little we can do to speed up your delivery. If your order has still not arrived after that date do get in touch and we can ask Australia Post to look into it for you - you can also use your tracking number to do this yourself at any stage.


Please visit our FAQ's PAGE (Section 6) for more information before contacting us regarding wholesaling. AQ is NOT a wholesaler. We always offer the lowest possible prices everyday, which generally does not allow for additional discounting. Many essential oils/resins are already listed in bulk sizes, while other items may have quantity discounts listed as an option (sorry - we're unable to discount these any further).

Whether you're a private customer or a business, we offer a 5% discount for orders with an item value over $500 (not inc shipping) - this discount will be automatically applied on the cart page.


Aroma Queen is an online retailer of aromatherapy, incense and natural products, located near Bellingen in regional NSW. We do not have a shopfront to view products, so unfortunately are unable to offer local pickup for orders - sorry, no exceptions.


Sorry, but we are unable to send samples of our products. All items are at their lowest prices everyday so this doesn't allow for the extra cost of sending samples.


AQ has specific charities that we regularly support, so are unable to make extra donations (cash or product) at this time. We're happy to share info on worthy causes via posts on our Facebook page - see the link below.


We'd love you to join us by LIKING our Facebook page to keep up to date with news, new items, tips and competitions. You can also post thoughts and comments on our Facebook page - we do make an effort to read and respond to every message and note. Our Pinterest and Instagram pages showcase our products alongside helpful hints and tips, recipes and other useful info - our Pinterest boards are sorted by type so it's easy to follow only those that interest you.



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