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This page forms Aroma Queen's TERMS AND CONDITIONS and by completing an order you'll be asked to confirm that you have read and accept them.


* We Only Ship Within Australia *

All prices quoted within this website are in Australian dollars (inclusive of GST), and all freight costs quoted are for shipping WITHIN AUSTRALIA ONLY.

Unfortunately we cannot ship overseas due to the high expense / long delays, and as many of our products are not suitable for international air shipping.


At Aroma Queen we strive to offer professional, friendly service and as such our workplace is a happy one. On the very rare occasion that a customer chooses to be rude in their dealings with us, their account will be de-activated and they will be asked to shop elsewhere.









You will! You'll be sent an email notification as soon as your order has been placed, which confirms all of your delivery and order details - when it comes in, please just check that everything looks correct and let us know ASAP if you spot any problems.

We'll also send a shipping confirmation email once your order is on its merry way, which will include tracking details so you can follow the progress of your delivery at:

If you haven't received these confirmation emails, chances are they've hit your junk or spam folders. So check in there first, and if you still haven't received anything just email us with your details and we'll check whether everything has gone through correctly.



Because we're often lightning fast at getting your order shipped, and all of our payment systems are automatically finalised as soon as you confirm your payment details, it's important that you check that everything is correct BEFORE placing your order.

We're generally unable to make adjustments or add items to your order but if you've realised there is an error before we've packaged and posted your goodies, we may be able to alter it - just email us with your requirements and we'll do our best to sort it out for you. Email us at - [email protected] 



Unfortunately our system doesn't allow us to change your login address - if you have a new email address, just register again from scratch with the correct info whenever you're ready to place your next order.

If you'd like an old account deleted just send us an email and we'll delete it for you.

To change your password go to the MY ACCOUNT page and use the Reset Password link, or send us a quick email and we can set your registration to prompt you to enter a new one.

Any other information, such as shipping address details etc, can be easily adjusted or updated when you're placing an order.



AROMA QUEEN Are Not Wholesalers.

Wholesalers have a pricing structure that allows them to give massive discounts to resellers. We're a retail business and it's important that we always offer the best prices we can, which means we don't have massive markups on any of our prices. So this doesn't allow us to be able to offer significant discounts like a wholesaler can, as our prices are already as low as we can make them.

We do have many resellers who buy from us though - scroll down to Section #6 - WHOLESALE ENQUIRIES for more info, and see some of the bulk discounts that we ARE able to offer, below.



If you're looking at placing a particularly large order we sweeten the deal by automatically applying a 5% discount for orders with $500+ of items - you'll see it under 'discount' just near the total on your cart.

You can also save money by:

* MULTI-PACKS: Many popular products are available in discounted multi-packs, mixed packs or bulk buys.

* LARGER VOLUMES: Many oils are listed in larger sizes which work out cheaper than the standard 10ml price.

* If you're looking at a bulk amount (eg a litre or more of an essential oil, 20+ of a smudge stick, or a few hundred of a smaller item like an inhaler stick), email us with all the details and exact quantities and we MAY be able offer a discount.Email us at: [email protected]





We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Direct Deposit or Paypal.

Layby options coming soon!

VISA OR MASTERCARD (Sorry - Amex / Diners Club Cards NOT Accepted)

Credit card payments are processed through our secure payment gateway - as your safety is important to us, we don't retain any of your card details.


Direct deposit bank payments can be made to our National Australia Bank account either over the counter at your local NAB branch, or through internet banking. If you choose Bank Deposit, you can find our account details on the final page after you checkout (as well as on your order confirmation email).

Bank Deposit payments usually take around two days to clear so just allow a little extra time for your order to be shipped.

PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE don't place a Direct Deposit order if you're not ready to make the payment. Because we have quite a few 'Fake Orders' by people with no intention of actually paying, if we don't receive a payment within a few days we automatically cancel the order and block that customer from ordering again. So if you're not in a position to be able to make the payment within a day of placing your order, just hold off on placing it until you're ready. Thanks!


If you choose to pay by Paypal, you'll be redirected to Paypal's website to login and confirm the payment. After making payment, just wait until you've been redirected back to our website before closing your screen, or your payment may not be finalised.

Paypal payments are usually immediate but some 'E-Cheque' payments can take a few days to clear - if this occurs we will email you to let you know.







Who hates that nasty surprise when you get to the shopping cart at the end of your spree, only to discover the shipping costs are ridiculously expensive? Everyone does!

We love keeping things nice and simple (and un-ridiculous), so all orders whose items total $20.00 or more (not including the shipping costs themselves) have a subsidised flat-rate shipping charge of $4.95, no matter how large your order, or whereabouts in Australia you live. It costs us more than this to post your order, but we meet you in the middle to share the postage costs.

This covers standard tracked postage - you can also choose to add Signature on Delivery, or Signature + Insurance, at cost (see below).

Any orders with items totalling less than $20.00 will be charged $8.95 shipping.



Here's the thing: Free Postage is rarely free.

Yes, we know many stores offer completely free shipping, but the fact is, every business is charged $$ to ship your package to you. You'll usually find that when a company offers 'Free Shipping', the shipping costs are added to the price of the goodies to cover the 'free' offer.

We list incense from a couple of dollars a pack or oils from less than $10: it would be impossible for us to offer 'Free' postage without increasing these prices by a ridiculous amount to cover the costs - and then nobody is happy! Our flat shipping cost is the fairest way to share postage charges and give everybody the best value for their dollars.



We ship via Australia Post, and we ship quickly from our little gem of paradise on the Mid North Coast of NSW (and love that you're supposrting a regional Aussie business!).

Our standard shipping uses either Parcel Post, or smaller packages may be sent by Registered Postage - but all of our orders are sent with tracking. We'll send through your tracking number via email as soon as your order is on its way, so you can follow the progress of your delivery at

You can also choose to add Signature on Delivery, or Signature + Insurance, at cost - see below.



We aim to be speedy!

Orders received and paid for by 11am on a business day (Mon - Fri, not including NSW public holidays) will usually be shipped the same day, or the following business day at the latest. If there are any unforeseen issues that cause a delay beyond this we'll contact you to let you know.

While we'd love to be able to hand deliver your package ourselves, it's not really feasible! So once your package is in the post we can't control the speed it gets to you - but Australia Post is usually pretty decent, unless there are floods, fires or other disasters, or public holidays that can slow things down.

So while we're quick, we're unable to guarantee an exact shipping or delivery date, or compensate / refund / cancel any order because of a delay. You can get an estimate of shipping times by checking on Australia Post's website for deliveries sent to your postcode from ours (2455), but just bear in mind that this a guideline and not a guarantee as to when you'll receive your parcel.



We're in a regional area outside Australia Post's 'Express Post' zone, so unfortunately we're unable to offer an Express Post option. We love you for supporting a regional business though!



No, Aroma Queen ships within Australia only, sorry!*

Shipping internationally from Australia is very expensive and incredibly slow, and many of our products aren't suitable for airmail shipping as they are classed as 'flammable goods'. If you're an overseas customer, please don't attempt to place an order on our site as we'll only have to cancel it.

*The only exception is NZ: if you'd like us to ship to New Zealand just email us your order list so we can give a shipping quote. Email us at: [email protected]



No. Not unless you choose to add either SIGNATURE ON DELIVERY or 'SIGNATURE + INSURANCE' when you check out.

Packages sent by Standard Shipping are NOT covered for loss or breakage. They're tracked so you can follow their progress, but if your package goes missing after it's lodged with Australia Post, or is damaged in transit, then it is not covered.

We can honestly say this occurs very rarely: we carefully pack every order as best we can to avoid accidental breakage, mark all larger orders or deliveries to units or villas as 'Please Do Not Safe Drop', and as a general rule Aus Post don't tend to lose too many packages thesedays.


* you're concerned about your item arriving safely

* you've had trouble with packages going missing before

* your order is particularly valuable or fragile

- then we highly recommend adding either SIGNATURE ON DELIVERY or 'SIGNATURE + INSURANCE' when you check out (a minimum of Signature on Delivery is required on all orders with a value of $250 or more as nobody wants to see a big order go missing!). See below for more details.



We ship by Australia Post, so if you're usually around to accept packages then your order should be delivered by your postie as normal.

However if you're not home there are two things that can happen:

* Your postie can 'safe drop' your package
* The package can be returned to your local PO for you to pick up.

According to Australia Post, 'Safe Dropping' means that if you are not at your premises to receive the package, the delivery contractor will determine whether it is 'safe' to leave your package unattended: this can be because you have a history of having parcels safely left at your address, or because they see fit to leave it (whether on the top step, out of sight, tucked into your letterbox or otherwise).

There is nothing particularly 'safe' about this method as obviously anybody can remove the package after it has been left (or your dog may eat it - yes, this has happened!). For this reason, if your address is a flat or unit, or your order has much value to it, we pop a label on it asking your postie NOT to Safe Drop the parcel, and to return it to your local PO for you to pick up in your own time. This is just a request - Aus Post can choose to ignore this label if they choose, and unless you've added Signature on Delivery they can still choose to safe drop your package regardless of any message on your parcel.

If you DO want your package to be safe dropped, just add a note when placing your order requesting that we mark it as SAFE TO LEAVE if unattended (add a specific instruction if you like)*. Bear in mind that if you do request your package be left unattended we cannot be held responsible should it go missing. Australia Post are usually able to confirm exactly where the package was delivered using GPS co-ordinates, however if the item is stolen after being left at your address neither Australia Post or ourselves can be held accountable for the missing item - this choice is at your own risk.

Again, Australia Post can choose to override any instruction on a package, unless you add Signature on Delivery to your order.


- your order is particularly valuable or contains an amount of heat-sensitive essential oils.
- you've added either ‘Signature on Delivery’ or ‘Signature + Insurance’, as these must be signed for.
- your package is a smaller 'thick letter sized' item as it will be sent via Registered Postage so that it's trackable.

Australia Post is usually very reliable, but sometimes things can go wrong despite our best efforts. Just remember that if you do not choose the Receipted Postage + Insurance option your package will NOT be covered if lost or broken by Australia Post during transit.



Aroma Queen uses Australia Post's Parcel Post service for our shipping, and the Signature on Delivery / Insurance options that we offer are also Australia Post products, so see their website for their exact Terms and Conditions.

PLEASE BE AWARE that packages sent by Standard Shipping are NOT covered for loss or breakage should your package go missing after it is lodged with Australia Post, or if it is damaged in transit.

We're delighted to share that this occurs very rarely: we carefully pack every order as best we can to avoid accidental breakage, and as we mentioned, do request that any valuable orders are NOT safe dropped. But if you are concerned about your item arriving safely or your order is particularly valuable or fragile we highly recommend adding either SIGNATURE ON DELIVERY or SIGNATURE + INSURANCE.

Either of these options can be added on the Cart page before you check out, and the associated charge will be added to your total. A minimum of Signature on Delivery is required on all orders with a value of $250 or more as nobody wants to see a big order go missing, and we also strongly recommend that any order over $500, containing 50pcs or more of glassware or a large volume of essential oils, has insurance added for your own safety.

To add either option, cllick the appropriate choice in the POSTAGE OPTIONS box on the cart page, and it will be added to your cart at cost - additional to standard shipping charges. To remove the option from your cart, just check the REMOVE box next to that item in your shopping cart, then click RECALCULATE.

NOTE: Signature on Delivery is required for orders with an item value of $250 or more, and cannot be removed from an order over this value. You may still choose to upgrade to SIGNATURE + INSURANCE though.

SIGNATURE ON DELIVERY*: (additional $3.00 fee) adds Australia Post's RECEIPTED DELIVERY service, however your order is not covered for loss or breakage.
SIGNATURE PLUS INSURANCE**: adds RECEIPTED DELIVERY as above (at an additional $3.00 fee) PLUS Australia Post 'Extra Cover' Insurance for loss or breakage (charged at $1.50 for every $100 item value, or part thereof*). Insured orders MUST be sent with receipted delivery - sorry but we can't split these charges.

For example:
An order with items totalling $75 would cost $4.50 to receipt / insure ($3, plus 1 x $1.50 insurance).
An order with items totalling $250 would cost $7.50 to receipt / insure ($3, plus 3 x $1.50 insurance).

*Receipted Delivery + Insurance is capped at a maximum extra charge of $7.50 so you will never be charged more than $7.50 to receipt / insure your order, no matter how large it is.

Quick Note: Either option requires the package to be signed for - these orders cannot be shipped with 'Authority To Leave' instructions.

As always, if you have added either option to your order, you'll receive your tracking number via email once your package has been shipped. You can use this tracking number to trace the whereabouts of your parcel via the Australia Post website.

Please just be aware that while we always keep detailed shipping receipts and tracking information on every item posted, and package all orders as carefully as possible, unless you choose the Receipted Postage + Insurance option your package will NOT be covered if lost or broken by Australia Post during transit.

For full TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Australia Post's Receipted Delivery and 'Extra Cover' Insurance services please visit Please also read below - 'What if an item is damaged in the post' - for instructions on how to make a claim with Australia Post if there is a problem with your insured order. It's really important that if you receive a damaged item, you need to KEEP all packaging materials as Australia Post will require these in person to assess your claim.



It happens to the best of us! If you've realised you've entered an incorrect address before we've shipped your order please contact us ASAP and we'll get it fixed for you before it gets in the post.

If you've given us an incorrect shipping address and the package has already been shipped, that's a little more limiting.

If the package is returned to us as 'undeliverable' or 'not at this address' we can repost your parcel a second time, to the correct address. However you'll need to pay the full postage cost for us to repost your parcel. Full postage is usually more than the $4.95 you would have paid for shipping as that's a subsidised charge that we share with you as part of our Flat Rate Postage offer; to repost your package a second time we'll need to charge you the full amount that Australia Post charges us to post it, which is usually around $8.95, or more for larger / heavier packages. We can chat about the exact cost once we know the size of your package, but we'll never charge more than what Australia Post charges us to ship it back to you.

As we have a Guarantee to all of our customers that every item is brand new and has not been through the postal system before it was sent to them (see below under Returns - because many of our items are fragile they don't deal well with shipping multiple times), we generally can't refund for orders returned to us because we were given incorrect shipping details, as we cannot ethically put these products back into stock. And ethics means everything to us!

If the package is NOT returned to us by Australia Post after being sent to an incorrect or incomplete address, there isn't too much we can do - but of course we'll be happy to supply any available details about your package to help you try to locate the missing parcel with Australia Post.

In the end, there are several points in the order process where we ask you to double check that the info you've entered is correct, so to avoid issues like these the best approach is to thoroughly check that everything in your order is correct before completing it, and double check the order confirmation you receive immediately after placing your order. We want you to receive your goodies too!



Most orders, especially those with a unit / duplex address etc, will be marked by us as 'DO NOT SAFE DROP' to ensure the safety of its arrival, so if you are not at home to accept the parcel it may be returned to your local post office for you to collect it.

Even if your package has been marked with an authority to leave if unattended, it's entirely up to Aus Post's discretion as to whether they follow our instructions or not! So there's a chance it could be returned to your PO for collection, and it's up to you to collect the package in a timely fashion: most Post Offices are only required to hold on to your package for five days (most wait at least two weeks but give them a call if it's a problem). After that period they may return it back to us if the package isn't collected in time.

NOTE: Aus Post should leave a card to let you know you need to pick up your package, but sometimes these cards go astray.  It's up to you to keep an eye on your delivery: you'll receive an email once your package is in the post, and you can use this tracking number to follow the progress of the delivery on

If your package hasn't arrived in the timeframe you expected it to, look up your tracking: if it shows as 'In Transit' then it's still on its way, so just give it a little longer; but if it shows that the parcel is now 'Awaiting Collection' at your local PO, then you need to arrange to pick it up (fairly quickly!).

If you don't claim a package that is waiting for collection and the package is returned to us, we can repost your parcel a second time. However you'll need to pay the full postage cost for us to repost your parcel. Full postage is usually more than the $4.95 you would have paid for shipping as that's a subsidised charge that we share with you as part of our Flat Rate Postage offer; to repost your package a second time we'll need to charge you the full amount that Australia Post charges us to post it, which is usually around $8.95, or more for larger / heavier packages. We can chat about the exact cost once we know the size of your package, but we'll never charge more than what Australia Post charges us to ship it back to you.

As we have a Guarantee to all of our customers that every item is brand new and has not been through the postal system before it was sent to them (see below under Returns - because many of our items are fragile they don't deal well with shipping multiple times), we generally can't refund for orders returned to us because you didn't pick it up in time, as we cannot ethically put these products back into stock. And ethics mean everything to us!



This really doesn't happen often, but we need to cover it just in case!

We package all of our orders as carefully as we can to avoid breakages (using recyclable or recycled materials wherever possible - yay). So it's very rare that any of our packages encounter this kind of problem, however on the odd occasion Australia Post can still manage to damage a package.

Standard shipping is NOT covered for loss or damage by Australia Post, but if you do receive your order damaged, there are a few things we can do to look into it. So:

- Take a photo of the damaged item and email it to us at: [email protected] Let us know what looks to be wrong, and whether there's damage to the packaging as well.

- If the box or packaging looks like it has been treated badly take a photo or two of the packaging too, to show the damage.

IMPORTANT: Keep all the packaging materials your order came with until we've finalised the matter (we'll let you know when you can toss them!) -  Australia Post often need to see these in person to make an assessment.

Please do be aware that unless you add the Signature + Insurance option to your order your package will generally NOT be covered if lost or broken by Australia Post during transit - see above ("Signature on Delivery / Insurance"). On occasion Australia Post may offer a small amount of compensation for damage at their discretion, and we are happy to look further into this on your behalf, but if you are concerned about your package being damaged during transit or it contains an amount of particularly breakable items or glassware, we highly recommend adding Receipted Delivery + Insurance as you check out.



If you added Receipted Delivery + Insurance to your order and there's damage to your parcel when you receive it, make sure you keep ALL packaging / boxes / padding, as Australia Post will need to see these in person in order to process your claim - photos will not suffice. We'll let you know when you can toss them out after the claim has been finalised.

Please take a few photos as soon as you become aware there is a problem (before you open it up, if it's obvious!), and send us pictures of the state of the exterior and interior packaging, as well as the broken or damaged item (email to us at: [email protected]), and we'll take it from there. Email us at: [email protected]



We get it, you want your goodies NOW!

But sometimes things happen and your package can take a little longer than you were expecting. We usually ship Lightning Fast - generally the same business day, or the following one at the latest - and the majority of packages arrive like a flash. But from time to time deliveries do take longer than expected, for no apparent reason.

- Don't forget we're in a regional area so deliveries can take a little longer than if they were coming from a major city - usually around 2-5 days for happy mail going to Sydney or Brisbane, or up to 10 days or longer for WA or remote areas (though it's usually quicker than this).

- During peak times like Christmas, around public holidays or during extreme weather events (floods, bushfires and other nasties), postage can take longer than usual so may just need a little patience.

Allow at least a week after you've been notified that your package has been shipped before starting to panic. If your package still hasn't arrived here's what to do:

- Check the tracking number we sent via email when your package was shipped - if you didn't get the email check your SPAM or JUNK folder. Enter your tracking no on Australia Post's website.

- If tracking shows the package is IN TRANSIT this means it's still on its way, so just give it a little more time. It's not unusual for goodies posted to WA, NT, SA etc to take up to two weeks - though they're usually much quicker than that. Wait at least a full fortnight after it's been posted before asking Aus Post to look into its whereabouts as 99% of the time the package will turn up within this period.

- If tracking shows it is AWAITING COLLECTION at your local post office then perhaps your postie didn't leave the card to let you know. Get onto collecting it ASAP so it doesn't get returned to us, as your PO will only hold onto it for a limited period. It's up to you to keep an eye on the tracking if your package hasn't arrived in the period you'd expect it to, so don't leave this too late!

- If the tracking shows as DELIVERED and you haven't received it, then firstly check that it hasn't been left behind or under something, as when we add a 'Safe to Leave' message we usually do ask for it to be left out of sight, for safety.

If you still can't find it, you'll probably need to get Aus Post to look into it. Your tracking number can be used at your local PO (or Australia Post's support line - but it's usually quicker to speak directly to your PO), and they can chase up exactly where the package was delivered, based on GPS coordinates from their scans.

Let us know what's happening and we can also send you additional info about the delivery which they can use when looking into it.

PLEASE NOTE: As we've mentioned, once your item has been posted it becomes the responsibility of Australia Post and unless you've chosen to insure it, it won't be automatically covered should it go missing. Of course we will do everything to ensure that your package arrives safely, including shipping with tracking, keeping thorough shipping receipts which include a copy of the address it was posted to, and marking most packages as 'DO NOT SAFE DROP' (though following these instructions is at Australia Post's discretion); and we'll send through scans of shipping receipts and chase up your missing package where we can. But if you are concerned about whether your package will arrive safely or have had problems at your address before, we strongly recommend adding Signature on Delivery or Signature + Insurance when you check out.

If you do not add the Receipted Postage + Insurance option, we're sorry but your package will NOT be covered if lost or broken by Australia Post during transit. Read more above, under SHIPPING.



No problem at all - we love spreading the Queenie love.

- When you check out, just enter your own information & email address when you register / login.

- Enter your own details under the BILLING ADDRESS

- Choose "Deliver to another address" and enter your friend's name and address under the 'Delivery' info.

- Let us know it's a gift order by popping a message in the "Additional Information" box (or send us an email quoting your order number after you've placed it), so we'll know we need to leave the invoice out of the order. You'll still receive an email copy for your own reference, as well as a shipping confirmation email which includes tracking info, so you can check whether your gift has arrived and harass your friend if you haven't heard from them.

- If you'd like a short note put in with the package just let us know the text and we'd be happy to add it on a little gift tag for you. Sorry, we don't have a gift wrapping service but we try to make all of our packages look a little bit flash.

Aroma Queen Gift Vouchers are also available if you can't decide - CLICK HERE. Or take a look at our PACKS, KITS & GIFT IDEAS section for more inspiration if you're stuck.



We're really sorry, but we can't offer local pickup. We specialise in online sales only and so don't have a shopfront. As we're not insured for customer visits, we're unable to offer pickup from our premises.






IMPORTANT: if your item has a problem when you first receive it from us, please keep all packaging materials / damaged items etc until we have been able to deal with the issue, and take photos to document the damage once you're aware of it.

We always do our very best to describe all of our products as accurately as possible. All photographs are taken by ourselves of the actual items available, and where there may be a natural variation in size or style of a certain product, we do our best to outline this in detail in the item description.

We ask that before purchasing any item, you read ALL details from the listings (descriptions, item dimensions etc), and double check that everything on your order confirmation is correct, as we cannot accept returns unless there is an actual fault with an item. We do not accept returns for change of mind - see below.

Faulty items, or items that don't match their description, will of course be replaced or a refund given on their return - read on for more information.



The Queens work ultra hard to try to check all of our items before they go out, but it's true - we're only human! On the rare occasion, a fault can be missed or a mistake can be made.

Please check your order carefully as soon as you receive the package, just to make sure everything is well and good, and there are no surprises. If there is a problem with the contents we ask that you contact us within a week of receiving your parcel so we can look into things for you.

Read below for full details, depending on what type of problem you've had with your order.



Sometimes you may receive something that doesn't match what you ordered - and usually this just means it's a case of simple human error (even Monarchs can have a bad day, though we try to keep them at a minimum!).

If the contents don't match what you've actually purchased, just keep all the original packaging your order came in, and send us a photo and details about the thingie you did receive, and we'll get back to you to sort it out. Email us at: [email protected]



Well, we'd better sort you out then!

Send us through a photo of the damaged / faulty item, and we'll do our best to resolve the problem ASAP - usually by a replacement, or a refund at our discretion. Please don't be offended when we ask for a photo - many of our suppliers require this when we contact them about a fault.

Generally we can confirm a fault via a photo and often there is no need to return the item to us if it's faulty or damaged, but on some occasions we may require you to return the item/s for evaluation or for us to return to our supplier - we'll let you know how to return the product if needed.

NOTE: If your package was damaged during transit, see above under SHIPPING: 'WHAT IF AN ITEM IS DAMAGED IN THE POST'.

IMPORTANT: if your item has any problems when you first receive it from us, please keep all packaging materials / damaged items etc until we have been able to deal with the issue.



This doesn't happen much either, as we pride ourselves on stocking only products that are good enough for a Queen to use.

As with any decent product, our goodies are intended to last for a reasonable and fair period of use. While this is a flexible timeframe depending on the item, 'reasonable and fair' is also based on the item's value - a lower priced item wouldn't be expected to last as long as a more valuable one, for instance. If an item comes with a 'free' attachment, such as a free chain with a pendant, that free addition would be expected to work when you receive it, but isn't guaranteed for any length of time.

If your item fails within a reasonable period of time, under normal usage as outlined in its listing or any instructions that came with it, then send us a photo and as much information as you have available, and we'll do our best to sort it out for you if we can. Email us at: [email protected]



Generally we're able to confirm a fault via a photo and often there is no need to return an item to us if it's faulty or damaged, but on some occasions we may require you to send the item/s back to us for evaluation - we will confirm how to return it if needed.

IMPORTANT: if your item has a problem when you first receive it from us, please keep all packaging materials / damaged items etc until we have been able to deal with the issue.

If, after you have contacted us, a return is required we'll supply you with an authorisation number and simple instructions on how to get your item back to us. Please do NOT return any item unless you have been given this authorisation number - we cannot accept returns unless they are pre-approved and an authorisation provided to accompany your returned item. We're sorry, but we can not refund for any items returned without authorisation.

PLEASE NOTE: Just bear in mind that if your returned item is NOT avaluated as faulty (ie it matches our description and the product is fit for the purpose for which it is sold, as per Australian Consumer Law), then we can't issue a replacement or refund. In that case, if you wish for the item to be returned back to you as-is, we'll need to ask you to pay the full return postage cost. Shipping charges on our orders are usually subsidised; full postage costs are usually $8.95 (or more for heavier or bulkier items), which is the price Australia Post charges for this service. We won't charge more than what Australia Post charges to re-post the item back to you.



We're sorry - we cannot accept returns for change of mind. See our AQ Customer Guarantee, below.

If there's a problem with your items - they're faulty or don't match their description - then of course we'll sort things out for you. But if for some reason you decide you don't want the product, don't like it, or it isn't quite what you expected, we're unable to accept a return. See our AQ CUSTOMER GUARANTEE below for more info.

If you're worried about whether you'll like your goodies, the best approach is to choose carefully, and make sure you only purchase an item you are sure about.

It really matters to us that you are happy with your buy: nobody - including us - wants you to receive an item that is not what you expected. And there are some ways to try to avoid this, BEFORE making your purchase:

- Thoroughly read the item description. We always work our little hearts out to cover everything you need to know about every product in its description. This includes dimensions, any relevant info about how it's made or used, and anything else we think could be useful.

While the accompanying photos do form part of the description, don't make assumptions based on the piccies alone: the actual size may not be clear from the photo when it hasn't got a context to tell you how large or small it is.

Some items also have natural variations in size, finish or texture, which we try to cover in each listing, and the item you receive may not be identical to the one in the picture. So by reading the full description you'll know what to expect. If you're not comfortable with that, you're probably best purchasing from a bricks-and-mortar store where you can choose the perfect one for you.

Also bear in mind that scent is a very personal thing and what one person may adore, the next may not be so keen on. We can't guarantee that any product will smell the way you might expect it to. Read more below.

- Take a look through our LEARN MORE section. This is our bloggie spot, where we cover loads of information and tips for using the various products we sell - so you might find answers to some of your questions here.

- If you're still unsure about a product and have a specific question about it, contact us with your query before making a purchase, so we can make sure you're buying the correct item. (Just note, we're not able to give personal or medical advice regarding any product).

- Once you've placed an order, double check your order confirmation email to be sure everything is as it should be! If you notice a problem before we've packed and shipped your order we may be able to adjust it in time. Email us at - [email protected]



We're proud of our products and our aim is to offer only top quality products, at value prices.

But many of our goodies are fragile, or don't travel well if continually re-shipped; even if they still appear new they could have unseen signs of damage, their packaging could be crushed, or the item may have even been used.

And so we make a guarantee to all of our customers that every item purchased from us will be brand new, and not something that has been shipped to anyone previously. Your inhaler stick has definitely not been in anyone else's nose; your incense hasn't bounced back and forth in the post so that it snaps when you try to light it - that kind of thing.

Because this promise to you is important to us, we do not re-sell returned items, and this is why we cannot accept items for return because you've changed your mind, or don't 'like' them or their scent. We want every customer to be assured that the item they purchase has come straight from us, brand new.

This is why we add so many details to each listing, to accompany photos that we have taken ourselves of the actual items - if you’re unsure about something, you can check before you buy. So we ask you to read the description carefully, rather than make assumptions based on a photo or title alone - photos can give an incorrect idea of size, so the best idea is to check the dimensions in the listing against what you're expecting, before making the purchase.

As many of our items are scent based, you'll also appreciate that scent is a very personal thing: what one person may love, another may not be so keen on! There are hundreds of different 'versions' of many scents (such as 'Sandalwood' or 'Dragons Blood' scented items) and they can be very different from one to the next.

Even pure essential oils can change in scent from batch to batch, or depending on their plant type, country of origin, or even the weather conditions! So do be aware that we cannot guarantee you will like any particular scent, or that it will smell the same as a product that you may have experienced before.

Please be assured that we only sell the highest quality items that we have endeavoured to describe as accurately as possible, and all items are ones that we Queens would be happy to use ourselves. We've been in business since 2005 and have spent years vetting different products and brands to supply only the items we trust as being high in quality. However we are unable to refund or exchange an item because you do not like a particular product.





We have done our best to describe items as accurately as possible. If for some reason you'rre unhappy with your purchase or find fault with an item, see RETURNS POLICY, above.



If a product description doesn't cover what you need to know, head to our easy-to-understand LEARN MORE section, which covers a broad range of topics regarding the types of products we sell.

If this still hasn't answered your query, just contact us and we'll be happy to try to answer your questions (note that we are unable to give personal or medical advice regarding any of our products). Email us at - [email protected]



Some of our popular items already offer quantity or bulk-sizing discounts in the DROP DOWN OPTIONS MENU on their page listing - just make your selection from the list before adding the item to your cart (colour or scent choices can also be made in the same way).

We can't offer lower prices than what we already have listed for a quantity or size, but if you're needing a much larger size or number than what's on offer (eg, a litre or more of an essential oil, 20+ of a specific type of smudge stick, or several hundred of a small item like an inhaler) we'd be happy to give a quote - though bear in mind that we already keep our prices as competitive as possible which does not leave much room for additional volume discounts, like a wholesaler can offer.

Just email your exact requirements (product code and quantity required, as well as your postcode for a shipping estimate) and we'll see what we can do. Email us at: [email protected]

See also #6 WHOLESALE PRICING, below.

Whether you're a private customer or a business, we also offer an automatic 5% discount to any order whose item total is more than $500 - this will automatically be applied to your shopping cart once you pass the $500 mark, under 'Discounts'.



There is no actual certification for ‘Therapeutic Grade’ or 'Aromatherapy Grade' – they're just terms that some companies use to indicate that their oils are sourced from reputable distillers, and are of good quality for use in aromatherapy - as ours are.

It's also a bit of sneaky marketing to try to scare customers into not buying from anywhere else. Just remember, ultimately it is not the BRAND that makes an oil suitable for therapeutic use: it is the quality of the oil, the way it has been distilled and the plant it is derived from.

All Aroma Queen Essential Oils are the highest quality, plant-based pure essential oils suitable for therapeutic use in aromatherapy. Each listing on our site describes the country of origin (which often gives an indication of the quality of the oil), the plant species (oils do vary in usefulness depending on which plant they are from) and method of distillation, which can also have an impact.

On top of this, we only sell high quality oils that we Queens would be happy to use ourselves - which is why we call them PREMIUM OILS. The only reason our oils are significantly less expensive than some of the 'big' international brands is that you're buying them directly from us, instead of paying for multiple layers of pyramid selling as with some 'known' brands.

Take a look at our LEARN MORE pages for more info on this topic (this is covered in some detail in the INGESTION QUESTION blog).



There is a disturbing trend of Australian customers being advised that it's safe to ingest essential oils.

In Australia it's been an accepted guideline for many years that essential oils are NOT to be ingested or eaten, even when diluted, unless specifically prescribed for you and your condition by a qualified aromatherapy practitioner (ie not somebody trying to sell you oils).

Essential oils are generally toxic and must be treated with respect; they are also not 'food grade' items regardless of their quality, and as such all care must be taken when using them. Ingesting larger amounts of essential oils, or even prolonged ingestion of small amounts, can be fatal.

Because the safety of our Royal Subjects is of paramount importance to us, we stress that we DO NOT recommend ingesting ANY essential oil - if this is your intention please do not buy Aroma Queen oils.

For more detailed information on this topic, read our INGESTION QUESTION blog (CLICK HERE).



Aroma Queen has been providing quality pure essential oils since 2005 and we continue to source our oils only from established, reputable distillers who are renowned for their reliability and consistency, and who we have come to trust over many years of supplying aromatherapy products.

As we source our oils from a number of distillers worldwide to ensure that we're offering the best from each region, and because we specialise in smaller batches so each oil is always as fresh as possible, it's impossible for us to be able to offer lab analysis data for all of the oils we stock without adding extra costs and charges onto every bottle.

After over 15 years in this business, we are confident in the quality and authenticity of all of our products. But if you'd like to compare our oils to your usual brand we do list inexpensive 2ml sample vials for a number of the more common oils.





While we're happy to provide stock for resale, AROMA QUEEN is not a wholesaler.

Wholesale companies have a pricing structure that allows them to offer discounts well below the recommended retail price. We are ourselves retailers, who sell directly to the public. Because we aim to offer the best prices to everybody, every day, this doesn't allow the room for us to be able to offer massive discounts like those you'd expect to find from a wholesaler.

Many resellers are happy to buy from us at our standard price, or to take advantage of some of the bulk sizes and quantities which are already offered on some popular products, to resell to their own customers in a store setting where the customer doesn't have to factor in shipping costs, can see the quality in person, and can take their purchase with them immediately.

So if you're interested in a particular product for resale, please firstly check its listing to see if there's a bulk discount already offered as many oils are listed in larger sizes, some incense sticks in 200-stick bulk packs, or smudge sticks in packs of 3 or 10.

Depending on the exact item/s you need, if you're looking for a much larger quantity or there isn't already a bulk-buy price listed, we MAY be able to arrange a bulk discount for you ('bulk' means a litre or more of an essential oil, 20+ of a specific type of smudge stick, or several hundred of a small item like an inhaler. Please don't ask for a bulk discount because you're looking at 10 x 10ml essential oils, as we already offer them for as low a price as we are able!).

If you're looking at a bulk purchase send us a detailed list of exactly which products you are considering, as well as exact quantities and your postcode for a shipping estimate, and we'll see what we can do. Email us at: [email protected]

We also offer a 5% discount for all website orders with items to the value of $500 or more, which will automatically be applied on the cart page - you'll see it under 'Discounts' on your total.





The advice within this website is general and not specific to individuals and particular circumstances. Before using herbs, essential oils or other natural treatments, check all cautions and restrictions. Aroma Queen cannot be held responsible for any injury, damage or otherwise resulting from the use of any treatments or products within this website.

Do not attempt self-diagnosis or self-treatment for long periods or for serious problems, without first consulting a qualified medical practitioner. Always seek professional medical advice if symptoms persist.





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