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Hints on Creating a Personalised
Aromatherapy, Incense or Smudging Kit

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At AQ we love to put together gift packs, starter kits or accessory bundles filled with fabulous ideas that are a little out of the ordinary - products that you may not have come across before which we know you won't be able to live without once you've experienced them! As such we have a great range of starter and gift packs available to suit all ranges and tastes, which are a wonderful starting point if you're looking for a unique gift, or a kit to get started in an area you might be unfamiliar with (visit our GIFT PACKS & IDEAS section to take a look).

But we also know that some of the best gifts and kits come from items that are specifically chosen to suit a certain taste. Choosing your own items that personally resonate with you, or the person you're giving them to, ensures that the kit will mean a lot more than a generic one.

So if you're considering putting together your own kit or gift pack, weve created this checklist of ideas to inspire you, and get you thinking outside the box. Whether you're looking at Aromatherapy, Incense or even Smudge Sticks, there are plenty of unique options that you may not have thought of. Our very popular INSTRUCTION CARDS, which are usually only included in our gift packs, are also available for separate purchase so you can add simple instructions to your kit and include everything you need to get started.



If you're new to something (or want to give a gift to somebody who is unfamiliar with what you're giving them), our postcard-sized AQ INSTRUCTION CARDS are the perfect addition as they include simple, easy to follow instructions for even the beginner. Available in the following themes:

* AROMATHERAPY: Covering a dozen of our favourite essential oil recipes for a range of situations, plus a Handy Guide to Aromatherapy with instructions on how much oil to use for different purposes, as well as basic safety information. Perfect for the beginner who has never used Aromatherapy before, or anyone wanting a handy reference and recipe card to keep with their collection.

* OILS 4 KIDS: Kids need a slightly different approach to using oils with adults, so these cards cover the basic safety information, as well as amounts to use when using essential oils with children.

We also offer a pack containing all of our different Aromatherapy tips cards, which cover everything from roll-ons to room sprays - which oils can be helpful, and how much to use.

* RESIN INCENSE: Resin is a wonderful way to enjoy incense, but if you've never used it before it can seem a little daunting - this instruction card sets out simple instructions for even the novice incense lover. These cards cover handy hints and tips for burning resin & botanical incense, as well as resin incense safety and instructions on how to light your charcoal tablets to burn your resins.

* SMUDGING: Featuring a beautiful non-denominational Smudging Prayer - a powerfully worded ritual piece to take you through your smudging ceremony, or to create an atmosphere as you burn your smudge sticks. The back explains how to burn a smudge stick, along with basic information on what smudging is, and a few details about White Sage and Cedar, two of the most common botanicals used in smudging. Whether you're new to smudging and would like clear and easy to follow instructions, or would like a gentle recitation to use in your own smudging ceremony, these are beautiful cards to keep on hand with your smudging paraphernalia.

CLICK HERE to take a look at our AQ INSTRUCTION CARDS.






Aromatherapy makes a wonderful gift idea as there are so many different choices that there is sure to be a scent or product that appeals to anyone. But there's much more available than just essential oils - the range of accessories thesedays has to be seen to be believed.

ESSENTIAL OILS are the basis of any Aromatherapy pack:

* Even if you're not considering buying one, it's worth taking a look at some of the PACKS we already offer to get a sense of which are the most common and useful oils, as well as which accessories are included - our Starter Pack contains ten of the most commonly used oils; our Advanced Pack contains ten oils that are a little less common but incredibly useful. Our Essential Oil Intro Box contains six oils that no aromatherapy user should be without (plus a bottle tool), and we also list Sports, Woods and Citrus packs if those themes suit your tastes.

* While most people would love to have the more PRECIOUS OILS such as Rose, Sandalwood or Neroli in their kit, these oils are difficult to produce and are quite expensive in comparison to some of the other oils. You could opt for one or two 'special' oils, which are sure to go down well - OR you could choose some of the more common oils to get better bang for your dollar.

* Consider what the pack will be used for: THERAPEUTIC oils? Or oils purely for their SCENT? Use this as a starting point for which oils to choose.

* Don't forget that pre-made pure OIL BLENDS can also be a worthwhile gift (or choice for yourself) as they take all of the guesswork out of what they can be used for, and are available in a range of therapeutic, as well as' perfume' blends. There are also OILS 4 KIDS blends available if you're looking to use the oils around children.


Adding a burner is an obvious choice for an Aromatherapy pack - but thesedays there are also many other accessories available to use with your oils. Check our our ACCESSORIES PACK for a mini-kit with lots of trial bottles and tools, or choose just the pieces you think you'll use the most:

* DIFFUSERS aren't just about candle-powered burners (though those are great too). You can also use inexpensive Lamp Rings, or Ceramic Bottle Diffusers that naturally warm and diffuse your oils in your car or by a window. Car Vent Diffusers are a great addition to any aromatherapy kit as they can be used to take your oils on the road with you.

* INHALER STICKS make great (and inexpensive!) portable/personal aromatherapy diffusers. Use them for anything from cold & flu blends, to wake-up or concentrations blends for work or study, or for nausea and travel sickness, anxiety, nerves or stress. Blank inhalers also include a free ideas card covering which oils you might use with your inhaler. As well as pre-made (scented) inhalers that are ready to go, inhaler Sticks are also available in premium aluminium for a stylish, long lasting version.

* ROLL-ON or ATOMISER BOTTLES are perfect for making oil or water-based therapeutic blends or natural perfumes for application to the skin. Choose from practical amber glass up to designer bottles that look great as well. Consider a PERFUME KIT to suit oil or water based perfumes, which each include bottles, instructions and other useful additions like funnels or pipettes - just add essential oils.

* AMBER BOTTLES are a part of almost every Aromatherapy Kit as they enable blending of your oils. Available in small 2ml or 5ml vials, or 15 / 25ml sizes for your pure oil blends, to larger 100ml bottles which are perfect for making up massage oils in a carrier oil base - the amber glass protects your oils from damaging UV light.

* CARRIER & MASSAGE OILS are used to dilute essential oils for application to the skin - for aromatherapy massage, topical therapeutic application, or even natural oil-based perfumes (choose a low scented oil such as jojoba). Good quality carrier oils are also great for use in skincare with or without added essential oils.

* STORAGE CASES with padded grids safely protect your precious oils - and make a wonderful gift for anyone who already has an aromatherapy collection, or packaged with some oils as a gift. Mini cases are perfect for work or travel, or 16 or 30 bottle cases can carry a larger collection. A Storage Tote will hold your accessories as well so is an excellent addition to an accessories pack.

* ACCESSORIES PACKS. If you're looking to add some accessories as a gift take a look at our packs that cover room sprays, roll-ons or our comprehensive Accessories Pack that includes bottle tool, pipettes, funnel, roll-ons, inhalers and plenty more: all items are available separately so looking at what each pack has to offer can give some handy ideas to what bits and pieces might be the most useful to add to your own pack.

* AROMATHERAPY JEWELLERY is the latest wonderful addition to aromatherapy. AROMA PENDANTS use a textile pad to add your oils to, or LAVA STONE JEWELLERY pieces feature naturally porous lava beads, with the oils warmed by your skin as you wear the jewellery - diffusing the oil into the air around you. Your own personal, portable oil diffuser: you can use either therapeutic oils, which are great for germ killing oils for anyone immune deficient or during flu season; for travel sickness, concentration - anything you can use essential oils for can be used with Aromatherapy Jewellery. Or create your own natural perfume blends using your favourite scents, using top - middle - and base notes for a complex scent. If you're unsure which oils to use for a certain purpose you can also choose a pure OIL BLEND which are ready mixed and available to suit a range of situations such as Stress or Anxiety. AROMATHERAPY JEWELLERY is available in a great range of finishes, including vintage silver or bronze alloy, long lasting premium surgical steel, mix-and-match snap jewellery diffusers and lava stone bracelets and pendants - and in a range of gorgeous new age and designer styles, including unisex options. Spare pads and lava beads are also available.

* Don't forget to add an AROMATHERAPY INSTRUCTION CARD or card set for basic instructions and recipe ideas to keep on hand for whenever you need them.

CLICK HERE to visit our AROMATHERAPY SECTION which includes our full range of premium quality essential oils and pure oil blends, as well as pre-made packs and kits, cases, jewellery and accessories.



Incense makes an excellent gift, and there's a lot more to it than your common Indian incense stick. The oldest form of incense is RESIN INCENSE - gums and botanicals straight from nature, which we now burn on easy to use charcoal tablets in gorgeous censers (burners). JAPANESE INCENSE is available in a huge range of scents, or there's the very unusual ROPE INCENSE or TIBETAN DHOOP, if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary. When it comes to incense sticks, there are dozens of fantastic natural and ethical choices that will impress even the fussiest incense lover. Once you've chosen your incense, you can also add a burner, or other accessories, for the perfect gift pack.


Incense Sticks and Cones are the simplest form of incense, so suit beginners particularly well. Try teaming a set of matched incense from the same brand or range, or choose a selection of different types in their favourite scent - add a burner or ashcatcher for an instant gift pack.

* SAI BABA NAG CHAMPA sticks are the world's most popular and recognisable brand, and are very hard to go past. Sai Baba also make a range of stunning sticks in other scents such as Lavender, White Sage and Dragons Blood - a selection of Sai Baba sticks suits anyone who loves their Nag Champa sticks - even better if you add a stylish burner to the pack.

* AQ features a number of premium quality natural and ethical incense makers such as AUROSHIKHA, BALAJI and GOLOKA, with a choice of ranges to suit all tastes and budgets - from budget-friendly Auroshikha 'Marbled' sticks and cones, available in dozens of scents that spoil you for choice, to top-of-the-line 'Resin Sticks' which are made from pure resins and botanicals such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal and Sandalwood, pressed into easy to use stick form. Anybody who appreciates quality incense will love these sticks and cones - our SUPER SIZED ALUMINIUM ASHCATCHERS are the perfect length for the longer Resin Sticks, and make a particularly stylish gift.

* AQ HANDMADE INCENSE STICKS are our own brand of premium quality handmade incense featuring natural ingredients, in gorgeous scents such as Real Frankincense, Mysore Sandalwood, and Nag Champa & Patchouli. A gift pack with a selection of these sticks and a burner will provide quality burning for any incense lover.


* JAPANESE MORNING STAR sticks always impress, with subtle scents (perfect by the bath!) in many choices. We've put together packs to suit those who like FLORAL scents, or WOODY scents (very popular with males), but with so many options you can choose scents that personally appeal for a truly personalised set. Each box contains 50 sticks and a simple ceramic burning tile, so this incense is ready to use without any additional burners required. If you'd like to add a burner our Mini Japanese Burners or larger Tibetan Dhoop & Japanese Incense burner boxes suit this unusual type of stick.

* NEPALESE ROPE INCENSE combines natural botanicals and Nepalese lokti paper into an intertwined piece of 'rope' incense. Perfect for anyone who loves incense but is interested in something amazing and a bit different. Team Rope incense with a TERRACOTTA INCENSE BURNER bowl or ROPE BURNER BOX for a unique gift.

* NATURAL TIBETAN DHOOP STICKS are available in a unique handmade gift box with embedded botanicals, plus you can also buy additional refill rolls for a larger gift or set. Made exclusively for Aroma Queen, you won't find these anywhere else in Australia - perfect for the incense lover who has it all! Add a TIBETAN DHOOP BURNER BOX for the full kit.


Whether you're looking to buy a gift for someone who already loves their incense, or someone who has never used it before, you can never have too many incense burners! Adding an ashcatcher in a design that suits their tastes, or a multipurpose stick and cone burner, finishes any incense pack off nicely. Or choose an out-of-the-ordinary BURNER BOX for some of the more unusual incense types.



Resin incense is as old as history, with natural botanical resins such as Frankincense and Myrrh popularly used since Biblical times. It's still available today, but we now use easy-to-burn charcoal tablets to burn resins or botanical blends. A gift set of resin incense can be a truly thoughtful and unique idea - you can choose both the incense and the burner to suit any taste.

* You really can't have RESIN INCENSE without the most popular choice - Frankincense. But there are plenty of other gorgeous options in pure resins, such as Myrrh, Copal, Styrax or Dragons Blood. You can also burn scented botanicals such as Sandalwood Flakes or Palo Santo chips in the same way. Resins can be blended together to create a unique personal fragrance, so a few choices means more to play with.

* Or choose a pre-made BLEND or RITUAL BLEND to use for a specific purpose: Meditation, Love, Creativity - there are plenty to choose from to suit a certain situation or need. Most blends contain a mix of pure resins and botanicals such as herbs, flowers and barks.

* Don't forget to add CHARCOAL TABLETS. You'll use one tablet every time you want to use your incense, so a roll of ten will last for ten sessions of around half an hour or forty minutes at a time.

* A set of CHARCOAL TONGS makes lighting your charcoal tablet safe and easy - a must for any serious resin incense user.

* Consider adding a STORAGE CASE to complete your resin kit and keep all your paraphernalia in the one place for ease of use.

While you can burn your charcoal and resin in a dish of sand or earth, you can also opt for a more glamorous purpose-made metal censer, which are available in brass, pewter and other finishes, in a range of styles to suit all tastes - these make absolutely beautiful gifts. From Mini Brass Screen Censers just a little bigger than a charcoal tablet, to elaborate versions with tall legs and decorative lids, censers can add a sense of ritual to the burning of your resin incense.

* If you're new to resins, add an INSTRUCTION CARD with simple information on how to burn your charcoal and resin, plus extra hints and tips on how to get the most out of your incense.

CLICK HERE to visit our INCENSE section.



To smudge a space, the bare minimum you need is a smudge stick. But if you want to create a ritual smudging kit, there are other options available as well:

* The most commonly used herb in smudging is WHITE SAGE, which is available in small, medium and extra large sized sticks, as well as crushed leaves and loose-leaf clusters. Each stick can be used a number of times by dousing it out in a bowl of sand or earth once you have finished with it, or you can burn loose leaves on charcoal in the same way you'd burn resin incense (above).

* There are other sticks also available that feature herbs such as Black Sage (mugwort), Blue Sage, Wild Lavender, Cedar or Juniper. Some sticks also have added pure Dragons Blood or Copal resin powder mixed into the stick - the choice is up to you and your needs or interests. Try selecting a range of sticks to suit different purposes, or to try them out.

* To create a smudging ritual you can also add an ABALONE SHELL (a large or extra large size is the most practical), to use as a bowl to catch the ashes of your smudge stick as you move around your space. You can also add a handmade TRIPOD stand for the shell. Each shell listing describes in detail how large it is, and what size tripod will fit best. You can also use abalone shells to burn botanicals such as Palo Santo or loose Sage Leaves on charcoal tablets - just add a thick layer of damp sand to the base of the shell to dissipate the heat.

* Add an INSTRUCTION CARD and you'll also have a beautifully worded prayer to use in your rituals, as well as easy to follow instructions on how to burn your sticks.

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