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"The smell of basil taketh away sorrowfulness,
and maketh a man merry and glad."

John Gerard, 16th Century Herbalist


Aroma Queen Essential Oils are PREMIUM QUALITY, for THERAPEUTIC USE!

We are often asked if our Aroma Queen Essential Oils are 'Therapeutic Grade'. Here's the thing: There is no such grading system as 'therapeutic grade', it's just a term used (and trademarked) by some companies to indicate that their oils are pure, and of a quality good enough to be used for their therapeutic benefits - in exactly the same way that ours are. Sadly, quite often these companies also use the term as a marketing ploy to try to put you off using oils from other companies, suggesting that only oils that say that they're 'therapeutic grade' are good enough to use - even though it's not an actual 'grade' and as it's a trademarked term, other companies cannot actually use it.

The truth is, as long as an essential oil is a pure oil that comes from a plant known to have medicinal values, then it can be used therapeutically. For certain there are differing qualities of oils, depending on the country of origin, plant type, plant part and distillation methods, but if you have a recipe that calls for use of a certain brand's oils, then you CAN substitute it with a good quality pure essential oil from any other company. It's the plant (and the distillation) that makes an oil valuable - not the brand name.

Please don't think for a moment that - because our oils are so much cheaper in price than some of the 'big' names - AQ oils are in any way inferior. At Aroma Queen we sell our oils DIRECT to you, via online sales only - we don't have an expensive shopfront. We also don't run via franchises or pyramid schemes, as so many of the other 'name brands' do - where every reseller along the line adds a fee to the final price, meaning that even common oils such as Eucalyptus or Lemon can end up with an outrageous $30 price tag. It is because we are direct sellers that you'll find our oils so much cheaper than many of the oils sold elsewhere, even though our oils are sourced from all over the world, featuring the best plant types, origins and methods. We love Aromatherapy, and we use only high quality essential oils that we would be happy to use ourselves - and want everyone else to be able to enjoy them in a truly affordable way as well. It's as simple as that.


This has become quite a problem recently as many companies are advertising that ingesting oil is safe. It is not.

We strongly recommend that you do NOT ingest ANY essential oil - this includes swallowing, a drop under the tongue, or even using oils in food preparation. In Australia the agreed medical guidelines are that NO essential oil should be ingested unless prescribed for a specific condition by a qualified aromatherapist (ie not the company trying to sell you oils). Some international companies tend to ignore the Australian guidelines, and follow laxer (and more dangerous) international guidelines, and we often hear stories of people being recommended that they can drink, cook with and swallow all kinds of oils for various health complaints. This is potentially very dangerous indeed, regardless of whether a company claims their oils are ‘food grade’ or not: most essential oils are toxic, even common Eucalyptus oil which can, will and HAS killed full-grown a person if ingested over time. Essential oils are particularly strong and the body is not designed to be able to excrete them, which can result in a toxic buildup causing organ failure, or in extreme cases - death. Being such strong liquids, essential oils do need to be treated with respect.

As the practice of ingesting essential oils goes strictly against Australian guidelines, we request that no Aroma Queen oil be used for this purpose.

Aromatherapy is the controlled use of natural, plant-derived aromatic oils for medicinal purposes. It concerns the effect of Essential Oils on both the body and the mind, achieved by absorbing the oils through the skin via massage or aromatic baths, or via the nose using oil diffusers, inhalers or vaporisers.

For anyone new to Aromatherapy, please visit our LEARN MORE page for a thorough introduction to the topic, to help you avoid deceptive pitfalls when searching for pure, quality essential oils, as well as information and safety tips on how to use your oils. Do be wary of fake or synthetic Aromatherapy products on the market: products labelled as Fragrant Oils or Essences are typically artificial petroleum-based chemicals with no therapeutic value. Aroma Queen includes the full plant name on every label, so you can be sure of what you are purchasing.

* Aroma Queen stocks an extensive selection of high quality pure ESSENTIAL OILS, including a specially tailored OILS 4 KIDS range, as well as a selection of pre-blended pure OIL BLENDS to suit a multitude of purposes - from Relax to Energise, from Sleep to Love.

* We also have a large range of pure cold pressed CARRIER & MASSAGE OILS suitable for application to the skin, and massage oils that have been pre-scented with Essential Oils, ready to use.

* Under ACCESSORIES you'll find Oil Diffusers (candle powered, inhalers and more) and our exclusive range of Soft Oil Cases for transport or storage, as well as other items and accessories such as amber glass aromatherapy bottles or droppers.

* If you're looking for a kit or aromatherapy gift, our PACKS & KITS page has a selection of Starter & Advanced Aromatherapy Packs and other gift packs.