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"The view that our skin is a waterproof and chemical-proof glove that
protects us from the environment is a myth. The skin's permeability
connects us to our environment. Man is not an island, but a sponge.

SKIN DEEP Kevin Farrow, Lothian Books 2002

We have long been aware of the possibly toxic effects of synthetic chemicals in our cosmetics, skincare and household cleaning products. Many are untested, while others are known carcinogens yet are still legal for manufacturers to use in small, 'safe' quantities in products we slather on our skin or hair. Aroma Queen carries a range of natural products for your own safe & natural home spa experience, from natural oil-based Castille Soap to Australian Organic Clay Masks and natural bristle body brushes.

* Our BATH, SHOWER & PERSONAL CARE section includes bath & spa products such as cosmetic sponges and handmade cold pressed vegetable and goatsmilk soaps.

* In BRISTLE BRUSHES you will find our exclusive range of Natural Bristle Brushes for bath & shower, skincare or dry brushing, from small nail or facial brushes to long handled back brushes and all sizes inbetween.

* AQ carries a full range of inexpensive Organic Australian CLAY MASKS to cover every skin type, from White Clay for sensitive skin to Black Clay which is a nourishing additive to your mask. Try adding some Rosewater for a luscious (and beneficial) home spa experience.

* We also stock PERFUMES, including Australian-made Sacred Scent perfume oils featuring natural essential oils. We also stock DIY Perfume Kits in either water or oil-based format - just add your own favourite essential oils for a custom creation. For anyone looking for replacement perfume atomiser bottles you can also find them in this section.

* Visit our SKINCARE section for a small range of natural bodycare products such as naturally anti-microbial aluminium-free sandalwood deodorant, aloe vera or witchazel.

For further information on natural skin and bodycare, take a look at our BOOKS section for a selection of books on creating your own home spa products and treatments, or our DO IT YOURSELF section which covers a range of natural ingredients and packaging solutions for you to create your own magical home-made products. Our LEARN MORE pages also cover topics such as NATURAL SKINCARE and AUSTRALIAN ACTIVE CLAYS.

Take a look also at our DIY section which includes a range of ingredients and packaging for do-it-yourself natural body products.