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Aroma Queen - Aromatheray, essential oils, incenseAroma Queen - Aromatheray, essential oils, incense

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Natural Skin
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Aroma Queen carries a selection of personal care and body products for your own safe & natural home spa experience, from natural Australian Active Clay Masks to natural bristle body brushes.

For further information on natural skin and bodycare, our LEARN MORE pages cover informative topics such as NATURAL SKINCARE and AUSTRALIAN ACTIVE CLAYS.



Here is where you'll find our bath & spa products, including:
* Natural Bristle Body Brushes
* AQ Cold pressed vegetable and goatsmilk soaps
* Other personal care items such as Tweezers, Sponges, Natural Wood Combs


AQ carries a full range of inexpensive Australian Active Clay Masks to cover every skin type, from White Clay for sensitive skin to Black Clay which is a nourishing additive to your mask. Try adding some Rosewater for a luscious (and beneficial) home spa experience.


Along with a selection of oil-based perfumes, we also stock a range of small atomiser, dropper and roll-on bottles suitable for decanting your own EDT or oil based perfumes for traval or replacement.

We also stock DIY Perfume Kits in either water or oil-based format - just add your own favourite essential oils for a custom creation.


If you are making your own products or just looking for packaging items, we list a range of choices and fittings to suit:
* Amber Aromatherapy Bottles
* Roll-On Bottles in a variety of finishes and sizes
* Atomiser Bottles or PET Bottles for larger room sprays
* Packaging Kits for room sprays, perfumes and more.