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Aroma Queen carries a selection of personal care and body products for your own safe & natural home spa experience, from natural Australian Active Clay Masks to natural bristle body brushes.

For further information on natural skin and bodycare, our LEARN MORE pages cover informative topics such as NATURAL SKINCARE and AUSTRALIAN ACTIVE CLAYS.



We stock a large range of handmade natural cold-process soaps featuring gorgeous natural ingredients such as goatsmilk, jojoba oil, shea butter and other botanicals, scented only with pure essential oils: no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or fillers, and all handmade in Australia specially for AQ.

Available in general purpose body soaps, as well as specialty bars for shampoo, pet care, shaving, gardening grime and much more. Gift packs also available.



AQ carries a range of inexpensive Australian Active Clay for facial & body masks to cover every skin type, from White Clay for sensitive skin to Black Clay which is a nourishing additive to your mask. Try adding some Rosewater for a luscious (and beneficial) home spa experience.



Our range of natural skincare, bath & spa products, includes:

* Exfoliating Face Polish & astringent Witchazel
* Natural Bristle Body Brushes
* Personal care items such as Tweezers, Sponges, Natural Wood Combs

* Eco friendly Menstrual Cups
* Bamboo Toothbrushes