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"A day without fragrance is a day lost."
Ancient Egyptian Saying

Part of the joy of discovering aromatherapy & natural products is experimenting with how you can bring them into your everyday life - through daily skincare products, room sprays, massages or cleaning products, to mention just a few.

Aroma Queen stocks a range of natural INGREDIENTS, from aromatic Rosewater to Glycerin, Aloe Vera gel, Beeswax and Witchhazel, all suitable for making your own products. Solubiliser is another fabulous natural item you can use to blend your essential oils into water-based sprays.

We also have a small range of quality BOTTLES to complete your DIY project, including perfume atomisers, roll-ons and droppers, to practical amber or cobalt glass or PET plastic bottles and jars. Visit our FITTINGS page for a range of droppers, atomisers and pumps to fit some standard rim-sized bottles (read each listing carefully to work out what will fit your bottle).

For further information on natural skin and bodycare, take a look at our BOOKS section for a selection of books on creating your own home spa products and treatments, or our DO IT YOURSELF section which covers a range of natural ingredients and packaging solutions for you to create your own magical home-made products. Our LEARN MORE pages also cover topics such as NATURAL SKINCARE and SULPHATES & PARABENS.