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NOTE RE ASTHMA: Like many other irritants, smoke from incense can irritate and cause asthma. If you are a known asthmatic please consider this before purchasing incense products.



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Incense is the perfect way to relax, meditate or deodorise, and almost everyone has heard of the humble incense stick. However there's a big difference between common mass-produced incense sticks and quality hand-made incense featuring natural ingredients, and Aroma Queen's aim is to carry only the best. We stock a range of amazing natural products, from pure resins to sage smudge sticks, stunning rope incense and dhoop, to beautiful quality masala sticks and Japanese 'koh' - plus an extensive selection of hard-to-find incense burners and censers, charcoal and kits.

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This is where you'll find 'agarbatti' sticks - standard incense with an inner bamboo skewer. With brands including the world's most popular Sai Baba Nag Champa, as well as smaller companies such as Goloka and Auroshikha, whose beautiful handmade masala sticks and dhoop cones have a focus on ethics and charity work.

For the ultimate in quality, take a look at our own very special AQ Handmade sticks, made in the holy mountains of the Indian Himalayas following traditional incense making methods, and full of delectable natural ground botanicals. Or try Auroshikha's Resin Sticks, made entirely of pressed pure resins and botanicals.


Backflow Incense Cones are a special design to use with Backflow burners, to create a lush cascading smoke effect. We stock backflow cones along with a selection of specialised burners to suit.

We also list a range of dhoop cones from quality incense companies such as Satya, Auroshikha, Goloka and Green Tree.


Japanese 'koh' is a delicate incense without a bamboo inner core, producing more subtle fragrances and less smoke than Indian incense - the perfect accompaniment for a relaxing bath. World famous Japanese 'Morning Star' sticks are available in twenty different scents - plus specialised burners and gift packs.



Resin incense is our specialty - naturally aromatic gums such as Frankincense, Copal, Dragons Blood or Myrrh,  plus botanicals, herbs or woods like Sandalwood or Palo Santo chips, warmed over charcoal discs to release their fragrant smoke. Resins have been used since Biblical days, and are the ultimate in natural incense.

Plenty of kits as well as accessories such as censers and charcoal, plus blended Ritual Incense packs are also available - perfect for the incense lover or novice who would like to try something new.


For something really different, handmade Tibetan rope incense is one of the most unique incense types you'll find - the perfect gift for someone who has everything.

Dhoop sticks, which don't have an inner bamboo stick, feature all-natural ingredients for a beautiful, strong scent.



Smudge sticks and leaves are traditionally used by Native Americans to purify and cleanse. We stock a large range of the ever-popular white sage as well as other natural sticks such as cedar, juniper, mugwort, palo santo and other sage variations.

We also list a variety of smudging kits as well as accessories such as abalone shells and tripods.


If you're looking for a burner, we have everything from inexpensive basic ashcatchers and cone burners, to elaborate incense censers for resins made from brass, aluminium, terracotta and mother of pearl. We also list other necessities such as tongs and charcoal.



Incense makes a great gift - or you may be just looking to expand your collection. We have a range of gift packs available featuring all of our different types of incense, as well as an array of resin incense kits that cater to all budgets - from simple Frankincense and Myrrh packs, to Advanced Kits which include resins, burner, charcoal and more.



If you're new to incense, don't forget to visit our LEARN MORE pages for additional info about INCENSE and its origins.