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"Thus aloeswood, from which no fragrance came,
If placed on fire, in inodorous state,
Will change, more sweet than ambergris."

Sadi, Persian Poet


Incense is the perfect way to relax, meditate or deodorise, and almost everyone has heard of the humble incense stick. However there's more to incense than common cheap sticks, and Aroma Queen's aim is to carry a range of amazing natural products, from pure resins to sage smudge sticks, burners and censers to satisfy any incense-lover's cravings!

* AQ stocks one of the largest ranges of RESIN INCENSE, used since Biblical days - aromatic gums (such as Frankincense or Myrrh), herbs or woods (Sandalwood chips or flakes) warmed over charcoal discs to release their fragrant smoke.

* We also stock SMUDGE STICKS and leaves, traditionally used by Native Americans to purify and cleanse, as well as smudging kits and accessories such as abalone shells.

* For something different try Japanese KOH, delicate sticks of incense without the bamboo inner core, producing more subtle fragrances and less smoke than Indian incense - the perfect accompaniment for a relaxing bath.

* Or if you love traditional Indian incense sticks or cones, you'll love our range of natural HANDMADE & NATURAL INCENSE.  Most people would be surprised to learn of the inferior materials used in much cheap incense - ingredients such as coal powder, used motor oils & melted tyres, and even albumen powder derived from the blood of slaughtered animals and used as a binding agent. Those inferior incense sticks also use synthetic perfumes and fragrances, which can be the cause of headaches and are also believed to produce harmful carbon dioxide gas when burnt - and this is why we don't stock cheap incense such as that. Instead, our own very special Handmade Himalayan sticks (agarbatti) are imported directly from where they are made in the holy mountains of the Indian Himalayas following the traditional style of incense making, and full of delectable natural ground botanicals.

* We also list a selection of popular high quality and natural INDIAN STICKS AND CONES, including the AUROSHIKHA brand of pure resin sticks and handmade cones, a brand with excellent manufacturing ethics.

* If you're new to certain types of incense, looking for a gift or just wanting to expand your collection, take a look at our PACKS & KITS section for a large range of gift & starter packs covering all types of incense.

* We also have a huge range of incense burners and resin censers, as well as charcoal and more - to be found in our ACCESSORIES section.

Please also visit our LEARN MORE pages for additional info about INCENSE and its origins.