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Many indigenous tribes of the US and Canada traditionally perform a purification ritual known as 'smudging': using herbal smoke to clear the atmosphere of negative vibrations and fill the environment with positive, uplifting energies. Smudge Sticks are typically bundled wands made of bound herbs such as White Sage or braided Sweetgrass - though other herbs and botanicals such as Palo Santo wood and Cedar leaves, as well as other sage variations like Blue, Black and Desert Sage, have also been used for this purpose.

Scientifically, papers published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology have found that burning sage and other medicinal smokes can act as an air purifier, clearing airborne bacteria by up to 94%, with the space found to be still disinfected a day later - suggesting that the practice of burning powerful herbal material may carry many more benefits than just being an ancient tradition.

Whether you're looking for a simple white sage smudge stick, or a more specialised version containing pure resin incense, a starter kit or a premium pack that includes shell, tripod and more, we have everything you'll need to hold your own smudging ceremony or ritual.



Browse our SMUDGE STICKS, LEAVES & PALO SANTO section for smudging materials and wands of all descriptions, including common White Sage as well as Cedar, Mugwort, Juniper and other sage variations, in a range of sizes. We also stock a range of Mountain Sage sticks containing pure Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal or Palo Santo.

For bulk purchases of sticks, check for a drop-down OPTIONS menu which offers discounted bulk packs of 3 or 10 for some of the more popular sticks.

WHITE SAGE has been traditionally used to purify the mind, body and spirit before praying, to cleanse the atmosphere and disperse negativity - sage is believed by many to be a masculine plant that can reduce or eliminate negative energy; some place sage at doorways for protection against evil. Today, it can be used to purify homes, offices or other spaces; the smell of sage will remind you of the desert and the sacredness of life.

CEDAR is said to be the first tree that was created, the Mother and giver of life; it is believed to offer protection and attract positive energy - cedar can be placed at entrances to a home, or for extra grounding may be placed inside shoes for daily wear.

PALO SANTO means 'Holy Wood' in Spanish, and using the burning timber as incense has traditionally been used against bad energy, or for good luck. The oil was used during the time of the Incas for its reputed spiritual purifying properties, and charcoal from the burnt wood has also been used for ritual smudging.



Natural abalone shells have been traditionally used in the ritual of smudging for the practical nature of being a bowl to catch spent ash while burning smudge sticks, palo santo or sage, as well as a celebration of their beauty, a gift from mother earth. The shells are lined with iridescent 'nacre', mother of pearl created as a lining by the abalone mollusc. Typically, the larger the shell, the more vivid the colours; every shell is distinctly different in shape, texture and colouring, making it a very personalised aspect of any smudging ritual.

Available in a range of sizes, they vary from palm-sized, which can be held against a burning smudge stick, to larger shell bowls which can be rested on handcarved tripod stands during use.



Many believe that incense, smudge and crystals can have an effect on our wellbeing, encouraging feelings of self love, protection, positivity or healing. Focusing on some of the types traditionally used for specific benefits, we've put together a series of Smudge and Crystal Kits to create your own ritual, for meditation, intention or general burning along a certain theme.



If you're new to smudging, or just want to grab everything you need in the one pack, have a look through our Smudging Packs section which offers a selection of kits including sticks, shells and instructions, or mixed stick packs.