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"Smudging calls on the spirits of
sacred herbs and plants to drive away
negative energies and to restore balance."


What is Smudging?

Many native Indian tribes of the US and Canada traditionally perform a purification ritual known as 'smudging' to clear the atmosphere of negative vibrations and fill the environment with positive, uplifting energies. Smudge Sticks are typically bundled wands made of bound herbs such as White Sage or Sweetgrass, used for smudging purposes - though other herbs and botanicals such as Palo Santo wood and Cedar leaves have also been used for this purpose.

WHITE SAGE has been traditionally used to purify the mind, body and spirit before praying, to cleanse the atmosphere and disperse negativity - sage is believed by many to be a masculine plant that can reduce or eliminate negative energy; some place sage at doorways for protection against evil. Today, it can be used to purify homes, offices or other spaces; the smell of sage will remind you of the desert and the sacredness of life. CEDAR is said to be the first tree that was created; it is believed to offer protection and attract positive energy - cedar can be placed at entrances to a home, or for extra grounding may be placed inside shoes for daily wear.

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