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AQ SOLUBILISER for Essential Oils

AQ SOLUBILISER for Essential Oils

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To blend essential oils into water for perfumes & room sprays. Range of sizes

AQ SOLUBILISER for Essential Oils

AQ SOLUBILISER is supplied in an amber bottle, and available in 25ml or 50ml sizes (choose your size from the drop-down OPTIONS menu near the top of the page.

Solubiliser is an amazing castor oil-based product typically used to enable essential oils to blend with water-based products or hydrosols (floral waters), for example in a spritzer or room spray. If you were to add essential oils on their own directly to water, the oils would sit in a slick on top of the liquid, without blending in. Solubiliser enables the oil and water components to blend without separating.



Blend one part solubiliser to each part essential oil, then add the mix to your product (eg: add solubiliser and essential oils directly to your empty bottle, and allow to mix together. Then add the water to the bottle after the solubiliser and essential oils have already been mixed together).


Solubiliser may make your product become slightly milky in colour - this is quite normal. If you find that this is a problem, try adding less solubiliser to your product.


Ingredients: Sorbitan Momododecanoate derivitive, Ethanol.