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Aromatherapy Pack - AQ ADVANCED PACK

Aromatherapy Pack - AQ ADVANCED PACK

Aromatherapy gift pack / kit including popular pure essential oils, carrier oils, accessory pack and organiser

Aromatherapy Pack - AQ ADVANCED PACK

Please note: Main photo shows 2 x 100ml Carrier Oils. This kit includes 1 x 100ml Grapeseed and 50ml of Jojoba Australian.

We have created our AROMATHERAPY ADVANCED PACK for those who might already have some of the more common essential oils in their collection, and so - instead of the most basic oils - we include a selection that are some of the next most valuable for use in aromatherapy, and perhaps a little more out of the ordinary. We also include two carrier oils for massage or application of essential oils to the skin, an Aromatherapy Accessories Pack containing a range of tools, bottles and inhalers as well as a set of handy reference & intruction cards, plus a handy organiser tote bag to store your entire kit in - an excellent package for both the beginner or intermediary Aromatherapist, or the perfect gift.

See our STARTER PACK (listed separately) for an alternate kit including a different set of oils / carriers.


Our Advanced Pack includes TEN popular and useful essential oils, in 10ml size. Our top of the line 100% pure and natural AROMA QUEEN PREMIUM Essential Oils are top grade, single origin oils perfect for therapeutic use, or just for their scent. The full plant type and country of origin is included on the label, plus all of our essential oils have a handy top label which makes identifying your oils much easier in a case or storage.

1 BERGAMOT BERGAPTENE FREE (Citrus bergamia). Steam distilled, Italy. Non-phototoxic so safe for use in skincare.
2 CEDARWOOD ATLAS (Cedarus atlantica). Steam distilled, Morocco
3 CINNAMON BARK  (Cinnamomum zeylanicum). Steam distilled, India.
4 FRANKINCENSE (Boswellia carterii). Steam distilled, India.
5 GRAPEFRUIT PINK (Citrus racemosa). Cold pressed, Italy
6 LEMONGRASS COCHIN (Cymbopogon flexuosus). Steam distilled, India
7 LIME DISTILLED (Citrus aurantifolia). Steam distilled, Mexico. Non-phototoxic so safe for use in skincare.
8 MANDARIN AUSTRALIAN (Citrus reticulata). Cold pressed, Australia
9 PATCHOULI (Pogestemon cablin). Steam distilled, India
10 YLANG YLANG (Cananga oderata). Steam distilled, France


To blend or 'carry' the stronger essential oils for application to the skin in skincare, topical application or massage:


Containing a variety of handy accessories to get you going:

* 2 x 10-15ml clear glass ROLL-ON BOTTLES
* 5 x blank personal INHALER STICKS (colours may vary)
* 25ml SOLUBILISER, to blend essential oils into water for room sprays etc
* An AQ Aromatherapy BOTTLE & ROLL-ON TOOL for easy insertion and removal of dripolator inserts and rollerball mechanisms
* A plastic MINI FUNNEL
* 10 x 3ml plastic PIPETTES

* An AROMATHERAPY TIPS & INSTRUCTION CARD SET, including postcard-sized AROMATHERAPY and OILS 4 KIDS cards, covering the basic safety rules for aromatherapy and how to use your oils, as well as a selection of handy aromatherapy recipes; plus business-card sized AROMATHERAPY MEASUREMENTS & TOP ESSENTIAL OILS and their uses, with bonus tips cards for making your own INHALER STICKS, AROMA JEWELLERY, ROLL-ON BOTTLES and ROOM SPRAYS.

Our Organiser Tote Bags feature an open main compartment for larger storage, two zippered side pockets for notes or recipes, and a range of different sized pockets on each side of the case to store smaller items such as bottles, inhalers, caps etc. Keep all of your gear in the one place, with plenty of room to add more. Colours may differ slightly from the one pictured.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to substitute any of the products in the pack, however all items are also available separately if you'd like to create your own package or perfect gift. See our STARTER PACK for a different selection of essential / carrier oils.

HANDY TIP: Purpose made Essential Oil cases are available separately in 16 and 30 bottle sizes, for secure padded storage of your oil collection. CLICK HERE for more info.