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AQ Blends Pack - INTRO PACK

AQ Blends Pack - INTRO PACK

RELAX, DE-STRESS & ENERGISE pure essential oil blends

AQ Blends Pack - INTRO PACK

Our Oil Blends INTRO PACK contains three 10ml bottles of pure essential oil blends. Oil blends are great as they take the guesswork out of which essential oils work for different purposes. The perfect gift - whether they're already interested in Aromatherapy or not, or spoil yourself with these lush ready-made blends to use in an oil burner/diffuser, in the bath or simply on a tissue by your pillow.

Oils included in the pack are - RELAX, DE-STRESS and ENERGISE:

RELAX - One of the things that essential oils are best known for, is to help with relaxation. Our RELAX blend is a true favourite, containing a gorgeous blend of pure essential oils, including gentle French Lavender, which is a mild sedative, and a touch of sweet tension-relieving Ylang Ylang. A little Peppermint lifts the blend with a crisp freshness, resulting in a beautifully pleasant, soothing scent. Burn in a room diffuser, or take a breath from an inhaler whenever you need to slow down, or just whenever you want to inspire calm and relaxation. Also lovely in an aroma pendant, or a relaxing bath.

DE-STRESS - If you are looking for oils to help relax, or treat stress, anxiety or tension, DE-STRESS is a gorgeous calming and rejuvenating blend that will appeal to both males and females. Precious Neroli (the blossoms from the bitter orange tree) is an oil well renowned for its calming properties, alongside Petitgrain (from the leaves and sticks of the same tree), and grounding, earthy Patchouli - both used to soothe and calm. Beautiful quality Sweet Orange lifts the blend, uplifting and rejuvenating - perfect for when you're feeling exhausted, stressed or worn down.

DE-STRESS can be used in many different ways, whether you want to take it with you in Aroma Jewellery or an Inhaler Stick when facing stressful situations at work, school or travelling, or in a safe haven at home after a difficult day - try it in an oil burner, a relaxing bath or massage.

ENERGISE - Our ENERGISE blend is a wonderful way to give your body and mind some extra pep when it's needed, whether first thing in the morning, after lunch as the afternoon looms ahead, or at the end of the day when you have places to go yet your body is ready to collapse. Containing premium pure essential oils including crisp Lemongrass and Distilled Lime, and other oils known to assist in revitalising both the body and the spirit, including the pleasant warm scents of Niaouli and Pine Scotch.

ENERGISE works beautifully in an oil burner at the office or in the home, or take it with you in an inhaler stick or aroma pendant - or even using the simple 'tissue method' (add a couple of drops to a tissue to inhale when necessary). ENERGISE can also be used in a refreshing bath (great before going out for the night!), or added to shower or body products (shower gel, shampoo, liquid soap). See the checklist below for more ideas.


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