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Silver coloured pewter ornate censer with removable lid. Suits charcoal resin incense


Our PEWTER CROSS DESIGN CENSERS are suitable for burning self-igniting charcoal discs for use with resin or wood incense.

Approximately 16.5cm high from base to tip of lid (including cross), and around 7cm in diameter, this burner is made from quality pewter, with a polished silver-coloured finish - these censers are handmade so may have occasional polishing marks etc. The ornate lid is fully removable to access the inner censer - the lid features a central cross design, and four cross-shaped holes to allow the smoke from your burning incense to escape and circulate. The base is also ornately decorated with a geometric/floral design around the outside of the main dish as well as the foot, which is nicely weighted to help against danger of overbalancing. The bowl can be filled with earth or sand to save the metal from damage from the heated charcoal, as well as to stop the censer from becoming too hot to touch (always take care touching any metal / removing the lid during use as metal parts may heat up) - we'd recommend using the censer filled with a non-heat-conductive material for this reason.

Important: you must ensure that you take all care to ensure children or pets cannot access your censer while burning, and that the censer cannot be accidentally bumped etc as the charcoal burns red hot, and both the charcoal and the burner may be hot enough to burn the skin if touched. Always place your censer on a heat proof surface during use.

Lighting a Charcoal Tablet:
Place a charcoal disk in the censer (try adding a layer of sand or earth beneath to help dissipate the heat), and ignite. If you wish to hold the charcoal while lighting it, use tongs to tightly hold the tablet. A long-handled refillable BBQ lighter is the perfect tool to light your charcoal as it may take a minute or so for the sparks to take hold - we find it helpful to light one side/edge first, and then once it has a good start do the same on the opposite side for a good, even burn. After your edges are alight and the sparks have started continuously dancing over the top of the disk, leave for a few minutes until the entire disk glows red (much like a bbq heat bead), then it's ready to use.

Burning your resin:
Carefully add your resin incense to the indentation on the top of the tablet, a few pellets at a time - the resin will heat up or melt, releasing the aromatic smoke. Top up as necessary - resin incense is very strong and it doesn't take much to scent a room. Each charcoal tablet can last for around 20mins to half an hour and will naturally go out once spent. Allow the ash to cool before disposing - see the important SAFETY NOTE below re extinguishing your charcoal. We cannot stress enough just how hot charcoal tablets get during use, as well as the metal of the censer - DO NOT use them around children or pets, always ensure they are on a very stable surface that cannot be bumped, and take all care to avoid contact with the censer as well as the charcoal, to avoid the possibility of burns. NEVER leave burning charcoal unattended. Using tongs or tweezers whenever handling charcoal or adding resin pellets is the safest way to avoid contact with the hot surfaces.

You must NOT use water with a metal burner to extinguish your charcoal. Metal expands when hot and contracts when cold: if a very hot metal censer or screen has water put on it (even hot water) it will cause a sudden shrinkage of the metal which may result in irreparable damage to your burner (eg the wires to snap or the metal to crack). Do not use water in your censer, or put it under a tap to put your charcoal out - we instead recommend allowing the tablet to go out naturally and turn to ash, then dispose of the ash once cooled. We are not able to replace damaged burners that show evidence of being used incorrectly.

Hints and Tips:
* Try blending several different types of resin together to create your own unique fragrance.
* Always store your charcoal disks in an airtight bag after opening to maintain freshness or they may become difficult to light - a small ziplock bag is great.
* If you can find some, try using a small square of natural mica as a burning platform between the lit charcoal and the resin to naturally & evenly disperse the heat.
* Never use TOO much resin as you may be overwhelmed by the smoke! A small pinch of resin is usually enough to scent a room.