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AQ Aromatherapy INHALER STICK, PLASTIC (Unscented)

AQ Aromatherapy INHALER STICK, PLASTIC (Unscented)

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AQ Aromatherapy INHALER STICK, PLASTIC (Unscented)

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See our PREMIUM ALUMINIUM INHALER STICKS, listed separately.

These fantastic blank (unscented) Aromatherapy Inhaler Sticks make it easy to use aromatherapy wherever you need it - carry one in your purse, pocket, desk drawer, by the bed or in the glovebox, ready for any occasion. Great for areas where burning oils is not suitable, or where you don't necessarily want to impose the oils on those around you. The sticks are unscented, ready for you to add your own oils or oil blends.

Each stick is a set of four pieces: the main inhaler, which is hollow with holes around base / top to breathe the oils through; a wadded 'wick' that you add a few drops of oil to; an end cap that then clips into place to hold the wick securely in the stick; and a screw on cover to keep your inhaler airtight between uses. The scent will naturally dissipate over time; top oils up as needed. ​Made of plastic, they are reasonably durable, however are not intended to be pulled apart and put back together over a lifetime. Once they become difficult, dispose of and start a new one.


* Headaches or nausea (lavender or peppermint)
* Cold and flu germs (niaouli, 'Cold & Flu Defence' blend)
* Congestion (eucalyptus, 'Cold & Flu Relief' blend)
* Anxiety (neroli, chamomile, 'Anxiety' blend)
* Stress (lavender, frankincense, chamomile, 'Relax' blend)
* Concentration or Study (grapefuit, bergamot, 'Drive' Blend)