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AQ Aromatherapy INHALER STICK, PLASTIC (Unscented)

AQ Aromatherapy INHALER STICK, PLASTIC (Unscented)

From $1.20
Choice of colours / quantities, spare wicks, free labels offer

AQ Aromatherapy INHALER STICK, PLASTIC (Unscented)

IMPORTANT: Colour Choices / Mixed Packs / Spare Wicks

The DROP-DOWN 'OPTIONS' LIST near the top of the page allows you to make colour choices or purchase packs of spare wicks, and also includes some discounted quantity options (mixed packs of 10 or 20). The menu will reveal a list with prices - click the correct choice, then add the item to your cart.

* Make your COLOUR / PACK CHOICE from the drop down 'OPTIONS' menu near the top of the page.
* If you do not make a colour choice before adding the item to your cart you will receive a WHITE inhaler, as that's the default choice.
* All bulk packs are pre-packed in set mixed colours only - if you require certain colours, please add each colour separately to your cart and adjust the quantities for each on the CART page.
* Additional packs of TEN SPARE WICKS are also available via this menu - to add a pack to your order, just choose those from the drop-down box and add them to your order as a separate item. A purchase of a pack of WICKS ONLY does NOT include any inhalers.

BONUS ID LABELS on packs of 10 or 20 inhalers
With every mixed pack of 10 or more inhalers we include free coloured round labels for easy identification - see the additional photos. 10 labels per 10-pack; 20 labels per 20-pack. Labels are also available separately - CLICK HERE.

Packs of 10 include one of each colour PLUS bonus 10 x ID labels.
Packs of 20 include two of each colour PLUS bonus 20 x ID labels

TIPS CARD - we also include a handy little AROMATHERAPY INHALER STICK IDEAS card with each inhaler purchase, describing which oils can be used for Headaches, Nausea, Congestion, Anxiety, Stress and even Concentration. ONE CARD per order.

See our separate listing for PREMIUM ALUMINIUM INHALER STICKS.


Remember the inhaler sticks we used to carry in a pocket as a kid, to clear a stuffy nose? These fantastic blank Aromatherapy Inhaler Sticks follow the same principle, and make it easy to use aromatherapy whenever you need it - carry one in your purse, pocket, desk drawer, by the bed or in the glovebox, ready to use for any occasion. Great for areas where burning oils is not suitable, or where you don't necessarily want to impose the oils on those around you. The sticks come as 'blanks', in that they're completely unscented and ready for you to add your own oils or oil blends to, for any use that essential oils are known to help with - here's a few ideas:

* Headaches or nausea (try lavender or peppermint)
* Cold and flu germs (niaouli, lemon myrtle etc)
* Congestion (eucalyptus etc)
* Anxiety (neroli, chamomile, 'Unwind' blend)
* Stress (lavender, frankincense, chamomile, 'Relax' blend)
* Concentration or Study (grapefuit, bergamot, 'Focus' Blend)

If you're unsure about which oils suit a certain purpose, take a look at our ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS which come ready-mixed, and help take the guesswork out of the equation.

You can even colour code your different inhalers so you know what's in each one at a glance - just choose your colour preference from the drop-down list near the top of this page. Available separately by the stick (choose your colour/s) or as larger packs. Packs of 10 include 1 of each colour; Packs of 20 include 2 of each colours - white, yellow, orange, hot pink, blue, light green, dark green, purple, grey and black (sorry, colours in these packs can't be substituted). We also include coloured round ID labels in each pack of 10 or 20 inhalers.

Each stick comes as a set of four pieces (see the additional photo of the WHITE inhaler), comprised of the main inhaler stick, which is hollow and has several holes around the base and top to breathe the oils through; a wadded insert 'wick' that you add your oils to; an end cap that clips into place to hold the wick securely in the stick; and a screw on cover to keep your inhaler fresh and airtight between uses.

Spare wicks are also available, in packs of ten - choose them from the bottom of the DROP-DOWN OPTIONS LIST to add a pack of wicks to your order. This will include a set of wicks only, and does NOT come with inhaler sticks.


To create your own portable aromatherapy inhaler, just take the blank wick and add up to 20 drops of oil - some oils are stronger than others so 8-10 drops is usually enough (add the oils while leaning over a plate or something protective in case you drip them, and hold the wick with tweezers if you want to avoid getting any oil on your fingers). Then just pop the wick into the inhaler and click the end cap into place to seal it.

It's as simple as that - whenever you want to inhale your oils you are ready to go, and when not in use the screw-on cover keeps the inhaler airtight so the oils don't dry out. Essential oils all last for different periods of time before they evaporate (base note oils generally last longer than top note oils) - many blends last for several weeks or even months, with the scent still surprisingly strong; others may dissipate more quickly. And the more you use or open your inhaler, the quicker the oils will dissipate. Once the scent fades, just remove the bottom cap using a dull knife blade etc (take care!), take the wick out and top up with oils as necessary. We don't recommend re-using the wick for a different oil or scent than the one you've been using, as the scent will become muddied.

You can re-use the wick over and over if using the same or similar scent, or if you want to completely change the scent in your stick just purchase a pack of spare wicks and swap the wick over to a new one.

PLEASE NOTE: Some oils are quite caustic and if you add too much oil and it coats the plastic, it may cause the inner tube to warp very slightly - this shouldn't be a problem as long as the outer case remains screwed on so it won't lose it's shape. If in doubt, use less oils rather than more - when sniffing the inhaler from close range you may be surprised at how little oil you actually need to add to the wick. Also bear in mind that these inhalers are made of plastic - while they'll last for quite a long time, they're not designed to be pulled apart and put back together indefinitely or over a lifetime. Once they become difficult, dispose of and start a new one.