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Incense Sticks - Auroshikha Marbled - CLASSICS BAG with Burner

Incense Sticks - Auroshikha Marbled - CLASSICS BAG with Burner

10g packs of Nag Champa, Patchouli, Frankincense and Myrrh, plus Ashcatcher

Incense Sticks - Auroshikha Marbled - CLASSICS BAG with Burner

There are a number of scents that are continually popular in incense, and this gift bag is for everyone who loves the classic scents of NAG CHAMPA, PATCHOULI, FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH, along with a timber & brass ASHCATCHER (see below), and presented in a handy gift bag. The perfect way to try out Auroshikha Marbled incense sticks if you've never come across them before, or a great little gift pack. We feature Auroshikha sticks, cones and resin sticks at Aroma Queen as they're not only wonderful quality and good value for money, they're also made ethically, which is really important to us. Read below ('Why Choose Auroshikha') for more about this company.

The ASHCATCHER included in each pack is handmade from timber with brass design inlay, in a random design (the design may differ from the one pictured - see the final photo for some of the designs we have available). Insert the bamboo inner stick of the incense into the hole in the raised end of the ashcatcher, light your stick, and allow the ash to fall into the tray below as it burns.


Auroshikha Marbled Incense Sticks are perfect for everyday burning, and feature natural ingredients - a cut above the mass produced commercial sticks we're used to seeing, which is one of the reasons why we choose to stock Auroshikha products over some of the more well-known brands. The incense is made of dried flower petals crushed into powder, sweet smelling herbs and woods, spices, resins, a little charcoal which is an excellent burning material, and perfumes based on natural Essential Oils. The base ingredients are mixed with water to form a paste which is then rolled by hand around bamboo sticks and left to dry. After drying, the rolled sticks are selected, trimmed and perfumed. Greatest care is taken to select the best and purest ingredients to ensure a very high quality of products that are wholly in conformity with IFRA (International Fragrance Association, Geneva, Switzerland).

10g per pack (approx 10 - 14 sticks), these are handmade in India using ethical practices (read below - 'Why Choose Auroshikha?').

Each AUROSHIKHA MARBLED CLASSICS GIFT BAG includes four packs of incense sticks - one of each NAG CHAMPA, PATCHOULI, FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH. At 10g, or approx 10 - 12 sticks per pack, that's around 40 sticks to keep you burning. Each scent is also available separately, and we also stock many more scents in this range in our Incense section.

Ignite incense sticks by lighting the tip with a match or lighter and wait until it burns an even red. Blow out the flame and place the bamboo end into an incense holder or ash-catcher (plenty available, listed separately), and allow the aromatic smoke to waft gently through the room. Never leave lit incense or candles unattended and keep out of reach of children. Dispose of ash once cooled.

Manufacturers and Exporters of quality incense since 1973 when they were established with a view to providing employment opportunities to villagers around Auroville, Auroshikha is a part of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram situated in Pondicherry, India (Auroshikha offers 100% of its profits to Sri Aurobindo Ashram). Excellent working conditions, no child labour, social security and pension benefits for all workers, employment to women, work provided at home and above all an excellent quality which remains unchanged year after year are some of the reasons why Aroma Queen chooses to focus on stocking the Auroshikha brand of handmade incense, and why we encourage any incense lover to try them out.