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Aromatherapy Pack - ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS GIFT PACK - 5 Oil Blends with Travel Case

Aromatherapy Pack - ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS GIFT PACK - 5 Oil Blends with Travel Case

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Aromatherapy Travel Case cont AQ Chill, Uplift, De-Stress, Slumber & Energise oil blends. Choice of case colour

Aromatherapy Pack - ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS GIFT PACK - 5 Oil Blends with Travel Case

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We've put together these beautiful little Oil Blends kits containing five of our most popular 10ml pure Essential Oil Blends that take the guesswork out of Aromatherapy, plus a 5-bottle soft case to carry them in. Instruction sheet included.

These kits make a great gift for anyone who already enjoys aromatherapy, or as the oil blends are already formulated to suit different purposes, they're also excellent for beginners with no knowledge of essential oils at all. The case included with each pack makes them perfect for travelling or taking your oils with you, or just for keeping your blends neatly stored around the home.

The five 10ml Oil Blends included in the kit are:

CHILL - A stunning blend of Kaffir Lime, Pink Grapefruit and Frankincense oils. The citrus oils have a beautiful uplifting quality that helps with clarity of thought, while the added Frankincense is treasured for its calming and meditative benefits. As a blend it is helpful for relaxation and clearing the mind.

ENERGISE - Containing a blend of Lemongrass, Lime (Distilled), Pine Scotch and Niaouli essential oils, these oils are known to assist in revitalising both the body and the mind, with a pleasant natural scent.

SLUMBER - A calming and relaxing blend of pure French Lavender, Marjoram and Mandarin oils to assist in treating insomnia, and promote a peaceful sleep.

DE-STRESS - A gorgeous calming and rejuvenating blend that will appeal to both males and females. Precious Neroli (the blossoms from the bitter orange tree) is an oil well renowned for its calming properties, alongside Petitgrain (from the leaves and sticks of the same tree), and grounding, earthy Patchouli - both used to soothe and calm. Beautiful quality Sweet Orange lifts the blend, uplifting and rejuvenating - perfect for when you're feeling exhausted, stressed or worn down.

UPLIFT - an anti-depressant blend containing Geranium, Orange and Frankincense oils - oils known to help lift and revive the mind.

As with any essential oil, don't apply our Oil Blends to skin undiluted - we'll include a basic starter safety sheet to help you get started using your oils if you are unfamiliar with them. Read below for how you can use our Essential Oil Blends.

These great little fabric cases are purpose-made for essential oil bottles, and these 5-bottle travel cases are incredibly handy for travelling, or taking your oils with you wherever you may need them. The cases feature thick elastic to safely secure up to five bottles or vials, the perfect size for our AQ 10ml oils. The case is approx 19 x 9cm in size, with a double zip. All sides, top and base are nicely padded to protect your precious oils while in transit. The fabric on both the outside and inside of these cases is soft, and is NOT waterproof.

Colours available:
Black with Grey interior
Blue with Black interior
Purple with BRIGHT Lime Green interior
Red with Black interior.

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PLEASE NOTE: While we've tried to make the photos as accurate as possible do bear in mind that computer monitors all vary and may give the wrong impression of colour. If concerned about the exact colour we suggest viewing on a few different monitors - we are unfortunately unable to take returns of these cases because of issues with colour.


Our range of pre-blended essential oils make choosing the right oils easy. Each bottle contains a blend of top quality essential oils: 100% pure undiluted plant-based oils with NO additives, filler, synthetic fragrances or carrier oil. Ready for use in your oil diffuser, an aromatic bath, or add to massage oil or cream for a sensual body rub or application to the skin.


As a general rule, use 8-10 drops of any oil blend in a vaporiser, diffuser or bath. Top up diffusers as required.


For application to skin, essential oils must always be diluted first in a carrier oil, or cream. Dilute in a carrier oil such as Grapeseed, Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil, a pre-blended massage oil, or a body cream or lotion, at a ratio of no more than 3% for the body, or 1% for the face (20 drops essential oil = approx 1ml). When adding to a cream / lotion try to use products that use natural oils and ingredients, rather than petro-chemical based mineral oils as these will form a barrier and hinder the penetration of the essential oils into the skin.







HINT: Don't store essential oils in a hot car as over time heat will render your oils less effective.

CASES AND OILS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE SEPARATELY - make your own custom kit or gift pack.

WHOLESALE ENQUIRIES: Aroma Queen are the sole Australian distributor of these soft aromatherapy cases. Please contact us for wholesale enquiries - [email protected] (ABN registered relevant businesses only).