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Car, necklace or window diffuser. Gift boxed



These beautiful little hanging ceramic bottles are a neat way to naturally diffuse essential oils. By adding a little oil to the ceramic bottle and allowing some of the oil to penetrate the cork cap, the oils will naturally diffuse into the air when warmed - as essential oils diffuse best when heated, you'll find that these bottle diffusers do work best when warmed slightly, eg hung in a warm car, in a window, or even used as a necklace* where the warmth of your skin will help to warm the bottle (*IMPORTANT: see safety precautions below).

Our GREEN TREE design hanging oil diffuser bottles are approx 38mm high (not including cork) and 23mm in diameter at the widest, and are beautifully finished in white with a green tree design. The bottles come with an adjustable cord attached, which is a suitable length to use as a necklace* (see safety precautions below), or can be used to hang the bottle wherever you need it - if the cord is too long, just cut and re-tie as required. (PLEASE NOTE: The colour of the wooden beads decorating the cord may differ from the one photographed). The bottle diffuser comes packaged in a presentation box with simple instructions, suitable for gifting.

Add 1 - 2ml essential oils to the bottle (less is fine, but you may need to top it up sooner). Insert the cork and invert the bottle for a few moments so that the cork absorbs some of the oils (do take care that the cork stays in while the bottle is upside down, or the oil may spill). Once some of the oils have started to absorb into the cork, hang your diffuser as required - as mentioned, these diffusers work best in warm environments where heat helps the oils to naturally diffuse into the air, so try to take that into account when choosing where to hang your diffuser. The scent will naturally diffuse as the cork dries out, and you'll also find that the scent will be stronger if it is also warmed at the same time. When the scent fades, invert the bottle again to replenish the oils in the cork. Top up oils as needed.

* If you do wish to use your diffuser bottle as a NECKLACE it is important that you take all care to ensure the bottle stays upright and the cork is not accidentally dislodged or bumped.
* Do not allow oils to come in contact with the skin or clothes as they may cause skin sensitivity, or stain fabrics. Do not overfill the bottle as it may cause spillage.
* While we supply a quality product as described above, we cannot be held responsible if you should encounter a spillage using these bottles. We have been testing similar bottles in our own cars for several months now and have never had an issue with the cork cap dislodging during normal use, however it is up to you to ensure that all care is taken - the cork is a simple fit and while it serves most purposes as described, if it becomes accidentally dislodged the contents WILL spill.
* Always ensure the bottle is kept upright to avoid spillage - the cork cap may fall out if the bottle is inverted. * Hold the cork cap carefully when inverting to ensure it doesn't fall out while the bottle is upside down.
* You don't need to put too much oil in your bottle - you just need enough to soak some into the cork, with a little spare - if you use too much you may find that the scent becomes overwhelming and the oil used up too fast. Heat does dissipate oils quite quickly in warm environments such as hot cars.
* Keep out of reach of children and NEVER allow children or pets to swallow the oil in the bottle as most essential oils are toxic when ingested.
* When using the diffuser in a CAR take care when hanging it to make sure that the bottle does not obscure vision or bump against glass - if the cord is too long, just cut to the desired length and re-tie (you may need to be able to remove the bottle to top up with oils so do make sure you can untie the cord later).
* Try hanging in a window that catches the sun to get the benefit of the heat to warm your oils.
* If your diffuser is hung somewhere that is NOT heated, the scent should still be present, it just may not be as strong.
* Synthetic fragrant oils can be used instead of pure essential oils. These won't carry any of the therapeutic values of natural essential oils and are usually petro-chemical based, but the scent will usually last longer and they do not require heat to diffuse.

Natural essential oils do dissipate reasonably quickly - this is one of the great things about them, that they don't hang around and leave a 'stale' aroma as synthetic fragrances often do. To help your oils last a little longer try using a blend containing base note oils (eg vetiver, patchouli, frankincense, jasmine etc), which tend to last longer - this will make the top and middle note oils last longer as well. Most simple aromatherapy books will list the 'note' categories that common oils fall into.