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AQ SECONDS & FREEBIES - Discounted or Free Items

AQ SECONDS & FREEBIES - Discounted or Free Items

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CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Abalone Shells, Pumice & Bristle Brushes + FREEBIES

AQ SECONDS & FREEBIES - Discounted or Free Items

FREEBIES: Scroll down to below the 'Seconds' list for a list of freebies that we're happy to give away with any standard order.

SECONDS: ANY "RED BACKGROUND" PHOTOS ARE NOT OF ACTUAL 'SECONDS' ITEMS - Please carefully read descriptions below. All items sold as-is as per descriptions, not the photos. White-background photos depict seconds versions.

As we periodically clear out our office and storage areas we find the occasional slightly flawed 'Seconds' item that we're happy to discount to a much reduced price. All are described below, but are sold AS-IS - ie no returns, their flaw forms part of the product description. Photos shown are generally NOT of the actual item, but of a first quality version of that item to illustrate how they usually appear - the descriptions below will explain how the SECONDS item differs from the standard quality product, and why they are discounted. All are useable - most issues are purely cosmetic, as described below.

Check back regularly to see if there's any new additions as we add new items as we find them. ALL ITEMS STRICTLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!

To purchase an item, click on the DROP-DOWN 'OPTIONS' MENU near the top of the listing, choose the item and add it to your cart. To add additional items just return to this page and follow the same steps for the extra items.

FREEBIES - Scroll down to below the 'Seconds' list for a list of freebies that we're happy to give away with any standard order.



This brass censer screws together tighyly, however does where it meets on either side of the wooden handle there is a small gap which means the handle swings loosely. Can possibly be fixed by adding a washer on either side of the handle to tighten it up, but we've discounted it by 50% to clear. CLICK HERE to see our normal first quality censer.

We have a couple of large and extra large abalone shell, with very slight chip damage. Damage is purely cosmetic and it can be used perfectly well as a smudging bowl. Price is discounted from $22 down to $13.95 for the large, and $26.00 down to $17.95 for the XL. Photo is from a typical shell to give an idea of its appearance, and is not of the chipped seconds shells.

We've got a handful of Wild Lavender (Purple Sage) Smudge Sticks that are JUST a little smaller than our standard size range, coming in at around 9.5mm in length but still a good thick size of around 2.5 - 3cm in diameter. Priced is reduced to clear.

* JUNIPER SMUDGE STICKS - Slightly Crushed.
We discovered a final discontinued Juniper Smudge Stick that has been slighty crushed. Priced is reduced to clear.

One of our Mountain Sage & Resin sticks came in unlabelled so we are unsure if it is Mountain Sage & Frankincense Resin, or Mountain Sage & Myrrh Resin. If you don't mind which one it is, grab a bargain! Priced is reduced to clear.

.* PUMICE BRISTLE BRUSHES - Loose Pumice Stone
We have a number of remaining small brushes with natural bristles on one side of the brush, and a large piece of pumice stone on the other, where the pumice stone piece has come loose. The brush part is still usable as-is and the pumice stone can either be used separately, or glued back on to the brush. Each brush is sold AS-IS with the pumice piece loose from the rest of the brush. Use the bristles to dry-brush parts of the body, nails or hands, or the natural pumice stone is great for treating hard areas on the feet - no more worn hands when you use the rough pumice as you grip the brush by the timber. Hanging cord included. Length of the brush is approx 11cm.



TO CLAIM A FREEBIE just choose one from the list below and in the ADDITIONAL ITEMS BOX on checkout type in "FREEBIE PLEASE" - followed by the name of the freebie you're after. ONE FREEBIE PER ORDER; ORDER MUST CONTAIN AT LEAST ONE STANDARD PRICED ITEM (ie not just a CLEARANCE or SECONDS item). While stocks last.

* ROSE QUARTZ DOUBLE TERMINATED PENDANT with loose Tibetan silver bail - you can add a touch of glue to secure the crystal, or remove the bail and use the crystal on its own. Chain not included.

* GLASS SNAP BUTTON - Pink Lotus Flower Design. Glass snap Button to suit our 18mm Snap Jewellery Bases - can't be used on their own. Nothing wrong with them, we are just not stocking this design. See our our SNAP JEWELLERY HERE.

* SNAP PENDANT BASE - DREAM LOVE HOPE, slightly bent/curved, may possibly be straightened out or used as-is (it just doesn't match our flat stock). To suit our 18mm Snap Jewellery Buttons - can't be used on their own. See our our SNAP JEWELLERY HERE.

* CRYSTAL PENDULUM with chipped tip or slight imperfection - acailable in ruby in fuchsite. See our other crystal pendulums HERE.

* 6ml ALUMINIUM ATOMISER BOTTLE, in silver - sllghtly dented. CLICK HERE to see our atomiser bottle range.



CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK * DELUXE BODY BRUSHES - SECONDS QUALITY.  Most of these have a hole or two where the bristles have come out; a couple have a scratch or mark in the timber. PRICE IS PER SINGLE BRUSH.

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK * INCENSE ASHCATCHERS - SECONDS QUALITY. Various designs including with brass inlay, black stained or carved timber (you will be sent a random design) - typically the brass inlay is flawed or missing, or occasionally there may be a slight crack in the timber etc. All are perfectly usable as incense burners - flaws are purely cosmetic. A great way to grab a few extra cheapies for burning around the house. PRICE IS PER SINGLE ASHCATCHER.

We've recently discovered some old stock of our silver plated 'altar tiles' - similar to a small coaster (diameter approx 7cm), available in beautiful Pentagram or Celtic Triquetra designs. Some of the silver plating has become slightly tarnished over time - it may polish up but these are sold AS-IS. Most are still in very good condition, they're simply not perfect. They can be used as a tile, small coaster or base for a range of purposes. PRICE IS PER TILE - TWO DESIGNS AVAILABLE.