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AQ SECONDS & FREEBIES - Discounted or Free Items

AQ SECONDS & FREEBIES - Discounted or Free Items

From $9.00
CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Smudging Tripods, Bristle Brushes, Burner Box

AQ SECONDS & FREEBIES - Discounted or Free Items

FREEBIES: Scroll down to below the 'Seconds' list for a list of freebies that we're happy to give away with any standard order.

SECONDS: PHOTOS ARE NOT OF ACTUAL 'SECONDS' ITEMS - Please carefully read descriptions below. All items sold as-is as per descriptions, not the photos.


As we periodically clear out our office and storage areas we find the occasional slightly flawed 'Seconds' item that we're happy to discount to a much reduced price. All are described below, but are sold AS-IS - ie no returns, their flaw forms part of the product description. Photos shown are generally NOT of the actual item, but of a first quality version of that item to illustrate how they usually appear - the descriptions below will explain how the SECONDS item differs from the standard quality product, and why they are discounted. All are useable - most issues are purely cosmetic, as described below.

Check back regularly to see if there's any new additions as we add new items as we find them. ALL ITEMS STRICTLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!

To purchase an item, click on the DROP-DOWN 'OPTIONS' MENU near the top of the listing, choose the item and add it to your cart. To add additional items just return to this page and follow the same steps for the extra items.

FREEBIES - Scroll down to below the 'Seconds' list for a list of freebies that we're happy to give away with any standard order.



* BURNER BOX (Plain) - Slightly Imperfect Varnish
These plain timber burner boxes can be used to burn incense sticks, dhoop sticks, Japanese koh sticks or Nepalese Rope incense - featuring metal bars along the entire length of the box, just lie your incense stick on the bars while it burns - the ash will fall through into the box below, which can be emptied out once cooled. This particular box has a section along the base where the varnish and stain isn't complete, and one of the metal bars is slightly loose. Incense not included. Usually $26.00 each - this one reduced to $16.00.

* ABALONE SHELLS (11-12cm) - Seconds
We've received a batch of abalone shell bowls that aren't quite up to our usual standard: the mother of pearl on the inside of the shells isn't quite as bright or perfect as it can be, and the edges and rear side can be a little rough (see the photo of some of the actual seconds shells listed which give an idea of the typical shells in this batch - the rear side may be able to be cleaned up with a little effort). Shells of this size are usually $26.00 each - these shells are sold as-is for half their usual price - at $13.00 each - to move them on quickly. Perfect for bowls to use while smudging or burning Palo Santo sticks - add a layer of sand in the base for added heat protection.

There's nothing wrong with these handcarved wooden tripods, they're just finished in a red stain which we discontinued a while ago, and discovered recently tucked away! Two tripods available - one 4" and one 6" in size:

Our 4" sized tripod suits 10 - 12cm Abalone Shells. Height when opened is approx 5.5cm, with a width of approx 9cm from tip to tip.

Our 6" sized tripod suits larger-sized 13 - 17cm Abalone Shells. Height when opened is approx 8cm, with a width of approx 13.5cm from tip to tip.


Occasionally some of our Deluxe XL sized natural bristle brushes have slight imperfections in the timber, or a small section of loose bristles. If they're not completely up to scratch you'll find them here, sold as-is for a much reduced price.





TO CLAIM A FREEBIE just choose one from the list below and in the ADDITIONAL ITEMS BOX on checkout type in "FREEBIE PLEASE" - followed by the name of the freebie you're after. ONE FREEBIE PER ORDER; ORDER MUST CONTAIN AT LEAST ONE STANDARD PRICED ITEM (ie not just a CLEARANCE or SECONDS item). While stocks last.

* GLASS SNAP BUTTON - Pink Lotus Flower Design. Glass snap Button to suit our 18mm Snap Jewellery Bases - can't be used on their own. Nothing wrong with them, we are just not stocking this design. See our our SNAP JEWELLERY HERE.

* SNAP PENDANT BASE - DREAM LOVE HOPE, very slightly bent/curved, may possibly be straightened out or used as-is (it just doesn't match our flat stock). To suit our 18mm Snap Jewellery Buttons - can't be used on their own. See our our SNAP JEWELLERY HERE.