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Aromatherapy necklace with spare scent pads. Extra pads available


REPLACEMENT PADS: For additional packs of 30mm replacement pads, CLICK HERE.
Or add a pack of ten thin or thick style pads to your diffuser purchase via the drop-down OPTIONS MENU near the top of the page, before adding it to your cart.

Aromatherapy Jewellery is the perfect way to use a jewellery piece as your own personal essential oil (or perfume) diffuser. The method is simple: essential oils are added to an absorbent pad or bead (depending on the jewellery type), and when worn the warmth of your body gently heats the oils and allows them to diffuse through the open holes and into the air around you. Our Round Alloy Pendant range use a colourful textile pad to absorb the oils, with additional replacement pads available.

Also available for resellers in lots of ten-pieces (by arrangement only - please email for details).

JEWELLERY PIECE: Sunflower Design Pendant, Bronze
SIZE: Approx 32mm Diameter
METAL: Zinc Alloy - Lead Free, Nickel Free. Bronze Coloured
CHAIN: Free Bronze Coloured Chain Included
SCENT PADS: Textile, 30mm. Three THIN pads included
* Add an additional pack of 10 thick or thin pads via the drop-down OPTIONS menu,
* Replacement Thick Pads are also available separately - CLICK HERE.

This design also available in Vintage Silver.

Our alloy pendants come in a range of designs and sizes, some also available in either vintage silver or bronze finish. Each pendant comes with a free matching alloy chain (length varies. These chains are a basic metal chain; for long term use we recommend replacing with your own chain or leather cord of choice. The free chain may well last the lifetime of your pendant, however as these are a free item they are not guaranteed).

To use the pendant, remove the chain and the pendant will open up like a locket. Inside the locket is a thin absorbent 30mm coloured fabric scent pad - each pendant comes with a scent pad fitted, plus two replacement thin pads, in mixed random colours. Add a few drops of pure essential oils to the pad, close the locket and replace the chain, and as you wear the necklace the warmth of your skin will gently heat the oils on the pad and allow the scent to diffuse through the open filigree holes on the front of the pendant. When the scent fades, just top up with a few more drops of essential oil as needed; if you'd like to change the scent just change to a new scent pad. A hint of colour can be seen through the filigree holes on the front of the pendant, so you can give a new look to your piece just by changing the pad to a new colour.

Each pendant comes with a simple absorbent 30mm diameter THIN scent pad already inserted into the locket, plus we also include TWO FREE replacement THIN scent pads with each pendant (all chosen randomly from a range of bright colours), giving you a choice of three colours for your pendant. We're unable to supply a specific colour choice, but we do make sure that there is a nice variation of colours with the three pads provided with the pendant.

For a limited time we're also including a bonus pack of four medium-thickness pads with each of these pendants.

Extra scent pads are also available for purchase in thick or thin styles, in packs of TEN (pre-mixed colours only - sorry, we can't supply specific colours but ensure that each pack contains a mix of different available colours). Choose '+ EXTRA PADS' from the drop-down OPTIONS menu near the top of the page to purchase a pendant PLUS a spare pack of ten THICK or THIN scent pads. Or CLICK HERE to purchase 30mm scent pads on their own.

NOTE RE SIZE: These pendants use 30mm diameter pads. Other pieces use different sized pads - when ordering additional scent pads always make sure you are ordering the correct size for your pendant type.



* Avoid dripping oils directly onto the pendant as it may eventually corrode the metal.
* Colourless oils will have a more attractive appearance than darker oils such as Patchouli that may stain the scent pad and be visible through the front of the design.
* Do not allow oils to come in contact with the skin or clothes as they may cause skin sensitivity, or stain fabrics.
* You don't need to put too much oil onto your scent pad - essential oils are very strong so you don't need to use too much oil.
* Keep out of reach of children and NEVER allow children or pets to chew the necklace / scent pads as most essential oils are toxic when ingested.

Natural essential oils do dissipate reasonably quickly - this is one of the great things about them, that they don't hang around and leave a 'stale' aroma as synthetic fragrances often do. To help your oils last a little longer try using a blend containing base note oils (eg vetiver, patchouli, frankincense, jasmine etc), which tend to last longer - this will make the top and middle note oils last longer as well. Most simple aromatherapy books will list the 'note' categories that common oils fall into.

You can use these for your favourite scented oil as a perfume, or you can use your imagination and use therapeutic oil/s to cover anything from concentration at work or uni, to calming oils or even oils with anti-viral or anti-nausea benefits, making this your own personal portable oil diffuser. Use up to four different oils to create your own unique blend, or use one of our PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS to take the guesswork out of which oils to choose. See our LEARN MORE page on Inhalers, Roll-Ons & Jewellery for more instructions and hints.