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Wooden spoon and fork in one piece, for portable dining


These wooden 'sporks' combine fork and spoon into the one piece, meaning you only need to carry the one utensil to cover most take-away meals, or along with your lunchbox. With a quality four-pronged fork at one end and a shallow spoon at the other, these lightweight yet durable sporks are a comfortable size, around 21cm in total length.

CARE: Do not place wooden utensils in a dishwasher, and avoid very hot water or exposure to the sun. Wash in warm water with a mild soap, and allow to dry. Wooden cutlery can be oiled with natural cooking oils to maintain their finish. WASH BEFORE USE.

One of the biggest contributors to discarded and landfill plastic is disposable cutlery, given away freely with takeaway food. By taking your own cutlery and saying 'no' to the disposables, and instead using re-usable cutlery over and over, your amount of wastage is vastly reduced. Items made from sustainable timber will also easily degrade after their useful life.

Eco @ Aroma Queen is all about trying to find simple, sustainable and inexpensive solutions for single-use plastics and other environmentally unsound products. The stats are horrific: the amount of accumulating non-biodegradable waste from 'convenient' everyday items such as disposable plastic straws, coffee lids, cutlery, plastic bags and packaging is simply not sustainable. There could be more plastic in the oceans than fish by the year 2050. Yet all of these products, and more, can be replaced by re-usable items. You can use a stainless steel straw instead of a plastic one - it will last indefinitely with the minimum of care; or take your own portable cutlery set instead of saying 'yes' to the disposable fork at your local takeaway. It might mean a RETHINK to remember to take them with you, or to say 'no' instead of taking the straw, but in the same way that many of us have now become used to taking our own reusable shopping bags when we purchase our weekly groceries, it's easy enough to get into new habits with a little bit of forethought.

Whether we're talking about buying a product made from recycled materials, or creating a long-term plan for re-using an item over and over instead of throwing it away after a single use, there's plenty of ways we can make a change for the better. When it comes to PRODUCTS FOR THE HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN, so many commercial products are designed for 'convenience' rather than sustainability. Many are packaged with excessive plastic packaging; others are made from throw-away plastic and are intended be only used once, or to be thrown away after a short life of use. Many eco-friendly alternatives are now available made from long-lasting silicone, or new plastic-like materials made from wheatstraw or bamboo fibre - as you can re-use these items over and over you'll save on the amount of plastic and wastage your household contributes back to the earth.

Living sustainably is now a mainstream concept rather than a fringe 'hippie' idea, and it doesn't mean changing your lifestyle completely. Sometimes it's just a matter of looking around you and paying attention to the items you purchase, and throw away. Are they single use items? Maybe you could find a longer-lasting alternative instead of disposing of one every time you use it. Is it individually packaged into small portions, with a lot of wastage? Perhaps you could buy in bulk, and decant into smaller re-usable bottles or packages for day to day use. Is it made from plastic which isn't degradable? There might be an eco version available, which will eventually degrade after you've finished using it. It's amazing how simple changes can make a huge difference in the impact we each make on the planet - and they don't necessarily have to be complicated, expensive or difficult to live with. Often they can even help save money as re-usable products can reduce the amount of items you need to purchase in the first place.

Visit our ECO @ AQ section for some ideas that might get you thinking of ways to make a difference. We're continually looking for new ECO products to offer - if there's anything you'd particularly like to see that we don't yet stock, we'd love to hear from you.