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Cleaning Cloth - BAMBOO FIBRE, Pack of Two + Bonus

Cleaning Cloth - BAMBOO FIBRE, Pack of Two + Bonus

From $3.50
Double thickness machine-washable bamboo fibre kitchen cloths + bonus card

Cleaning Cloth - BAMBOO FIBRE, Pack of Two + Bonus

Bamboo fibre is a cellulose fibre extracted or fabricated from natural bamboo, which is a self-regenerating, fast growing grass that doesn't require fertiliser or pesticide. Bamboo fibre materials are 100% biodegradable, which means they won't sit in landfill for hundreds of years after you've finished using them.

As well as being eco-friendly, bamboo fibre textiles are believed to be naturally antibacterial, which makes them the perfect choice for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or just with general purpose cleaning. These quality double-thickness cloths are incredibly soft, so ideal for polishing or cleaning delicate surfaces; they are also very absorbent so are great for drying or wiping up spills. And when they need a clean, just toss them into the washing machine and allow to naturally dry and they're ready to re-use, over and over.

As a BONUS, each two-pack comes with a free keepable Chemical Free Cleaning reference card, covering information on essential oils and natural ingredients for cleaning your home.

Each cloth is approx 15 x 18cm, in white coloured double thickness bamboo fibre fabric. Sold in packs of TWO cloths.

Bamboo fibre products are a great alternative to cotton, which requires intensive watering and pest control, or plastic or petro-chemical based synthetic textiles, which are not biodegradable. Naturally long wearing, once you've finished using bamboo fibre cloths they will degrade back into the earth instead of sitting as landfill like many other commercial products will.