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Natural Tibetan Dhoop Incense Sticks - NAG CHAMPA

Natural Tibetan Dhoop Incense Sticks - NAG CHAMPA

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Exclusive handmade natural Nepalese incense, available by the roll, or in a handmade gift box.

Natural Tibetan Dhoop Incense Sticks - NAG CHAMPA

Natural, Handmade Tibetan Dhoop Incense Sticks - NAG CHAMPA.

Available in a roll of 25 sticks, or a stunning handmade Tibetan gift box with embedded flowers and botanicals (21 sticks per box - every box is unique). Make your choice from the drop-down OPTIONS menu near the top of the page, before adding it to your cart.

It's important to us at Aroma Queen that we offer only the best incense we can find, and this range is no exception. We import this stunning, completely natural handmade incense range directly from the small manufacturer, to bring you an incense unlike any we have experienced before. Produced from a careful selection of ingredients chosen from the foothills of the Himalayas, with an environmentally friendly ethic, our Natural Handmade Tibetan Dhoop is the perfect incense to enhance meditation and create a sacred atmosphere, to help eliminate negative energies or rejuvenate positive energy.

The scent of a Golden Champa flower is highly treasured by the people of India and the Himalayas, the tree growing to a height of 100 feet. The tree is highly regarded, and frequently planted near temples and ashrams so that all may enjoy their elegance. Nag Champa is one of the most popular fragrances for both stick and cone incense, and this Natural Tibetan Nag Champa Dhoop is one of the most amazing versions we have ever come across, with a clean, fresh sweet scent.

Each stick is approx 17cm in length, and a beautifully thick 5mm width (approx), meaning that it will burn for quite a long time (burn time depends on atmospheric factors such as breeze etc). Having no inner bamboo stick, and being made from entirely natural ingredients, the scent is as pure as it gets with no 'stale' after-scent like many incense sticks leave. If you like high quality incense, you are sure to love our Natural Tibetan Incense.

Currently available: NAG CHAMPA (this listing) or GOLDEN LEAF (Rhododendron - see our other listings).

Sandalwood, Henna, Wood and Charcoal Powder, Mesua Ferrea Flower Resins (Champa flowers).
Handmade with no added fragrances or synthetic perfumes.


Dhoop incense is similar to Agarbatti sticks, except instead of compressing the ingredients around an inner bamboo stick, the ingredients are pressed into a stand-alone mould such as a cone, or rolled by hand into a neat spaghetti-like cylinder (such as these sticks). Dhoop incense needs to be burned on a heat-proof stand, or inserted into a bowl of damp sand or earth, as it will burn right through to the base of the stick before extinguishing itself. To light Nepalese dhoop incense, just hold a flame to the tip in the same way you would a standard stick, wait until it's caught and is starting to glow red, then blow out the flame and allow to smoke.

Dhoop incense sticks will not burn in ashcatchers or any other incense burner that requires an inner bamboo stick to be inserted into a small hole, as these sticks are much thicker. If you don't have a suitable burner designed for dhoop sticks, just use a heatproof bowl with some damp sand or earth in the base, and insert your stick into the earth for stability. Try our TERRACOTTA CENSER for a suitable bowl.