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AQ OILS 4 KIDS Essential Oil Blend - SLEEPY TIME

AQ OILS 4 KIDS Essential Oil Blend - SLEEPY TIME

For calm & restful sleep. Bonus Safety / Instruction card with every order.

AQ OILS 4 KIDS Essential Oil Blend - SLEEPY TIME

* A BLEND OF PREMIUM QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS formulated with gentle oils suitable for children - also suitable for adults

* FREE SAFETY / INSTRUCTION CARD with every Oils 4 Kids oil blend order

* FOR USE AROUND CHILDREN, NOT BY CHILDREN - always keep essential oils out of reach of children, never apply to skin undiluted or ingest, use less than with an adult. Visit our DISCOVER pages for more information on using Aromatherapy around children


Children often have difficulty getting to (or staying) asleep, and Essential Oils are an excellent way to help. SLEEPY TIME features gently soothing French Lavender, which has a mildly sedative, calming effect. Petitgrain helps relieve bedtime anxiety or soothe frayed nerves, while Tangerine and Frankincense encourage a sense of relaxed wellbeing that is conducive to a peaceful sleep. SLEEPY TIME has a delicate, pleasant scent which appeals to people of any age.

TIP: Use an hour before bedtime to start encouraging a sleepy, relaxed atmosphere - excellent in a bath, or in a diffuser in their room. Never use a candle-heated diffuser overnight - try an electric one, or use another method such as the 'tissue' method. Also suitable in a room spray or roll-on.

NOTE: Not intended for babies, infants or newborns. For children under 1 year it is recommended to use only the 'Baby Safe' oils of Lavender, Neroli, Roman Chamomile or Mandarin, in extremely reduced quantities (eg 1 occasional drop, never on the skin).