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For prevention or treatment of nits or lice. Bonus Safety / Instruction card with every order.


Aromatherapy for use around kids - not BY kids,
Always keep essential oils out of reach of children.


Our AROMA QUEEN OILS 4 KIDS range has been created with CHILDREN in mind and is not suitable for use with babies, infants or newborns. We do NOT recommend using Aromatherapy on children under 1 year old, unless specific rules are followed. For children between 1 - 5 years we recommend using even less than you'd use for school-aged children - Please read our OILS 4 KIDS LEARN MORE page for complete information regarding using Aromatherapy around babies and children.

BONUS: FREE Full Colour SAFETY & INSTRUCTIONS CARD with each AQ OILS 4 KIDS Pure Essential Oil Blend order - to be nice to the environment, we include ONE card only per order. If you're purchasing more than one OILS 4 KIDS OIL BLEND and would like an additional card please leave a message in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box when checking out.


Aromatherapy can be amazing for looking after your littlies - pure, natural plant-based Essential Oils can knock the baddies out of the ball park as well as any superhero (and they probably smell better too!). Aromatherapy can help with anything from grazes & itches, to nerves, concentration or the grumps, and so we've created a fantastic AROMA QUEEN OILS 4 KIDS range featuring Premium Quality Pure Essential Oils that are known to be safe to use around your precious little ones and bigger kids, and in tune with the fussiest of noses so they all smell good in their own right. Our OILS 4 KIDS can be used by full grown adult children as well - if your kids let you use them!

Children work differently to adults, and there are a few simple rules to follow. So we include a FREE FULL COLOUR SAFETY CARD with every Oils 4 Kids order (one per order), explaining in simple terms how to use your pure oil blend (and how much), as well as including safety information that will come in handy when you're using oils with your child. Even if you've never touched Aromatherapy before, we've made sure it's easy to follow and understand. You - and your kids - will be loving them in no time.

Scroll down for more information:

We also recommend you have a read of our OILS 4 KIDS LEARN MORE PAGE where we've put together a more detailed, easy-to-follow blog covering everything you need to get started using Aromatherapy with your children.

For Nits & Headlice Treatment & Prevention

Every AQ OILS 4 KIDS ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND contains a blend of premium therapeutic quality pure and natural Essential Oils, chosen with both their health & wellbeing benefits in mind, as well as a pleasant scent that is appealing to children and adults alike. No filler, padding or artificial ingredients: just pure, natural Essential Oils. All OILS 4 KIDS can be used on little people as well as big people.

* Helps prevent or treat infestations
* Soothes itches and irritations

Nits (the empty egg casings) and head lice (the live crawling ninja bugs) are an unfortunate part of growing up that few parents are able to avoid, no matter how vigilant and clean your child's head may be - in fact there's no evidence to suggest that lice prefer hair clean or dirty. While medically speaking, head lice are usually little more than an annoying nuisance, the stigma of having 'nits' can cause shame, anxiety and embarrassment, let alone being itchy! On top of this, some head lice are becoming resistant to the harsh chemicals that are often used to treat them, making them even harder to deal with. This is where natural Essential Oils step in. Many studies have tested oils such as Tea Tree and Lavender against chemical treatments, and found the Aromatherapy treatment to have amazing results - helping to kill the live head lice as well as preventing eggs from hatching. And used correctly, Essential Oils do not have any of the harsh side effects that may be found in commercial treatments.

NIT HEAD has been created specifically for children, using a blend of natural, premium quality Essential Oils that have a pleasant and appealing scent and are used to help treat and prevent head lice. There are a number of methods to use with your NIT HEAD (read below) which can help treat current infestations, as well as aid prevention during times of outbreak. NIT HEAD features Australian Tea Tree and French Lavender oils, both hugely renowned for treating lice, as well as French Rosemary and fresh skin-safe Distilled Lime. Not only are these oils known to be genuine 'Super Heroes' when it comes to lice infestations, the oils in NIT HEAD are also calming and healing - French Lavender in particular is excellent for soothing itches and irritations experienced from a head lice infestation.


Head lice wander from one head to the next via direct contact - they cannot survive for very long without a generous human 'host'. So on one hand you could just keep your child's head away from other children's heads, and that may very well do the trick. However in reality, it's not so easy: children play together and bump into each other all the time. It's just not practical (or healthy) to want them to stay away from others. What can help is applying an insect repellent to their hair. No, we're not talking about spraying them with bug spray. Many Essential Oils have natural insect repellent qualities, including Tea Tree, Lavender and Rosemary Oils - lice simply don't like them. So by applying NIT HEAD either as a mild spray dilution to the hair after washing or combed through before school, or a few drops in their shampoo or conditioner (whichever you use in the last rinse) whenever you're aware of outbreaks, the very act of having the scent and oil lingering in the hair may go a long way to help deter the lice from jumping aboard your child's hair.

* SHAMPOO METHOD: Add 3 drops of NIT HEAD to a 15ml tablespoon worth of shampoo or conditioner (or 1ml / 20 drops per 100ml if you want to make up a larger bottle) and stir through thoroughly. Wash / rinse as usual.
and / or
* SPRAY BOTTLE METHOD: Add 1% NIT HEAD to an atomiser bottle (1ml / 20 drops per 100ml), plus around the same in SOLUBILISER (to help the oils and water mix) and top up with water. Shake well, spray onto hair and comb through before school or exposure to potential infestations - make sure it gets down to the roots which is where lice lay their eggs. If you don't have Solubiliser you can use NIT HEAD and water alone, however ensure you shake thoroughly before every use to make sure no pure essential oil comes into contact with your child's head.

NOTE: Children are very sensitive to essential oils. While it's safe to use the appropriate amount during lice outbreaks in your area, avoid using too regularly when there is no need.


Often you'll know your child may have head lice as they'll be complaining about being itchy. However, this isn't always the case so even if there's no complaints, if you know there are infestations present in your school etc check your children's scalps thoroughly on a daily basis - looking for egg casings attached to the hair at the base of the scalp (nits) or live head lice that may be crawling through the hair itself. As lice can only survive with a host, you don't need to panic about scrubbing the house or washing all of their wardrobe: the trick is to focus on your child's head (the same applies for adults).

* 'SUFFOCATION' (CARRIER OIL) METHOD: Crawling head lice breathe through a hole in their sides which they are able to close for short periods of time. This is why normal shampooing doesn't work - the lice just 'hold their breath'. While Essential Oils have been shown to help kill lice and eggs in their own right, one popular treatment is to combine Essential Oils with a thick oil which, left on the hair for a longer period of time, will help 'suffocate' the lice while the Essential Oils do their work on both the lice and eggs - this method is particularly valuable if there is a strong infestation of crawling lice in your child's hair.

Add 3 drops of NIT HEAD Blend to a 15ml Tablespoon of thick carrier oil (Coconut, Sweet Almond, Olive Oil etc). To make a larger bottle, use 1ml / 20 drops per 100ml of carrier oil. Comb through damp hair and massage into the scalp and roots in particular. Leave the mix on the hair for ten minutes and then rinse thoroughly (use a little shampoo with added NIT HEAD (see below) for a final clean if too greasy). Repeat morning and night until there is no evidence of fresh eggs or lice.
and / or
* SHAMPOO METHOD: Add 3 drops of NIT HEAD to a 15ml tablespoon worth of shampoo or conditioner (or 1ml / 20 drops per 100ml if you want to make up a larger bottle) and stir through thoroughly. Use daily.
and / or
* SPRAY BOTTLE METHOD: Add 1% NIT HEAD to an atomiser bottle (1ml / 20 drops per 100ml), plus around the same in SOLUBILISER (to help the oils and water mix) and top up with water. Shake well, spray onto hair and comb through before and after potential exposure to lice (school etc) - make sure it gets down to the roots and scalp which is where lice lay their eggs. If you don't have Solubiliser you can use NIT HEAD and water alone, however ensure you shake thoroughly before every use to make sure no pure essential oil comes into contact with your child's head.

TIP: You may use a slightly stronger dilution for older children or adults - always test amounts and reduce the dilution if your child experiences any sensitivity. Never use more than 3% dilution (above quantities are based on 1%).

Don't forget the important rules: never apply NIT HEAD (or any pure essential oil or oil blend) to the skin or scalp undiluted. Children in particular have very sensitive and delicate skin and pure essential oils are too strong to be used unless diluted in another medium first. Also never swallow or ingest any essential oil - diluted or not! When using your NIT HEAD Blend try not to allow excess product (shampoo etc) get into your child's eyes or mouth. If any oil does accidentally get into their eyes, flush with full cream milk which will help dilute the oil, before flushing it with clean water until clear.

NOTE: Not intended for babies, infants or newborns.

See below for a checklist on the best methods that suit this oil, and instructions on how to use each method.


Here's a checklist as to which methods THIS PARTICULAR OIL is suited to. Scroll down for more detailed instructions on how each method works.




ROLL-ON (Diluted in a natural carrier oil)

MASSAGE / DIRECT APPLICATION (Diluted as per instructions)

BATH (Children over 1 year only)



TIPS FOR THIS OIL BLEND: See the notes in the section above on how best to use this oil. Use to treat existing infestations, or to help prevent head lice during times they are present at school etc. Always dilute as instructed - never apply directly to the head without diluting in another medium first.

Scroll down for very important SAFETY POINTS regarding how to use OILS 4 KIDS with your children, and please read the included SAFETY CARD before use.


See the checklist above as to which methods best suit this OILS 4 KIDS Oil Blend, and then read below for some simple information explaining each method. Please be aware that most quantities are aimed at school aged children and upwards, and that these blends are NOT suitable for use with children under 1 year of age. Visit our OILS 4 KIDS LEARN MORE PAGE for more detailed information on how to use your oils.

* OIL BURNER / DIFFUSER: To diffuse oils in a room, use 2-3 drops in a burner, and ensure the room is well ventilated. Use less for younger children (try a single drop), and up to 8 drops or so for an older teen. Take care using candle-heated burners around children or pets - never leave unattended. Try an electric diffuser if you're concerned about using candles.

* TISSUE: Great for overnight or out and about, add 1 drop onto a tissue, placed by the pillow or tucked into pyjamas or a shirt - as long as it isn't directly contacting the skin. For a younger child, ensure that it cannot be sucked or chewed. If the oil is a coloured or opaque one, take care that it doesn't come into contact with fabric etc. as it may stain.

* INHALER STICK: Your child can take their oil blend with them anywhere they go by using an inhaler stick: great for school, travel, by their bed or just to keep a 'breathing' blend handy while they have a cold. Add 2-3 drops to the inhaler wick, insert the wick, add the end cap, and inhale directly as needed. Use slightly more oil for older children or young adults - top up the wick with additional oils once the scent starts to fade.
HINT: Try adding a fun, personalised label to the inhaler stick, so your child knows it's theirs to use whenever they need it. You can even colour code their inhalers for different purposes.

* ROLL-ON: For an instant 'apply anywhere' roll-on, use no more than a 1% dilution for children, especially young ones. For a 5ml Roll-On Bottle use a single drop; for a 10-15ml Roll-On Bottle use 2-3 drops. You can use slightly more for a young adult - up to 3% for a full-grown adult. After adding the drops of oil/s to the bottle, top up with a light, natural Carrier Oil (Vegetable Oil) such as Jojoba or Apricot Kernel. Avoid PHOTOSENSITIVE OILS for skin application.

* MASSAGE / SKIN APPLICATION: Dilute your pure Oils 4 Kids Essential Oil Blend into an oil, cream or balm at the same strength you would for a Roll-On Bottle: a maximum of 1% for younger children, or slightly more for young adults (up to a maximum of 3% for a full-grown adult). So for 100ml of massage oil or cream at 1% dilution, you'd use no more than 1ml (20 drops) total essential oil. For a 15ml Tablespoon of massage oil or cream, you'd use no more than 2-3 drops. Avoid using on open wounds, or around the face / eye area.

* BATH: For younger children use a single drop in a bath, or 2-3 drops for an older child (up to 8 drops or so for a full-grown adult). Splash the oil WELL into the water before your child enters the bath so no pure oil can come into contact with your child's skin.
TIP: Try blending your Oils 4 Kids Essential Oil Blend with SOLUBILISER (in equal parts to the oil) and a bit of water, or some liquid soap, before adding it to the bath - the Solubiliser will help the oils disperse into the bath water, rather than sit as a slick on top.
NOTE: We do not recommend using pure (undiluted) oils in a baby or very young child's bath unless they're a particularly gentle oil that is safe for babies or infants, such as Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Neroli or Mandarin, and these are best diluted into another medium first to make absolutely sure that no pure oil will come into contact with their skin.

* ROOM SPRAY: Add up to 1% essential oils to the empty bottle (1ml/20 drops per 100ml bottle), followed by the same amount of SOLUBILISER, and top up with water. The Solubiliser helps the essential oils blend into the water, instead of sitting as a slick, so you can't accidentally spray pure essential oils onto your furniture or skin etc. Do take care where you spray: some oils may stain fabrics or timber etc, especially if they're a darker coloured oil. Don't use too much in a young child's room, and don't use strong room sprays in a baby's room as they will be too overwhelming for them. See our ROOM SPRAY KITS which contain everything you need to make your own Room Sprays.

* AROMATHERAPY PENDANTS: Great for kids as they don't even have to remember they're wearing them (see our Aromatherapy Jewellery section). When worn, the warmth of the skin gently heats the pendant, which in turn warms the essential oils and allows the vapour to diffuse through the open holes. Follow the instructions for each piece EXCEPT use ONLY A SINGLE DROP of oil for children. Some oil blends may not be as strong as others so experiment to make sure your child can still smell the scent without it being overpowering.
NOTE: We don't recommend using Lava Stone Aroma Bracelets with children as there's more chance of an oil coming into direct contact with their skin. Gentle oils may be suitable for use with an Aroma Bracelet for older children - use your discretion and cease use if your child experiences any sensitivities to their skin.

CREATE A RITUAL: Whichever method you use for your oils, try using your OILS 4 KIDS in a regular RITUAL with your children. Through regular use during study, bedtime, in the bath or during travel etc, the scent will become familiar and an instant association will be created so that every time your child smells the oil it will remind them of the 'Safe & Happy' times when they've experienced the oil before. This is particularly helpful for times such as homework or study: you can burn the oils during calm study at home, and then make a portable 'Exams' inhaler using the same blend, to take during exam time - this can help calm and focus your child as they will instantly associate the scent in the inhaler to the times they were studying at home.


While Aromatherapy can be amazing for looking after your littlies, you just need to bear in mind that little people are smaller in stature, plus also have less developed systems and skin than bigger people, and so you need to approach it differently to how you would for an adult.

Below are the most basic SAFETY POINTS to keep in mind when using Aromatherapy around children - each is covered in much more detail in our OILS 4 KIDS LEARN MORE PAGE, so please head over there and read in full, even if you're already familiar with Essential Oils. We include a SAFETY & INSTRUCTION CARD with each OILS 4 KIDS order, so you don't need to worry about forgetting the rules!

* ALWAYS USE LESS for children than you would for an adult. IMPORTANT: We do not recommend using Aromatherapy around children under one year of age. If your child is aged between 1 - 5 years, use even less than the suggested amount.
* NEVER INGEST OR SWALLOW ANY ESSENTIAL OIL. Even small amounts may be toxic or even fatal if swallowed - call your local Poisons Hotline immediately if your child has accidentally swallowed an amount of Essential Oil.
* NEVER APPLY ANY ESSENTIAL OIL DIRECTLY TO THE SKIN unless you've first diluted it in a carrier / massage oil, cream or balm at no more than 1% dilution (use less on children between 1 - 5 years).
- 1ml dilution means 1ml Essential Oils per 100ml Massage Oil/Cream etc. 1ml is approx 20 drops of essential oil.
- For a 15ml Tablespoon of Massage Oil/Cream etc, a 1% dilution would be just 2 - 3 drops of essential oil.

* AVOID THE EYE AREA: If you're applying a diluted Essential Oil to the skin, avoid applying it to any area where your child might accidentally get the oil into their eyes or mouth - especially if they tend to rub their eyes with their hands or fists.

* PHOTOSENSITISATION: A few oils cause photosensitisation, or sensitivity to UV light and should not be applied to skin before exposure to the sun as they may encourage burning. Avoid using any blend that may contain Photosensitive Oils on exposed areas of skin.

* SOME PEOPLE or CHILDREN MAY EXPERIENCE AN ALLERGIC REACTION or sensitisation to a specific Essential Oil: if this is the case, discontinue use immediately.

* STORE YOUR OILS IN A COOL, DARK PLACE: Essential Oils lose their therapeutic benefits if exposed to UV light or to extreme heat.

* ALWAYS KEEP YOUR OILS OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN OR PETS, and take special care if you're using a candle-powered burner: never leave a lit candle unattended.

* AVOID USING ESSENTIAL OILS DURING PREGNANCY, particularly the first four months.

Always remember, Aromatherapy is intended to complement, not replace traditional medicine: it does NOT replace your local GP. Seek professional medical advice if minor symptoms persist.

CLICK HERE to Visit Our OILS 4 KIDS LEARN MORE PAGE - which covers the following topics in plenty of detail:
A brief intro to what it is and how it works.
* IMPORTANT NOTE RE BABIES & AROMATHERAPY - We don't recommend using Aromatherapy with children younger than one.
* AROMATHERAPY SAFETY FOR KIDS - Please do have a read even if you already love your oils.
* HOW TO USE YOUR PURE OIL BLEND - Full instructions on a number of methods to use Aromatherapy with your kids.