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Aromatherapy Kit - ROOM SPRAY KIT 125/250ml Sizes

Aromatherapy Kit - ROOM SPRAY KIT 125/250ml Sizes

Spray bottles, solubiliser, pipettes & instructions to make water-based aromatherapy or room sprays

Aromatherapy Kit - ROOM SPRAY KIT 125/250ml Sizes

NOTE: Due to shortages, this pack may include clear bottles instead of blue for the larger size - read below for full inclusions.

Our DIY ROOM SPRAY KITS make it easy to create your own water-based Aromatherapy Spray Bottles that can be used for room sprays of all types: anti-germ or insect sprays, spray-on cleaning or disinfecting blends, your favourite scent to fragrance a room, a 'Sleep' blend to calm the mood before bedtime, or any number of therapeutic Aromatherapy purposes. They can also be used as general purpose spray bottles - try using one with some chillled, moisturising Rosewater to mist yourself on a hot day!

The kit includes everything you need except for the oils, including bottles and pumps (two atomisers, two trigger sprays), Solubiliser to help your Essential Oils and water to mix instead of the oils sitting as a dangerous film on top of the water, pipettes to accurately add the right amount of oils, and a handy keepable instruction card so even if you're a beginner it'll be easy to work out how much oil to use - whether it's at a low 1% dilution to use around kids, or a maximum 3% dilution for adults. Just add your pure Essential Oils, Pure Oil Blend or Oils 4 Kids Blend and some water and you're ready to go!

2 x 125ml Cobalt PET Bottles
2 x 250ml CLEAR PET Bottles - Different to ones pictured. As these bottles are not coloured to protect the contents, just keep your made-up room sprays out of direct sunlight (in a cupboard etc) to protect the oils in the blends.
2 x Atomiser Sprays (cut the tubing to fit as required)
2 x Trigger Pump Sprays (cut the tubing to fit as required)
1 x 25ml bottle of Solubiliser
2 x 1ml Pipettes
2 x 3ml Pipettes
Calculator Card

* Don't exceed the amount of suggested essential oils, even if you're using a few different oils in a blend. The recommended amounts are the TOTAL amount you should use.
* Take care spraying around fabrics, furnishings, timber etc as some oils - particularly darker ones - may stain
* The castor-oil based Solubiliser will make your solution go milky - this is just how it works. Try reducing the amount of Solubiliser to make a clearer solution, but do take care that you don't use so little that you end up spraying a slick of pure essential oils - especially if it's on the skin.
* We do not recommend using Aromatherapy around children younger than one year - avoid spraying in baby's room, or too much around your baby. For young children 1-5 years, use minimal amounts of oil - little people aren't designed to deal with the same amounts that adults can. Visit our LEARN MORE pages for full information regarding Aromatherapy and Children if you'd like to know more.

NOTE: Essential oils are NOT included in the pack - just purchase your oils separately from our store or use oils from your own collection. Try our PURE OIL BLENDS if you're unsure which oils work for each purpose, or our OILS 4 KIDS range for a range of child-friendly Blends. Bear in mind that some oils - mainly citrus - may cause PHOTOSENSITISATION, or sensitivity to UV light, so you shouldn't use your room spray on the skin before exposure to the sun or sun lamps. These include: Angelica, Bergamot (unless 'Bergaptene Free'), Cumin, Lemon, Lime (unless 'Distilled' rather than 'Cold Pressed'), Orange & Verbena. Also avoid Peppermint or Cinnamon Bark, or any other oils known to cause dermal sensitisation.

If you're interested in making smaller-sized perfumes we also list DIY PERFUME KITS in Water-Based and Oil Based versions.