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AQ Roll-on Bottle - CLEAR / BLACK 5ml Mini

AQ Roll-on Bottle - CLEAR / BLACK 5ml Mini

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Perfume or Aromatherapy Rollerball Bottle - Clear Glass with Black Cap, 5ml.

AQ Roll-on Bottle - CLEAR / BLACK 5ml Mini

While we take all care to ensure that glassware is adequately and safely packaged and breakages VERY rarely occur, once your package has been shipped we have no control over its treatment by Australia Post. If purchasing an amount of glassware we strongly recommend adding RECEIPTED POSTAGE / INSURANCE to your order as we cannot take responsibility for Australia Post mistreating your package.

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These mini-sized 5ml Roll-On bottles can be used to apply oil-based blends to the skin - anything from natural perfumes to a roll-on headache or bug-bite cure. Generally add between 1 - 3% essential oils to a carrier oil such as jojoba, and remember to keep your blends out of direct sunlight. (1ml = approx 20 drops so use around 3 drops total essential oil per bottle).

Price is per set - each set contains a high quality thick, clear glass 5ml bottle, black plastic cap, and white plastic roll-on mechanism. Total height of these mini sized 5ml bottles is approx 62mm including cap. Also available in slightly discounted packs of TEN bottles (choose this option from the drop-down OPTIONS menu before adding it to your cart). Other sizes are listed separately.

Essential oils not included - just purchase your oils separately from our store. Bear in mind that some oils - mainly citrus - may cause PHOTOSENSITISATION, or sensitivity to UV light, and should not be applied to skin before exposure to the sun or sun lamps. These include: Angelica, Bergamot (unless 'Bergaptene Free'), Cumin, Lemon, Lime (unless 'Distilled' rather than 'Cold Pressed'), Orange & Verbena. Also avoid Peppermint or Cinnamon Bark, or any other oils known to cause dermal sensitisation.

Perfume kits (water or oil based) are also available listed separately, as well as larger roll on bottles (plus a premium version in frosted glass with silver cap), Jojoba oil and over eighty essential oils and oil blends.