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AQ OILS 4 KIDS Inhaler Stick - GOBLIN POTION (Lift & Calm a Bad Mood)

AQ OILS 4 KIDS Inhaler Stick - GOBLIN POTION (Lift & Calm a Bad Mood)

Inhaler Stick pre-scented with Pure Essential Oil blends, especially for children

AQ OILS 4 KIDS Inhaler Stick - GOBLIN POTION (Lift & Calm a Bad Mood)


Our AROMA QUEEN OILS 4 KIDS range has been created with CHILDREN in mind and is not suitable for use with babies, infants or newborns. We do NOT recommend using Aromatherapy on children under 1 year old, unless specific rules are followed - and small items such as inhalers can present a choking hazard for particularly young children. If you wish to use Aromatherapy around children between 1 - 5 years we recommend using lesser amounts than you'd use for school-aged children, and only use inhaler sticks under adult supervision. Please read our OILS 4 KIDS LEARN MORE page for complete information regarding using Aromatherapy around babies and children.


Aromatherapy can be amazing for looking after your littlies - pure, natural plant-based Essential Oils can knock the baddies out of the ball park as well as any superhero (and they probably smell better too!). Our AROMA QUEEN OILS 4 KIDS range features Premium Quality Pure Essential Oils that are known to be safe to use around your precious little ones and bigger kids, and in tune with the fussiest of noses so they all smell good in their own right - available in pure OIL BLENDS which can be used via a number of methods & diffusers, or in these easy-to-use pre-scented INHALER STICKS that are ready to go straight out of the box. Our OILS 4 KIDS can be used by full grown adult children as well - if your kids let you use them!

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Have a read of our OILS 4 KIDS LEARN MORE PAGE for a more detailed, easy-to-follow blog covering everything you need to get started using Aromatherapy with your children.


Do you remember the inhalers you used to carry about in your pocket when you were younger, to clear your stuffy nose? They used to work brilliantly for take-anywhere cold & flu treatments, but they also make the perfect portable aromatherapy diffuser. These PRE-SCENTED INHALER STICKS are available in a choice of pure oil blends, ready to use straight out of the box - whether you're familiar with Aromatherapy or not. Our OILS 4 KIDS INHALER STICKS feature some of the AQ OILS 4 KIDS BLENDS best suited for use while out and about - whether a blend to help with anxiety or concentration at school, tummy issues during travel, or even with blends to help sleep or bad dreams, to keep by the bed. Inhaler Sticks are small and simple, and easy to pop in a pocket or school bag - or wherever they may be needed.

Each OILS 4 KIDS INHALER STICK has been scented with just the right amount of pure essential oil - not too overwhelming for young noses. The sticks come with a screw-on cover to help keep your oils fresh, and if sealed after each use can last for many weeks (or even months) before the scents naturally dissipate. Just be aware that if your child doesn't screw the cover back on after use, or the stick is left in the hot sun, the scent will dissipate much quicker - the scent from most natural essential oils has a fairly short lifespan if out in the open air.

NOT for use with babies or infants, or any children young enough for the small parts to present a choking hazard - Inhaler Sticks, particularly those pre-scented with Essential Oils (many of which are toxic) are NOT toys and should not be left with young children while unattended, or used without appropriate adult supervision. Do not allow any child to chew or suck on an Inhaler Stick, and always cap the stick after use.

If you wish to keep using your inhaler stick once the scent has started to fade, just purchase the matching OILS 4 KIDS PURE OIL BLEND, carefully remove the base of the inhaler with a knife or similar, and add a few more drops to the wick to top up the scent. In this way you can keep using your Inhaler Stick indefinitely.

To Help Lift & Calm a Bad Mood or Grumpiness

Every AQ OILS 4 KIDS ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND contains a blend of premium therapeutic quality pure and natural Essential Oils, chosen with both their health & wellbeing benefits in mind, as well as a pleasant scent that is appealing to children and adults alike.

We all know the feeling: sometimes you just get out of the wrong side of the bed, and in a moment become a whole new creature. When your Little Goblin has a case of the Grumps, or is just a little down, sad or irritable, our GOBLIN POTION can help lift their spirits and calm their impish little soul (it works for adult goblins too). Citrus Essential Oils like Bergamot are known to be excellent uplifting oils which will help raise the spirits, while oils such as Lavender and Frankincense can calm and soothe even the most irritable little ghoul. A particularly pleasant, fresh scent that suits both boy and girl monsters alike.


Essential Oils can be used in Inhalers, such as the one listed here, or via other methods such as using the pure oils in baths, diffusers or even Aroma Jewellery. Whichever method you choose for your oils, try using your OILS 4 KIDS in a regular RITUAL with your children. Through regular use during study, bedtime, in the bath or during travel etc, the scent will become familiar and an instant association will be created so that every time your child smells the oil it will remind them of the 'Safe & Happy' times when they've experienced the oil before. This is particularly helpful for times such as homework or study: you can burn the oils during calm study at home, and then make a portable 'Exams' inhaler using the same blend, to take during exam time - this can help calm and focus your child as they will instantly associate the scent in the inhaler to the times they were studying at home.


While Aromatherapy can be amazing for looking after your littlies, you just need to bear in mind that little people are smaller in stature, plus also have less developed systems and skin than bigger people, and so you need to approach it differently to how you would for an adult.

Below are the most basic SAFETY POINTS to keep in mind when using Aromatherapy Inhalers around children - each is covered in much more detail in our OILS 4 KIDS LEARN MORE PAGE, so please head over there and read in full, even if you're already familiar with Essential Oils.

* ALWAYS USE LESS for children than you would for an adult. IMPORTANT: We do not recommend using Aromatherapy around children under one year of age. If your child is aged between 1 - 5 years, use even less than the suggested amount. Our OILS 4 KIDS INHALER STICKS contain less essential oil than you might use for an adult - if refilling your stick, do not add too much extra oil: as long as your child can smell it that's all they need.
* NEVER INGEST OR SWALLOW ANY ESSENTIAL OIL. Even small amounts may be toxic or even fatal if swallowed - call your local Poisons Hotline immediately if your child has accidentally swallowed an amount of Essential Oil. Never allow any child or pet to chew on an Inhaler Stick.
* SOME PEOPLE or CHILDREN MAY EXPERIENCE AN ALLERGIC REACTION or sensitisation to a specific Essential Oil: if this is the case, discontinue use immediately.

* STORE YOUR INHALER IN A COOL, DARK PLACE whenever possible: Essential Oils lose their therapeutic benefits if exposed to UV light or to extreme heat. You'll also find they lose their scent quicker when exposed to too much heat.

* ALWAYS KEEP YOUR INHALER OUT OF REACH OF SMALL CHILDREN OR PETS, and when using Inhaler Sticks do not leave small children unattended.

* AVOID USING ESSENTIAL OILS DURING PREGNANCY, particularly the first four months.

Always remember, Aromatherapy is intended to complement, not replace traditional medicine: it does NOT replace your local GP. Seek professional medical advice if minor symptoms persist.

CLICK HERE to Visit Our OILS 4 KIDS LEARN MORE PAGE - which covers the following topics in plenty of detail:
A brief intro to what it is and how it works.
* IMPORTANT NOTE RE BABIES & AROMATHERAPY - We don't recommend using Aromatherapy with children younger than one.
* AROMATHERAPY SAFETY FOR KIDS - Please do have a read even if you already love your oils.
* HOW TO USE YOUR PURE OIL BLEND - Full instructions on a number of methods to use Aromatherapy with your kids.