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AQ Essential Oil Blend - CHILL INHALER STICK

Pre-scented with oils for relaxation & meditation

AQ Essential Oil Blend - CHILL INHALER STICK


Do you remember the inhalers we used to carry about in our pocket when we were younger, to clear a stuffy nose? They used to work brilliantly for take-anywhere cold & flu treatments, but they also make the perfect portable aromatherapy diffuser for oils to treat all manner of ailments or situations, especially where it may not be appropriate or possible to use an oil diffuser because you're on the move, or the people around you don't necessarily want to smell your oils!

These PRE-SCENTED INHALER STICKS are ready to use straight out of the box - whether you're familiar with Aromatherapy or not: just take a sniff directly from the inhaler whenever it's needed. Our PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS INHALER STICKS are available in a choice of pure oil blends, featuring some of the AQ PURE BLENDS best suited for use while out and about etc - whether a blend to help with anxiety, stress or concentration at work, a blend to help treat symptoms of cold or flu, or even a blend to help sleep or insomnia, to keep by the bed. Inhaler Sticks are small and simple, and easy to pop in a pocket or handbag - or wherever they may be needed. See our OILS 4 KIDS section for inhalers and blends specially designed to be used with children.

Each PURE BLENDS INHALER STICK is ready to use, pre-scented with just the right amount of pure essential oil. The sticks come with a screw-on cover to help keep your oils fresh, and if sealed after each use can last for many weeks (or even months) before the scents naturally dissipate. Just be aware that if you don't remember to screw the cover back on after use, or the stick is left in the hot sun in a car etc, the scent will dissipate much quicker - the scent from most natural essential oils has a fairly short lifespan if out in the open air. To help your inhaler last longer, keep in a cool, dark place between uses. Each stick is made FRESH when ordered, for maximum life.

If you wish to keep using your inhaler stick once the scent has started to fade, just purchase the matching AQ 'PURE BLENDS' PURE OIL BLEND, carefully remove the base of the inhaler with a knife or similar, and add a few more drops to the wick to top up the scent. In this way you can keep using your Inhaler Stick indefinitely.

For Meditation & Relaxation

Every AQ 'PURE BLENDS' INHALER STICK  has been scented with a blend of premium therapeutic quality pure and natural Essential Oils, chosen for their health & wellbeing benefits. Our PURE BLENDS contain only pure essential oils - no padding, filler or synthetic ingredients. All of the blends used in our Inhaler sticks are also available separately in 10ml PURE OIL BLENDS to use in alternative methods such as diffusers, baths etc, or to top up your inhaler stick once the scent has naturally dissipated.

Our CHILL Essential Oil Blend contains pure Kaffir Lime, Pink Grapefruit and Frankincense oils. The citrus oils have a beautiful uplifting quality that helps with clarity of thought, while the added Frankincense is treasured for its calming and meditative benefits. As a blend it is helpful for relaxation and clearing the mind. Breathe in from your inhaler whenever you need some extra calm or clarity.

CLICK HERE to see our full range of PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS, which can be used to refill these inhaler sticks once the scent has dissipated, or for use in diffusers or baths, or diluted in a carrier oil for massage or skin application.