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Premium re-usable blank inhalers. Choice of colours, spare wicks available


IMPORTANT: Colour Choices / Spare Wicks
The DROP-DOWN 'OPTIONS' LIST (to the RIGHT of the main photo if you're using a computer or browser, or below the main title near the top of the listing if you're using a mobile device) allows you to make colour choices or purchase packs of spare wicks - there are currently SIX colours available. Just click on the box and it will reveal a list with prices - click the correct choice, then add the item to your cart. Return to this page to add additional items.

* Please make your COLOUR CHOICE from the drop down 'OPTIONS'  list at the top right of the listing.

* If you don't make a colour choice before adding the item to your cart you will receive a BLUE inhaler, as that's the default choice.

* Additional packs of SPARE WICKS are also available - if you'd like to add a pack to your order, just choose those from the drop-down OPTIONS list and add them to your order as a separate item. Purchasing a pack of WICKS will NOT include an inhaler stick - it is for spare wicks only.

BONUS TIPS CARD - each Aluminium Inhaler Stick purchase comes with a handy little AROMATHERAPY INHALER STICK IDEAS card, describing some of the oils that can be used to treat Headaches, Nausea, Congestion, Anxiety, Stress and even Concentration. ONE FREE CARD per order to save on excess waste.

Do you remember the inhalers we carried in a pocket as kids, to clear a stuffy nose? Aromatherapy Inhaler sticks follow the same principal and make it easy to use aromatherapy whenever you need it, but these stylish and durable re-usable ALUMINIUM INHALER STICKS are a cut above the usual plastic variety - carry one in your purse, pocket, desk drawer or schoolbag, ready to use for any occasion.

While most personal Inhaler Sticks are made from plastic, these beautiful metal versions are a long-lasting alternative. Whether you're trying to avoid the potential hazards of using essential oils with plastic, don't like the idea of throwing plastic inhaler sticks away, or are just looking for a more stylish option, these premium aluminium inhalers are as fine as you'll find. Available in six colours, they'll look great alongside your perfume in your handbag, in a desk drawer or on your bathroom counter, with their classy enclosure concealing a practical, portable aromatherapy diffuser. 

Made from coloured aluminium with matching rounded slip cap (total length approx 87mm), these inhaler sticks feature a gold coloured metal inhaler cap which screws onto a glass vial - just add 10-12 drops of essential oil or oil blend to the absorbent wick, push it into the top of the vial and screw the metal inhaler cap onto the glass (one wick included with each inhaler stick - spare wicks are also available). The completed vial pushes gently into the metal base, and is ready to use: just open up the stick whenever you need it, and breathe your oils through the holes in the inhaler cap. Re-cap after each use to save your oils from drying out - just top up your wick with additional oils once the scent starts to dissipate, or change the wick to a new one to change the scent entirely.

TIP: Don't push the wick too far into the vial or you may need tweezers to get it back out! Insert the wick into the top of the vial, and use the inhaler cap to push it down so that it still sticks up from the top of the vial, for easy removal. There is no need to fill the vial with oils - just a few drops onto the wick is usually enough to last for some time. While the wick is a tight fit in the mouth of the vial, too much oil may result in spillage through the holes of the inhaler cap.

Blank (unscented) Inhaler Sticks are ready for you to add your own oils or oil blends to, for any use that essential oils are known to help with - here's a few ideas:

* Headaches or nausea (try lavender or peppermint)
* Cold and flu germs (niaouli, lemon myrtle etc)
* Congestion (eucalyptus etc)
* Anxiety (neroli, chamomile, 'Unwind' blend)
* Stress (lavender, frankincense, chamomile, 'Relax' blend)
* Concentration (grapefuit, bergamot, 'Focus' Blend)

If you're unsure about which oils suit a certain purpose, take a look at our ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS  or OILS 4 KIDS, which come ready-mixed, and help take the guesswork out of the equation.