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AQ Essential Oils Pack - SAMPLE PACK

AQ Essential Oils Pack - SAMPLE PACK

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Five 2ml vials of pure AQ Essential Oils with optional carry case

AQ Essential Oils Pack - SAMPLE PACK

Choose either the 2ml sample vials on their own, or purchase the vials with a zippered case in your choice of BLACK or PURPLE, via the drop-down OPTIONS menu near the top of the page, before adding your item to your cart.

The default purchase is for the 5 x 2ml oil vials ONLY - if you do not make a choice from the menu you will not receive a case with your purchase.

MINI ESSENTIAL OIL SAMPLE PACK is a handy little take-anywhere pack of mini-bottles of five of our most popular AQ PREMIUM pure essential oils - or an excellent sample pack if you'd like to try out the quality of our AQ Premium Essential Oils.

Included in the kit are 5 x vials of pure essential oils, each 2ml in size - Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and Tea Tree. Read below for more information about each oil - we also include a little reference card covering some of the best uses for these oils.

You can also choose to add a mini storage case, in a choice of Purple or Black colour. These mini-cases are approx 11cm in length (not including carry clip) and 6cm wide, they're small enough to pop in your bag or luggage, or attach to a keyring or belt hook etc via the included carabiner spring clip, to keep your oils with you anywhere you go. Each side of the case has elastic sections for holding up to five small vials (ie for a total of ten vials) - five vials of oil are included in this kit. You can also add an additional five bottles for your other favourite oils (additional empty 2ml bottles available separately) - though do take care as apart from the elastic there is no padding between the two rows of bottles when the case is full, so they really work best with only the one layer of vials inside. If you'd like to add a case, make your colour choice from the drop-down OPTIONS MENU near the top of the page, before adding it to your cart.


Included in this Sample Kit are FIVE x 2ml Vials of our most useful and popular AROMA QUEEN PREMIUM Essential Oils (Eucalyptus Blue Gum, Lavender French, Lemon Cold Pressed, Peppermint Premium and Tea Tree Australian - a total of FIVE x 2ml bottles), which can be used in oil diffusers / burners, baths, massage oils, cosmetics and creams, diluted for application to the skin, or any other method traditionally used in aromatherapy. Each 2ml bottle/vial comes with flow restrictor insert for safety.

We also include a handy keepable reference card covering these top five oils, with some of their best-known uses.

1. Eucalyptus Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus) - China. Eucalyptus globulus is commonly known as Blue Gum, and is the source of most commercially produced Eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus is native to Australia but was introduced to Europe in the 19th Century. It has the aroma of a crushed gum leaf, camphoraceous and woody, and has been a favourite Australian home remedy since the white settlers learnt of its healing properties from the Aborigines. As an expectorant, Eucalyptus is one of the most valuable oils for treating respiratory problems such as bronchitis, colds, flu, asthma and coughs - it influences the breathing process and increases the oxygen supply to the body's cells. The scent is refreshing and stimulating, and assists concentration.

2. Lavender French (Lavandula angustifolia) - France. Lavender has been used since ancient times as much for its perfume as for its medicinal properties. Romans added Lavender to their bath water, hence its name derived from 'lavare', to wash. Herbalists regard lavender as the most useful and versatile essential oil for therapeutic purposes. Without a doubt if one were to choose only a single essential oil to keep in the first aid kit, Lavender would be the undisputed choice. It is well known for its nervine - sedative properties, and is useful for treating a variety of nervous and psychological disorders including depression, insomnia, migraine, nervous tension, hysteria and paralysis. As a sedative - analgesic it is very good for headaches and migraines. Lavender is often diffused in hospital wards to help dispel anxiety and aid sleep. Its antiseptic properties make it ideal for treating coughs, colds, catarrh, sinus, flu, wounds, ulcers and cystitis. Being a good antispasmodic it can be used to manage asthma; bronchitis responds well to Lavender in massage and inhalations. Lavender is helpful in the treatment of all types of pain - rub a drop onto the temples to treat headaches; use in a bath or massage for muscular pain and rheumatism. Lavender has both a sedative and a tonic action on the heart; it will help lower blood pressure and ease nervous tension and palpitations, while it has a stimulating effect for those with a weak heart, shortness of breath or cold extremities. As an emmenogogue Lavender is good for scanty menstruation, and may be used for period pains. One of the safest essential oils to use for children. Commonly associated with treating burns and healing the skin; will also ease the pain and prevent infection. Has a balancing effect on the skin and can be used in general skincare for all types of skin, as well as in the treatment of dermatitis, exzema, psoriasis, boils and acne.

3. Lemon (Citrus limonium) - Italy, cold pressed. Lemon Essential Oil has a familiar fresh, sharp citrusy aroma; it is produced from cold pressing the rind of the fruit. The scent is refreshing and widely used to assist concentration, lift the spirits and aid decision making. Lemon oil is highly prized as an antiseptic, and counteracts acidity in the body so is useful in treating conditions such as gout, arthritis and cellulite. In skincare, Lemon oil is astringent and can be used in cleansers for oily skin. It is non-toxic, though may cause dermal irritation in some sensitive skins. Is also phototoxic so avoid using on skin before exposure to sun. Lemon oil is also a valuable oil for use in cleaning products.

4. Peppermint PREMIUM (Mentha piperita) - India. Our Premium Peppermint is the highest quality available. Mint has been used since the ancient Egyptians recognised its benefits as a stomach soother. Crossed as a hybrid of Watermint and Spearmint, Peppermint has become the most common variety of mint used in herbal medicine today. It is widely accepted that Peppermint is stomachic, carminative, antispasmodic, tonic and stimulant. Good for treating nervous disorders, nervous vomiting, flatulence and colitis. Helps clear the head and refresh the spirits, and may be beneficial in the treatment of colds and flu. Good for sinus congestion, headache and migraine. Peppermint Oil also has a strong local anaesthetic action, useful in treating muscle pain, bruises and insect bites. Use in dilutions of 1% or less to treat skin redness or inflammation. Use in moderation.

5. Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) - Australia. The Australian Aborigines have long understood the virtues of Tea Tree, and it has now become one of the most well used Essential Oils in Aromatherapy, probably second only to Lavender. Tea Tree oil has two outstanding properties: it is active against all three categories of infectious organisms (bacteria, virus and fungi), and it is a very effective immuno-stimulant - it increases the body's ability to respond to threats from these organisms. It makes a marvellous addition to any first aid kit - use it to wash out dirty wounds, apply to skin lesions, swab fungicidal outbreaks such as athlete's foot, inhale for nasal congestion, or use as a massage oil for muscular aches and pains. Combine with Lavender to treat pimples and acne, add to a shampoo to treat dandruff, or apply a drop of neat oil to insect bites. May cause sensitisation in some individuals.

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