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Incense Sticks - AQ Premium Handmade Masala SACRED SANDALWOOD

Incense Sticks - AQ Premium Handmade Masala SACRED SANDALWOOD

From $3.95
Premium Aroma Queen Handmade incense sticks featuring natural ingredients

Incense Sticks - AQ Premium Handmade Masala SACRED SANDALWOOD

The default purchase is for a standard pack of TEN handmade incense sticks in a resealable pack (as per the main photo). Now also available in a 200-STICK BULK PACK: Bulk Packs come in a simple bag with NO packaging or labelling - for long term use, make sure you store your bulk sticks in an airtight container away from damp conditions etc or they may degrade over time, as with any natural product. To purchase the 200-Stick bulk pack, choose that option from the drop-down OPTIONS menu near the top of the page, before adding it to your cart.

PLEASE NOTE: Each BULK PACK purchase is for a bulk lot of 200 sticks of the same scent - we cannot 'mix and match' scents within the 200 sticks.


Exclusive to Aroma Queen, this stunning range of incense has been created with a focus on the very best in quality. Our sticks are handmade for us featuring natural ingredients that you can actually see, and made using the traditional 'masala' method which involves blending naturally aromatic botanicals, woods, resins and spices into a paste and rolling it around an inner bamboo stick.

Our top-tier AQ PREMIUM HANDMADE sticks are truly supreme, featuring natural ingredients like smooth woody Sandalwood powder, sweetly floral Yara Yara, grounding Vanilla and Coconut powders, and even romantic powdered Rose petals, making them some of the most stunning incense sticks you're likely to find.


Masala sticks such as those in our AQ PREMIUM HANDMADE range are made by combining naturally scented ground herbs, resins, spices and botanicals into a paste, which is carefully hand-rolled around a bamboo stick and allowed to dry. This method gives a much purer, more natural scent than you'll find with cheaper sticks that are made by 'dipping' absorbent sawdust-coated sticks into synthetic fragrances and other chemicals - you'll notice the difference in quality and scent the moment you open the pack.

Most people are surprised to learn of the inferior materials often used in cheap modern incense - ingredients such as coal powder, washing soda ash, grease and used motor oils, rubber solutions and melted tyres, and even albumen powder derived from the blood of slaughtered animals and used as a binding agent. Inferior incense sticks that use synthetic perfumes and fragrances are also believed to produce harmful CO2 when burnt. Not many manufacturers use such high quality natural materials as you'll find in our AQ PREMIUM HANDMADE range of sticks and cones: our incense makers have set themselves the challenge to create the highest quality incense in the world.


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* BENZOIN: Featuring natural Benzoin resins and extracts, and widely used for anxiety and stress (jumbo pk 8)
* FRANKINCENSE: Smell the pure Frankincense resin in these sticks - perfect for meditation
* GODDESS: Sweet and rich - a truly decadent scent to spoil the senses
* INDIAN MYRRH: Sweet Guggal featuring Indian Myrrh resin, Gum Arabica and Myrrh oil (jumbo pk 8)
* MEDITATE: A wonderfully sweet, chilled scent - excellent for relaxing
* NAG CHAMPA PATCHOULI: A luscious, deep blend of two of the most popular incense scents
* OM: Fresh, relaxing scent - excellent to chill and contemplate
* SERENITY: Deep and delectably complex - woody with a floral note
* SMOOTH SANDAL: Sweet and relaxing, with the warm scent of Sandalwood

* DEEP FOREST: The deep wood spice of a forest grove, featuring wood and Sandalwood powders
* DEVOTION: A heavenly floral scent with a sweet woody undertone
* EUPHORIA: Lusciously sweet with a touch of floral rose
* GARDENIA: Rich floral scent, featuring Gardenia petals and Bay leaves
* MUSK BLEND: A musky 'Kasturi' scent made from herbs, gums, resins, rare spices and natural powders - NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS ARE USED IN THESE STICKS, or in any of our AQ Handmade incense.
* OUDH: A uniquely fresh and light scent to create a relaxed environment
* SACRED SANDALWOOD: The warm, smooth scent of revered premium quality Sandalwood
* TEA ROSE: The rich romance of powdered rose petals creates a deeply floral incense

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