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AQ Carrier Oil - SWEET ALMOND OIL (Australian)


AQ Carrier Oil - SWEET ALMOND OIL (Australian)

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Aroma Queen Carrier / Massage Oils, available in a range of sizes

AQ Carrier Oil - SWEET ALMOND OIL (Australian)

Sweet Almond is a light oil, ideal for massage. Known to protect & nourish skin, & calm eczema irritation. Good for all skin types. Our Sweet Almond is a product of Australia, and is a light refined version. See our other listings for a water soluble variety.

AROMA QUEEN carries a full range of quality cold-pressed carrier oils, perfect for massage or skincare straight out of the bottle, or if you wish to add essential oils to your carrier oil just dilute essential oils at a ratio of up to 5-6 drops per 10mls carrier oil (as a general rule at a maximum of 3% dilution for application to body, 1% for application to face - 20 drops of essential oil = approx 1ml).

Available in a variety of sizes, and packaged in amber pet plastic. If you're interested in larger quantities, please contact us for a quote.


Carrier oils are named so because they're often used to 'carry' essential oils for application to the skin - while essential oils must be diluted before skin application or massage, carrier vegetable oils are safe to apply to the skin undiluted and so make an excellent base in which to apply essential oils to the skin. Carrier oils are generally 'cold pressed', or extracted at a low temperature so as to preserve the nutrients in the oil, making them excellent for all manner of skincare, whereas cooking or commercial oils are usually HOT pressed for greater yield, which destroys much of the oil's goodness and makes them useless for skincare applications.