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Green Tree Fragrance / Aroma Oil - PALO SANTO

Green Tree Fragrance / Aroma Oil - PALO SANTO

Green Tree Fragrance / Aroma Oil - PALO SANTO

Inexpensive perfume oil alternative for burners & diffusers, or aroma jewellery

Green Tree Fragrance / Aroma Oil - PALO SANTO

Also available in incense sticks and cones.

These are NOT Essential Oils, they are synthetic fragrance / aroma oils that don't carry any therapeutic benefits, but are the perfect inexpensive option for creating a scent in your oil burner or diffuser, or even in an aroma pendant. If you are looking for oils to use their their Aromatherapy benefits, please see our ESSENTIAL OILS, which are listed separately.


There are times when you might like to use your oil burner or aroma jewellery just to scent your space with a perfume that you're fond of, and don't need any of the therapeutic benefits that are associated with natural essential oils. Often the natural version is also incredibly expensive or hard to find, which means it's difficult to justify burning them in a diffuser when you only want them for their fragrance - this is especially true for oils such as Rose, Jasmine or Sandalwood which are so difficult to produce from natural plants. Or you might like to replicate some of the scents from your favourite incense - which is why we've introduced this range of inexpensive, beautiful quality Fragrance Oils for your burner, from one of our favourite incense makers, Green Tree.

Fragrance oils such as these are chemical copies designed to replicate a certain scent, and as such they don't work like essential oils do. If you are looking for therapeutic benefits, such as Lavender being sedative, or Ylang Ylang being an aphrodisiac oil, you will NOT find those benefits with fragrance oils: they are used purely for their fragrance or scent. But if you are looking to perfume your space with something like Rose, or perhaps a Musk scent (which in nature would come from slaughtered deer) then a synthetic version means that you can use an affordable oil to get a similar effect - just without the aromatherapeutic benefits.

Our Green Tree Fragrance / Aroma Oils can be used directly in an oil burner or diffuser, just as you would with essential oils (if they leave any residue clean your burner after each use). You can also use a drop or two in a piece of aroma jewellery that doesn't come into contact with the skin, for use as a personal perfume. NOT for application to skin or for internal use. Made in India.


Palo Santo
Californian White Sage

Both types also available in incense sticks and cones.