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Snap Button Aroma Diffuser - SCENT PAD BUTTON

Snap Button Aroma Diffuser - SCENT PAD BUTTON

From $1.95
Simple Snap Button Aromatherapy Diffuser to suit our 18mm Snap Jewellery Pieces. Choice of 5 colours

Snap Button Aroma Diffuser - SCENT PAD BUTTON


This is a SNAP BUTTON designed to snap onto an 18mm Snap Jewellery Base Piece such as a pendant or bracelet - it requires an additional Base Piece to create a complete piece of jewellery, and is not designed to be used on its own. CLICK HERE to see our other Snap Jewellery options.

PLEASE NOTE: The first two photos show more than one item. All purchases are for a quantity of ONE diffuser button only - any additional jewellery bases etc are NOT included with a button purchase, and are available separately.

COLOUR CHOICE: Choose your COLOUR from the drop-down OPTIONS list near the top of the page, before adding it to your cart. If you do not make a colour choice you will receive the default colour - Black.



AQ Snap Buttons are used to personalise your Snap Jewellery Base Pieces with a design to suit your tastes. Available in a range of new age and boho designs and natural semi-precious gemstones and shells, as well as Aromatherapy Diffuser Buttons like this one - all set on a standard 18mm snap button designed to click onto any of our Snap Jewellery Bases (available separately).

Aroma Jewellery has been around for a while now, and is a fantastic way to take your aromatherapy (or perfume) with you wherever you go. With these new Snap 'Scent Pad Buttons', you can also create a simple and inexpensive bracelet, pin, charm, keyring or even a bookmark diffuser, just by adding a Snap Base of your choice.

Our Scent Pad Buttons are our simplest Aroma Jewellery pieces, consisting of a small 18mm textile scent pad (similar to those used in our other scent-pad style aroma jewellery), which is permanently affixed to a lightweight snap button fitting. Just snap the Scent Pad Diffuser Button onto any of our Snap Jewellery Base Pieces (AVAILABLE SEPARATELY - CLICK HERE) - and it's ready to use. Create anything from a basic keyring to an elaborate necklace, depending on the type of base you snap it on to - and personalise your piece with the colour of your choice. Excellent for an inexpensive diffuser for children - see also our OILS 4 KIDS range for pure oil blends that are perfect for adults and children alike.

To use a Scent Pad Snap Button Diffuser, add a few drops of essential oil, an oil blend or even your favourite EDT perfume to the thick textile pad. As you use it the scent will diffuse into the air, creating your own personal oil diffuser - they work especially well if the piece is sitting against your skin as the warmth will gently heat the oils, helping them to diffuse into the air. When the scent naturally dissipates, just top up with more oils as needed. Each pad is permanently fixed to the button base so is not replaceable - if you'd like to use different oils with your snap base, trying using a couple of different Scent Pad Buttons and just change them over as needed, which stops the scent becoming muddied if you re-use the same button for different oils.

HINT: Dark coloured oils may stain the scent pad - if you want to use darker oils try choosing a dark coloured pad.

New to Snap Button Jewellery? Scroll down to learn more about how they work.


SNAP JEWELLERY PIECE: Coloured Scent Pad Snap Button Aroma Diffuser
SIZE: Approx 20mm Diameter (button) with an 18mm Textile Pad Permanently Affixed to a Silver-Tone 18mm Snap Fitting.
SCENT PADS: Textile, 18mm - Permanently Affixed (non-removable). Choose your colour via the drop-down OPTIONS menu,

Don't forget to add a SNAP BASE, which is the jewellery piece you will snap your button on to.
Also remember to check out our OTHER SNAP BUTTONS, allowing you to create a collection of interchangeable mix & match jewellery pieces, utilising the same Snap Jewellery Bases that you use with your Diffuser Buttons.

CLICK HERE to see our AROMATHERAPY JEWELLERY range for our full range of scent pad and lava stone based Aroma Jewellery.


* Colourless oils will have a more attractive appearance than darker oils such as Patchouli that may stain the scent pad. If you want to use darker coloured oils with your button try choosing a black or dark blue coloured button.
* Do not allow oils to come in contact with the skin or clothes as they may cause skin sensitivity, or stain fabrics.
* You don't need to put too much oil onto your scent pad - essential oils are very strong so you don't need to use too much, a couple of drops is usually enough.
* Never SOAK the scent pad - using too much oil may cause spillage, or cause the pad to come loose from the button.
* Keep out of reach of children and NEVER allow children or pets to chew the scent pad as most essential oils are toxic when ingested.

Natural essential oils do dissipate reasonably quickly - this is one of the great things about them, that they don't hang around and leave a 'stale' aroma as synthetic fragrances often do. To help your oils last a little longer try using a blend containing base note oils (eg vetiver, patchouli, frankincense, jasmine etc), which tend to last longer - this will make the top and middle note oils last longer as well. Most simple aromatherapy books will list the 'note' categories that common oils fall into.

You can use these for your favourite scented oil as a perfume, or you can use your imagination and use therapeutic oil/s to cover anything from concentration at work or uni, to calming oils (do not uses sedative oils in a car - for obvious reasons!) or even oils with anti-viral or anti-nausea benefits, making this your own personal portable oil diffuser. Use up to four different oils to create your own unique blend, or use one of our PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS to take the guesswork out of which oils to choose. See our LEARN MORE page on Inhalers, Roll-Ons & Jewellery for more instructions and hints.



Snap Jewellery is a 'mix & match' style of jewellery: choose a 'Snap Jewellery Base' such as a pendant or bracelet, and then select your favourite 'Snap Button' or 'Snap Button Diffuser' to snap onto it, adding your own style or colour, or to create a unique piece of personal Aroma Jewellery. Change your button, or your jewellery piece, as often as you like to match your mood or outfit.

All of our pieces suit 18mm snaps, so any of our buttons can be used with any of our base pieces.


This is the basis of your jewellery - the piece you will snap your designs onto.

Our Base Pieces are available in a range of pendants and bracelets, made from metals, leather and even crystals, and in a choice of colours. We also have a number of other options to use your imagination with - from keyrings and clip charms, to bookmarks.

Choose a couple of bases for some versatile choices to use with your button designs.


These are the designs you will snap onto your base pieces.

Aroma Pendants are a fantastic way to take your aromatherapy (or perfume) with you wherever you go - and now you can also create a bracelet, charm or even a bookmark, in a design that suits your tastes. Just snap a Button Diffuser onto any of our Snap Jewellery Base Pieces - and change it whenever you'd like to try something new.

Snap Button Diffusers feature a thick textile pad inside a locket design - just add a few drops of essential oil, an oil blend or even your favourite EDT perfume to the pad, close the top piece, and the scent will escape through the filigree holes as you wear your jewellery. Additional pads are available as an option from the page you order the buttons from.


Sometimes you might just want to wear your Snaps as a jewellery piece rather than an aroma diffuser, so we also have a range of gorgeous snap buttons in new age themes, as well as natural crystals and shells, and other designs.