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Japanese Incense - Morning Star - CLASSICS PLUS BURNER GIFT PACK

Japanese Incense - Morning Star - CLASSICS PLUS BURNER GIFT PACK

Gift bag including Frankincense, Sage, Vanilla & Sandalwood incense + Burner

Japanese Incense - Morning Star - CLASSICS PLUS BURNER GIFT PACK

Our Japanese Incense MORNING STAR CLASSICS plus BURNER PACK makes an excellent gift or a beautiful starting point to enter the world of Japanese incense. The pack includes four of our most popular Nippon Kodo MORNING STAR scents, as well as a Small Round Metal Burner, all packaged neatly in a gift bag (style may vary slightly from the one pictured).

Scents included in our MORNING STAR & BURNER PACK are Frankincense, Sage, Vanilla & Sandalwood. 50 delicate, bamboo-free sticks plus a small ceramic burning tile in each pack.

Also included is a SMALL ROUND METAL BURNER, a handy little metal disc-style incense holder with a variety of different sized holes, the largest being suitable for a Japanese 'Morning Star' style incense stick, which is thicker at the base than traditional Indian incense as it doesn't have an inner bamboo stick. As the disc is metal, it allows the stick to burn right down to the base without damaging the burner. Just place the burner on a heat-proof bowl or dish to catch the hot ash as it falls. Diameter approx 2cm - it may also be used for other shorter sized incense sticks, but is not suitable for longer sticks as it does not have the weight to hold them safely.

Morning Star incense was created in the 1960's in Japan, and has been popular ever since. The wonderful fragrances in this collection, mixed with high quality ingredients, have made this incense a loved and trusted worldwide brand. The fragrances are calming - use anywhere to create a mood of tranquility to relax the spirit and the body. Morning Star sticks are approx 12cm in length and do not have an inner  bamboo stick; the scents are more subtle than Indian incense making it suitable for smaller rooms or spaces - if you'd like a stronger scent just burn a couple of sticks at a time, or mix and match different scents for a unique signature fragrance. Morning Star incense is made in HK/Vietnam.


New to Japanese incense?
Simply place one end of the stick in the small burning tile or burner, placed in a heat proof bowl to catch the ash and protect the surface below from heat damage. Ignite incense sticks by lighting the tip with a match or lighter and wait until it burns an even red. Blow out the flame and allow the aromatic smoke to waft gently through the room. The stick will extinguish itself when it reaches the end - dispose of ash once cooled. Never leave lit incense or candles unattended.

HINT: Japanese incense tends to have less smoke than traditional Indian incense: if you want a stronger scent you can burn a couple of sticks at a time. Try burning different scents at once to create your own unique blend.