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Incense Burner - BURNER BOX (Multipurpose)

Incense Burner - BURNER BOX (Multipurpose)

Burner box suitable for Indian, Japanese, Tibetan, Dhoop, Cones or Rope incense, with hidden storage

Incense Burner - BURNER BOX (Multipurpose)

Any incense pictured with burner is NOT included.

This is a truly multi-purpose incense burner as not only does it cater for standard incense sticks and cones, it also features a section suitable for some of the more unusual incense types, such as Tibetan dhoop sticks, Rope Incense or Japanese Koh (eg Morning Star sticks) - AND the box features a 'hidden compartment' for stick storage.

Burn a traditional 'agarbatti' incense stick with an inner bamboo stick by inserting the bamboo in the hole on one side of the lid; or you can burn up to two cones at once (up to approx 15mm in diameter) in the metal burning plates inside the box. Or burn Japanese sticks, rope incense or dhoop incense sticks up to approx 16cm in length by laying them on the horizontal metal bars set at regular intervals along the central section of the lid - you can burn a few at once if they're narrow in size - just light your incense as usual, then lie the stick lengthways along the metal bars, which will allow the air to circulate around the stick while it burns. Ash falls into the box below, and the lid opens up for burning taller cones or removal of ash once it's cooled. And to finish it off, at one end of the box is a small hinged door that opens to reveal a long compartment suitable for stick storage.

Size is just over 30cm in length, and approx 5cm wide. Handmade in India from lightly stained & oiled timber with brass moon, stars and sun inlay (the inlay may have small imperfections as can be found on many handmade items - see the extra photos). Being a handmade product, dimensions may vary slightly.


* AGARBATTI (Indian) INCENSE STICKS - insert into the hole on the hinged lid
* INCENSE CONES up to approx 15mm in diameter - burn up to two at once
* NEPALESE ROPE INCENSE - powdered botanicals and herbs rolled into traditional Nepalese lokta paper to form rope-like sticks.
* JAPANESE INCENSE STICKS (Koh) - delicate 'spaghetti'-like sticks which don't have an inner bamboo stick - up to approx 16cm
* TIBETAN DHOOP STICKS or any other thick dhoop sticks, which don't have an inner bamboo stick - up to approx 16cm

Incense not included - all are available separately in our INCENSE section.