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Gift pack including Cinnamon Bark, Sweet Orange and Siberian Fir pure essential oils and zip-up storage bag


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The festive season is a great time to reminisce about happy get togethers from the past, or to create new memories as you share the leadup and main event with your friends and family. Adding scent is a beautiful way to add another layer to your past or present memories - whether it's because you like the scent and it creates a pleasant atmosphere, or because it reminds you of an occasion in the past. This is why we've put together this selection of oils that perfectly reflect the Christmas period - to burn in your own home or space, or as a touching Christmas-themed gift.

Each CHRISTMAS AROMATHERAPY PACK includes 10ml bottles of CINNAMON BARK and AUSTRALIAN SWEET ORANGE essential oils, two of the most popular scents involved in decadent Christmas cooking, and beautiful when blended together; plus a 10ml bottle of SIBERIAN FIR NEEDLE essential oil which is reminiscent of the needles of a fresh Christmas tree - use it to help recreate the fresh environment or to give a hint of 'realness' to a synthetic tree. The three bottles are presented in zip-up cosmetic bag (colour may vary) for storage (or use for cosmetics afterwards), or ready for gifting, and we also pop in a handy CHRISTMAS AROMATHERAPY RECIPES card to get into the spirit of Christmas blending. See the top of this page for details about our FREE MINI GIFT CARD offer.

Try adding your oils to your oil diffuser or burner, or even into a bowl of pot pourri, during get togethers or preparation, whenever you want to create a festive mood. Scroll down for more details on each oil, and some of their other uses.


The olfactory bulb - the area of the brain that receives impulses from your nose - is directly linked to the 'limbic system' in the brain. This system is generally regarded as playing a major role in controlling mood, memory, behaviour and emotion. Here is where memories are created, not just from what you see, but also based on the things you smell, touch, hear or taste. And as the olfactory impulses are so closely linked to the area that creates your memories, scents and fragrances can become a really strong part of how you remember an event, person or place. Burning an essential oil that reminds you of an occasion from the past can instantly trigger those same happy memories you once experienced, instantly lifting the mood; or by burning an oil while you're busy building happy memories for the future, you'll not only be creating a festive mood - you'll also be embedding that scent into your memories for next year and as time goes on.

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Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) - India. Cinnamon is a very old spice native to Sri Lanka, and has been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine as a tranquiliser, stomachic, and tonic, known also as being good for depression and a weak heart. When the trees are 6 - 8 years old the bark is removed in long strips and left to dry in the hot sun. The strips are rolled into 'quills' which are used in cooking, or steam distilled to produce Cinnamon Bark Oil - which is generally considered to be of a higher therapeutic quality than Cinnamon LEAF oil. Oil from the bark also has much more body and depth to its aroma than the harsh smell from the leaf. Cinnamon oil is an excellent inhalant for exhaustion, fainting, debility and weakness. Also a very strong antiseptic. Oil from the bark is considered a dermal toxin and so should never be used on the skin.

Orange Sweet (Citrus sinensis) - Australia. Sweet Orange Essential Oil is cold pressed from the fresh ripe outer peel, and has a zesty, refreshing citrus fragrance. It is known as a 'cheerful' oil that conveys warmth, happiness and joy, assisting to relax and unwind. Children love the smell of orange, and it can be used to help them sleep. Recommended for the treatment of constipation or swollen tissue. Beneficial and soothing to dry, irritated or acne prone skin.

Siberian Fir (Abies Sibirica) - Steam Distilled; sometimes referred to as Fir Needle Oil. Extracted by steam from the needles of the Siberian Fir tree, a tall evergreen conifer. Siberian Fir is a middle note oil, with a beautiful fresh and woody aroma - an excellent choice if you're looking to bring the scent of the forest (or of Christmas trees) indoors. Traditionally the oil has been used for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits, so makes an excellent oil for massage to help relieve muscular pain. It is also a good decongestant and antispasmodic so can be helpful in treating coughs and the buildup of mucus. Siberian Fir is a calming, refreshing oil that can also be used to help with anxiety, and with a pleasant freshness, the scent makes a good air freshener in your burner. Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitising. Avoid during pregnancy.

All oils are also available separately - if you're not after all of the oils in this pack try putting together your own kit from our range of 100+ oils and blends - CLICK HERE to see our Aromatherapy section. There are many other oils that can represent Christmas, such as Nutmeg, Frankincense or Clove - try creating your own blend of gift pack to capture your own unique memories.

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