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AQ Blends Pack - DEODORISING PACK + Bonus

AQ Blends Pack - DEODORISING PACK + Bonus

Deodorise with AUSSIE FRESH, CITRUS FRESH & FOREST FRESH essential oil blends

AQ Blends Pack - DEODORISING PACK + Bonus

Our Oil Blends DEODORISING PACK contains the three 10ml pure essential oil blends in our FRESH range: AUSSIE FRESH, CITRUS FRESH and FOREST FRESH, covering scents for all tastes and occasions.

Our FRESH oil blends are excellent for deodorising or freshening a space, or creating a fresh environment to suit your mood. Citrus Fresh is an uplifting, invigorating 'happy' oil; Forest Fresh contains woody oils that can help relieve stress and promote a serene mood of calm, and Aussie Fresh brings some of the purifying and disinfecting oils of the Australian outdoors to wherever you need it.

We also include a BONUS Chemical Free Cleaning card, covering essential oils and natural ingredients for cleaning your home.

Pre-made Oil Blends take the guesswork out of which essential oils work for different purposes, and this selection of blends is perfect for general diffusing, adding to skincare or hand wash, using in room or linen sprays, or in with your CHEMICAL FREE CLEANING products.



Based on our popular Shampoo Soap Bar scent, our AUSSIE FRESH oil blend features fresh scented pure Eucalyptus essential oil, the subtle lemon zing of Lemon Myrtle oil, and the cleansing richness of Rosemary oil. These three oils have potent anti-germ properties and are also renowned for being some of the best oils for deodorising and purifying the air.

NOTE: Eucalyptus is a known adhesive solvent and paint stripper so avoid use in room sprays or where it might come into contact with paint etc, and do patch tests in an inconspicuous area before using it on a new surface.


Based on our popular 'CITRUS QUEEN' Shampoo Soap Bar scent, our CITRUS FRESH oil blend is a gorgeous burst of citrus - a stunning blend of refreshing Mandarin, Orange, Lemon and Lime essential oils. The scent is uplfting and energising, excellent for putting the family in a good mood on those early morning starts, for setting a happy mood during household diffusing, and a very useful deodorising or cleansing blend to add to your room sprays or cleaning products.

As citrus is one of the most popular scents around the house, this blend makes an excellent addition to your CHEMICAL-FREE CLEANING products - CLICK HERE to see our full blog which covers extensive information on using natural ingredients and essential oils in your home. Aside from their wonderful, refreshing scent Lemon and Orange oils are also excellent for loosening grease so will add that benefit to any product that you use it in.

SAFETY NOTE: As our CITRUS FRESH Blend contains oils that increase photosensitivity (increased burning of the skin when exposted to UV light), avoid using it in products that remain applied to the skin (eg perfumes or in skincare creams).

NOTE: If using in a room spray etc do be aware that this blend has a lot of colour - avoid spraying around textiles etc as it may stain.



When it comes to scenting your world, not everybody enjoys sweet or floral fragrances - many prefer woody or herbal scents instead. Wood and tree based oils tend to have relaxing and calming benefits, so make an excellent choice for all kinds of uses throughout your home. FOREST FRESH is a gorgeous blend of fresh and crisp woody essential oils such as cypress, cedar and pine, which can be used for everyday diffusing and creating a relaxing environment in your home or space, in room sprays to freshen up your linen cupboard or stale bedrooms, or even a few drops in with your laundry for a pleasant, subtle scent.

Use FOREST FRESH as a stunning burner oil for a fresh, outdoor scent in your home, or add the blend to your hand wash, floor rinse or CHEMICAL-FREE CLEANING products


If you're new to aromatherapy, or want to stock up on a few different oils, please take a look in our PACKS & KITS section for discounted Starter and Advanced packs. CLICK HERE for more pure essential OIL BLENDS. Visit our LEARN MORE pages for full instructions on how to use your essential oils.