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Cleaning Scrubber - SILICONE MAGIC SCRUBBER + Bonus

Cleaning Scrubber - SILICONE MAGIC SCRUBBER + Bonus

Silicone scrubber / scourer for kitchen & washing up + bonus card

Cleaning Scrubber - SILICONE MAGIC SCRUBBER + Bonus

'Magic Fingers' Silicone scrubber / scourer for the kitchen & washing up. Approx 11cm in diameter, blue in colour.

As a BONUS, each Magic Scrubber comes with a free keepable Chemical Free Cleaning card, covering information on essential oils and natural ingredients for cleaning your home.

These great little scrubbers can be used to replace your standard kitchen sponge or brush: hundreds of soft silicone micro-fingers work to gently release light grime and grease with a minimum of detergent or cleaning product, and without damaging your dishware.

* Flexible Silicone Bristles mean fast-working cleaning power, with the flexible design making it easy to reach into the corners of glasses or rounded shapes.

* Quick Drying and Hygienic: As silicone is non-absorbent, the scrubber is quick drying and won't absorb the germs and bacteria that can create nasty smells in textile sponges.

* Easy to Clean: Silicone can be sterilised in boiled water, or washed in your dishwasher.

* Long Lasting: Silicone is durable and won't wear out quickly like many commercial brushes and sponges.

* Can also be used:
   - to scrub produce and vegetables
   - as a trivet against heat
   - as a grip for hot items.