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Cleaning Accessories - STARTER PACK

Cleaning Accessories - STARTER PACK

Pack including Solubiliser, Silicone Scrubber, Magic Erasers, Bamboo Cloth & tips cards

Cleaning Accessories - STARTER PACK

If you're looking to get into DIY Chemical Free Cleaning for your home, we've put together this Starter Pack that includes some helpful chemical-free products, as well as some BONUS tips cards.

Included in each pack is:

* One 25ml Bottle of AQ Solubiliser, used to help essential oils blend into water-based liquids for room sprays and other DIY projects. CLICK HERE to read more about how Solubiliser works.

* One 'Magic Fingers' SILICONE SCRUBBER / SCOURER for the kitchen & washing up. Approx 11cm in diameter, blue in colour. Use to replace your washing up brush or sponge for gentle cleaning using the minimum of detergent - or they can also be used to scrub produce and vegetables, as a trivet against heat, or as a grip for hot items.

* One Double Thickness BAMBOO FIBRE CLEANING CLOTH, blue in colour, for general purpose cleaning. Long lasting and machine washable.

* Two MAGIC ERASER SPONGES for spot cleaning using just water

And as a BONUS, each Accessories Starter Pack also comes with a free keepable double-sided CHEMICAL FREE CLEANING CARD, covering information on essential oils and natural ingredients for cleaning your home, as well as tips cards for making up room sprays, or adding essential oils to other products.