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Backflow Incense Cone Burner - MOUNTAIN CLOUDS (Medium)

Backflow Incense Cone Burner - MOUNTAIN CLOUDS (Medium)

Suits 'backflow' cones

Backflow Incense Cone Burner - MOUNTAIN CLOUDS (Medium)

Incense Not Included - any cones or sticks pictured are to give an indication of the size of the burner. Backflow Cones are available separately - CLICK HERE.


Backflow incense cones differ from standard cones as they are semi-hollow, and designed to be used with special burners like these which have a hole or design that pulls the smoke downward and allows it to fall in a flow, creating a stunning visual effect as it cascades over or through the burner.

NOTE: While you can use a backflow burner with standard cones like any other incense holder, unless you use specialised Backflow Cones, you will not see any cascade effect.

Our MOUNTAIN CLOUDS Design backflow burner is a nice size, at approx 14.5cm in overall length. Made with a gloss black-brown ceramic finish, your backflow cone sits wedged between the peaks of the highest mountain, allowing the smoke to flow down over the mountain and throughout the 'valley' below, leaving the impression of mountain peaks surrounded by gentle white clouds.

NOTE: As the burning platform is a three pronged peak that your cone sits between, smaller cones may have more stability. Photos shown are of larger Satya backflow cones - see additional photos for a closeup. Always take care that the cone is not dislodged during burning, and burn over a heatproof surface for safety.

DIMENSIONS: Approx 14.5cm wide, 7.5cm deep and 4.5cm at the highest point.

IMPORTANT: Most backflow burners are fairly small so do check the size carefully before purchasing - this is one of our larger designs but is still not an overly large burner.

See any additional photos to get a sense of the size of a cone alongside the burner.



Light the incense as you'd light any incense cone: hold a flame to the tip until it catches, then blow out the flame and place the cone safely onto the burner. Backflow cones have a hole in the base that goes almost to the top of the cone; place the lit cone so that the hole aligns with the hole on the top level of the burner. The cone will burn normally (with smoke moving upwards) until it begins to burn the hollow section, and will then begin to draw the smoke through the hole in the base of the cone (some smoke will continue to go upwards - this is normal). Each burner has a different 'path' that the smoke is designed to flow through as it continues to burn.

NOTE: Ensure your burner is on a heat-proof surface as, depending on the design, some hot ash may fall onto the surface below. Dispose of ash once it has completely cooled, and always keep lit incense out of reach of children or pets. Never leave lit incense unattended.