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CLEARANCE: Bottle. Pet Plastic - 125ml CLEAR inc choice of fitting

CLEARANCE: Bottle. Pet Plastic - 125ml CLEAR inc choice of fitting

From $2.50
100ml Clear PET plastic bottles available with cap or spray fitting

CLEARANCE: Bottle. Pet Plastic - 125ml CLEAR inc choice of fitting

Make your choice of cap or fitting from the DROP DOWN OPTIONS MENU near the top of the page, before adding it to your cart. See the RELATED ITEMS tab for more PET BOTTLE sizes, colours and options.

Aroma Queen carries a selection of practical and presentation bottles in clear, amber or cobalt blue BPA-Free PET plastic, in sizes from 50 - 250ml. Our PET bottles are perfect for the bath & shower, or your DIY CHEMICAL FREE CLEANING products, and much safer in slippery hands than glass. Each purchase is for ONE bottle with a single fitting (cap, spray or pump) just make your choice from the Options menu. You may also add your own pump or fitting if you have one - see the dimensions below for the rim size of each bottle.

PET bottles are safe for containing carrier oils, lotions, water-based sprays or products containing diluted essential oils, but NOT for neat / undiluted essential oils. If wanting to store pure essential oils that have not been diluted in any medium, use glass instead.


COLOUR: Clear. Does not protect products containing essential oils - keep in a dark place between uses to protect any liquid containing essential oils.
SIZE: Approx 125ml
DIMENSIONS: Height approx 13cm
RIM SIZE (External): 24mm
FITTING CHOICES: Black Bakelite Cap, Plastic Atomiser Pump or Plastic Trigger Spray

Choose your bottle fitting from the OPTIONS menu before adding it to your cart.


* Black Bakelite Caps securely fit the rim of your bottle for a simple closure. They have a wadded insert to form a watertight seal and are the same as the ones we use for our carrier oils and other products.
* Plastic Atomiser Sprays suit light water-based sprays or mists. They include a clear plastic overcap for travel or transport.
* Plastic Trigger Sprays suit light water based sprays and dispense a larger amount at a time than an atomiser spray, making them excellent for dispensing larger volumes for cleaning products etc.

Tubing for any spray fitting can be trimmed to fit.

Each purchase is for a single bottle with ONE suitable cap or fitting - just choose from the available options before adding it to your cart.