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Fruity Dog Designs Soy Aromatherapy Candle - BIG EARS

Fruity Dog Designs Soy Aromatherapy Candle - BIG EARS

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Hand-pawed dachshund themed candles in mandarin, lavender or unscented - two size choices

Fruity Dog Designs Soy Aromatherapy Candle - BIG EARS

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Fruity Dog is a Dachshund with attitude: feisty, sweary and a wee bit mad. Made in the Bellingen region of the mid-North coast of NSW, Fruity Dog Designs are available exclusively from Aroma Queen, where he can be found on a variety of giftware in a selection of fruity poses, or spouting entitled barbs to whoever might listen. Be you people or puppy, they encapsulate the ridiculousness of life. Available for shipping within Australia only.

Follow Sir Fruity @thefruitydog on Instagram HERE or on his new Facebook page HERE. Or visit our FRUITY DOG DESIGNS page for the whole range.


BIG EARS captures the moment that Fruity Dog tries to telepathically instruct you to bring him a new toy to replace previous one that's been shredded (Definition of Toy: Anything Worth Chewing). He cocks his ears jauntily so when you look at him you will be unable to resist his demands. Big Ears is represented in gold, which well sums up his high opinion of himself.

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There's nothing quite like mulling over the ridiculousness of life with the gentle flickering of a natural candle, and a slightly fruity dog. Each of our Soy Candles is created with natural soy wax and cotton wick for a long, clean, chemical free burn, and one unique mad dog. Each design is available in a choice of two candle sizes, along with two pure essential oil scents to choose from (Lavender Blend or Mandarin Blend - see below) - or an unscented version if you'd prefer your candle scent-free. Each candle is hand pawed with love, with its gorgeous Fruity Dog design also applied by hand (or paw). This means that every piece is unique from one to the next, just like the fruity dogs (and people) we all know and love.


PLEASE NOTE: as many of our Fruity Dog Designs are made to order, please allow a couple of extra days for any fruity items to be shipped.


Our scented Soy Candles are created with a blend of pure essential oils - no synthetic fragrances or perfumes are used in any candles available from Aroma Queen. Unlike cloying synthetic fragrances, candles made with natural oils are more subtle in scent, and won't leave a nasty lingering smell like artificial scents will. Essential oils naturally dissipate over time, even in a candle, so do keep your candle covered and in a cool place if you'd like it to retain its scent over a longer period.

Choose from:

LAVENDER BLEND - A beautifully relaxing and calming blend of pure Lavender and Lavandin Essential Oils

MANDARIN BLEND - Fresh and joyful, our Mandarin Blend is a mix of pure Mandarin and Pink Grapefruit Essential Oils.

or choose UNSCENTED if you'd prefer no added scent.


Our Fruity Dog Soy Candles are available in two sizes: medium (approx 25 hours), or a large size with natural timber lid (40 - 50 hours).

MEDIUM SIZE - approx 7.5cm high, 6cm diameter (approx 110ml wax). Estimated burn time up to around 25 hours. No lid included.

LARGE SIZE, with BEECH LID - approx 8.5cm high (not inc lid), 7.5cm diameter (approx 190-200ml wax). Estimated burn time up to around 40-50 hours. As well as looking great and protecting your candle from dust, the natural beechwood slimline lid will help preserve the scent of your large candle over time - plus you can use it as a coaster during burning to protect the surface below from heat. Our large sized candles contain up to 15ml (a bottle and a half) of pure essential oils.

BURN TIMES: Burn times given are an estimate only and not a guarantee as to how long each candle will burn. Estimates are based on periods of use of 3-4 hours at a time, and being allowed to set between uses. Duration of periods the candle is burned for, as well as environmental factors such as draughts etc, can effect burning times.

Make your choice of size and scent from the DROP-DOWN OPTIONS MENU near the top of the page, before adding it to your cart.


We love being as environmentally friendly as possible, so when you're finished with your candle just peel off the design and rinse clean with warm soapy water and you'll have a beautiful weight small tumbler or shot glass for re-use. The bag you'll receive your candle in is also re-usable.

SAFETY NOTE: Always be sensible when using candles: burn on a heatproof surface, keep out of reach of children or pets, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

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