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Rope Incense - GIFT BOX with Burner

Rope Incense - GIFT BOX with Burner

Handmade lokta box with 4 types of rope incense and elephant burner

Rope Incense - GIFT BOX with Burner

Rope Incense is one of the most unique incense types you're likely to come across, handmade in Nepal using traditional methods. In the Himalayas, rope incense making is a process passed from generation to generation: dried herbs and other naturally scented botanicals are finely powdered and wrapped in a thin strip of hand-prepared eco-friendly Nepali lokta paper, which is then braided to form a rope-like dhoop stick, ready to burn.

This beautiful little gift box is approx 12cm square and handmade from Nepali lokta paper, with a decorative string closure. Inside are four pouches of traditional rope incense (15 sticks of each type for a total of 60), along with a gorgeous little handmade 2" black terracotta tortoise burner.  Our rope incense comes direct from Nepal, where it is made promoting fair trade cottage industries and employment for women, making these boxes truly thoughful gifts.

Incense included are:

1. Ganesh - Juniper & Cardamon (15 sticks)
2. Austasuganda - Kumkum, Valarian & Liquorice (15 sticks)
3. Krishna - Sandalwood, Holy basil & Cardamon (15 sticks)
4. Karma - Kud, Agur & Sal dhoop (15 sticks)

To burn your Rope Incense, light the thick end as you would a standard incense stick. Once it's alight, blow out the flame to allow the stick to smoulder and release its aromatic smoke. Insert the thin end of the lit stick into the hole in the included burner to stand upright, and place over a heatproof dish to collect the ash. When spent, allow the ash to cool before disposing.