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Incense Dhoop Sticks - Ancient Tibetan AGARWOOD

Incense Dhoop Sticks - Ancient Tibetan AGARWOOD

Handmade natural 11cm dhoop sticks with mini burner

Incense Dhoop Sticks - Ancient Tibetan AGARWOOD

Handmade Tibetan Dhoop sticks are similar to Agarbatti sticks, except instead of compressing the ingredients around an inner bamboo stick, the ingredients are extruded into a neat spaghetti-like cylinder, then allowed to dry. Our Ancient Tibetan dhoop sticks feature complex blends of many different herbs, resins and botanicals, creating a rustic aroma that is much less 'perfumed' than the commercial incense many people are accustomed to. The healing formulas are traditional Tibetan medications for stress and tension that have been used for centuries, and are still prepared entirely by hand according to ancient Tibetan medical practices.

The natural blends can help transition into a better state of mind, creating an environment of relaxation and concentration, heightening confidence and easing stress. Dhoop sticks are the perfect incense to enhance meditation and create a sacred atmosphere, to help eliminate negative energies or rejuvenate positive energy, making them beautiful for everyday burning, yoga or meditation.

AGARWOOD is among the finest of natural incense ingredients, known as the 'Wood of the gods'. As incense it has been used for cultural, religious and medicinal purposes, and is abundantly used in stupas and temples for aromatic ambiance. Agarwood is a highly psychoactive mystical resin that is used for meditation, unlocking the subconscious and balancing the chi. It can be burned for spiritual journeys, enlightenment, clarity and grounding.

Each eco-friendly pack contains approx 30 sticks 11cm in length, along with a simple incense holder. Each stick burns for approx. 45 - 60 min.


To light Nepalese dhoop incense, just hold a flame to the tip in the same way you would a standard stick, wait until it has caught and is starting to glow red, then blow out the flame and allow the fragrant smoke to fill the air.

Dhoop incense needs to be burned in an appropriate heat-proof stand or burner, or inserted into a bowl of damp sand or earth, as they will burn right through to the end before extinguishing themselves. As dhoop sticks don't have an inner bamboo stick and are quite thick for their entire length, they cannot be used with standard 'ashcatcher' type burners - see our INCENSE ACCESSORIES section for plenty of burners suitable for dhoop sticks.