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Backflow Incense Cone Burner - WATERFALL (Medium)

Incense Burner - CLAY SPIRAL

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Burner for Indian sticks, dhoop sticks & rope. Two colour choices

Incense Burner - CLAY SPIRAL

Any incense pictured with burner is NOT included.


Available in natural unfinished terracotta, or black stain. Make your choice from the drop-down OPTIONS menu before adding it to your cart. If you do not make a choice you'll receive the default colour, which is NATURAL.

We are now listing a beautiful range of incense burners, direct from Nepal where they are handmade by cottage industries that support the development of small enterprises for women and the underpriveleged.

This unique incense holder is multipurpose in that it can take various incense sticks, as well as Rope incense. It has a round design with a raised spiral around the base plate, and two burner holes.The smaller hole is for standard Indian sticks with an inner bamboo stick, and the larger hole for dhoop sticks. The spiral itself, while giving the burner decoration, can also be used to hold Rope Incense sticks in place during burning. The detailed decorative edging represents a lotus flower, making this burner both practical and beautiful.

Material: Terracotta (Natural or Matte Black Glaze - make your choice from the drop-down OPTIONS menu before adding it to your cart)

Approximate Size: 3.5" Diameter (9 cm)
Weight: 65 grams approx

Being a handmade product dimensions may vary slightly, and each piece will feature unique imperfections in the design and stain which are part of the handmade process, making every burner individual.

Incense not included - available separately in our INCENSE section.