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Resin Incense - FRANKINCENSE MIXED BAG inc Tips Card

Resin Incense - FRANKINCENSE MIXED BAG inc Tips Card

Pack of 3 Frankincense varieties - Hojari, Najdi & Ethiopian Gold, plus tips card

Resin Incense - FRANKINCENSE MIXED BAG inc Tips Card

The scent of Frankincense is one of the most revered scents in history, and is just as popular today. In Ancient Egypt Frankincense was worth more than its weight in gold - luckily it is somewhat more accessible now! The aroma is clean and lemony, with a distinct fresh Frankincense aroma that compares to nothing else. Frankincense is thought to elevate the mind and expand spiritual consciousness, assist calm breathing making it perfect for meditation, stress or relaxation. Frankincense mixes well with other resins, in particular Myrrh, which brings a deep balsamic scent to the blend.

A number of different countries specialise in growing and harvesting Frankincense, and this pack contains 25g of each of our three finest types of pure Frankincense resin:

HOJARI FRANKINCENSE (Boswellia sacra, Oman) 25g
The finest quality (first grade) Omani Frankincense resin is known as 'Hojari' Frankincense, and is harvested from the trees that grow in the Eastern part of Dhofar. Hojari Frankincense has the lightest colour of the Omani resins, often with a slight pale green tint, and typically has a larger clump size. The scent is the most luscious Frankincense we have ever experienced.

NAJDI FRANKINCENSE (Boswellia sacra, Oman) 25g
The second grade of Omani Frankincense, also a beautiful quality resin, is known as 'Najdi'. The resin has a pale yellow colour, and is collected from a plateau in the Najd region behind the Dhofar mountains.

ETHIOPIAN GOLDEN FRANKINCENSE 25g (Boswellia papyrifera, Ethiopia) 25g
A beautiful premium quality Boswellia papyrifera resin originating from Ethiopia, an Eastern African country revered for its quality Frankincense.

These quality natural resin incense pieces are suitable for burning on self-igniting CHARCOAL DISKS. As you only need to use a couple of pieces at a time, each pack will last for many uses.

We also include a bonus double sided card with instructions on how to burn resin incense, as well as hints and tips for getting the most out of resins - perfect for those trying our resin incense for the first time.

Don't forget to order CHARCOAL if you don't already have some on hand. View our CENSERS (resin incense burners) HERE.


Resin incense has been used since Biblical days. It is the purest form of incense: natural gums, resins, wood chips and herbs from aromatic plants, used either in pure pellets or in a pre-mixed blend, and warmed with heat (usually charcoal disks / tablets) to emit their fragrance through aromatic smoke. Aroma Queen specialises in resins and stocks dozens of different pure gums and blends, in the most divine natural scents to suit every taste. If you enjoy standard stick incense, you are sure to enjoy resin incense.

CLICK HERE to see our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to  burn Resin Incense.