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Resin Incense - SANDALWOOD POWDER 15g

Resin Incense - SANDALWOOD POWDER 15g

Resin Incense - SANDALWOOD POWDER 15g

Pure Sandalwood powder suitable for burning on charcoal disks

Resin Incense - SANDALWOOD POWDER 15g

SANDALWOOD is used in incense through the chippings and wood powder of the Santalum album and Santalum rurum trees. According to Ayurveda, Sandalwood has been a favourite dhoop for embalming since ancient times. Its calming effect is a useful aid to meditation, and the wood, chips and powder have been used in many different religious cultures - it is the sacred incense of the Hindu religion, and is also used in Islam and the Japanese Shinto religion.

The chemistry of Sandalwood is similar to various human hormones, and like Aloeswood, appears to have pleasant psychoactive properties. Sandalwood can help soothe nervous tension and anxiety, and bring a sense of peace and acceptance.

Our pure Sandalwood powder has a beautifully sweety, woody scent. This high quality natural incense powder is suitable for burning on self-igniting CHARCOAL DISKS - available separately (CLICK HERE), or as in ingredient in incense blends or other preparations. As you only need to use a pinch at a time, each pack will last for many uses.

NOTE RE SIZES & PHOTOS: Photos may illustrate a larger or smaller quantity than what is listed, and are to give an idea of the typical resin colour, texture and piece size, which will differ from pack to pack - see the illustration of (L-R) 100g and 25g of resin pieces, along with 15g wood pieces and smaller 10-15g resin packs.

As some resins need to be broken up into smaller sizes, most types do include a small amount of powder along with larger sized pellets (unless otherwise described) - we often add extra powder over the quoted weight. Pellets and powder can all be burned for similar effect, and larger pieces can be easily broken down into smaller pellets if desired.

Don't forget to order CHARCOAL TABLETS if you don't already have some on hand. View our CENSERS (resin incense burners) HERE.


Resin incense has been used since Biblical days. It is the purest form of incense: natural gums, resins, wood chips and herbs from aromatic plants, used either in pure pellets or in a pre-mixed blend, and warmed with heat (usually charcoal disks / tablets) to emit their fragrance through aromatic smoke. Aroma Queen specialises in resins and stocks dozens of different pure gums and blends, in the most divine natural scents to suit every taste. If you enjoy standard stick incense, you are sure to enjoy resin incense.

CLICK HERE to see our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to  burn Resin Incense.